Jun 212010

Hi!!  Wally here!   Last night, me and Ernie were relaxing on our window seat, when our quiet evening was disrupted by something horrible!!

You see what I see, Ernie??

Yeah, Wally!!

It’s an introoder!!

 How dare it come on our porch!!!
And does it really think those laser eyes are gonna scare us??

Yeah, Wally!!  How rude of him to come here uninvited!!!

Mom chased the introoder away ‘cuz it was making us mad.  We dunno who this introoder is…but we’ll be watching for it!!  And if and when it comes back…look out!!

Oh yeah…happy first day of summer to all our furiends in the northern hemisphere!!!

  46 Responses to “Mancats – Introoder Alert!!”

  1. We thinks the intruder was kinda cute.

  2. It’s a cute introoder, but we’re glad you two mancats were able to get your Mom to secure the area!

  3. Who is this mystery kitteh? You will need to be extra watchful to make sure it doesn’t come round unwelcomed again!

  4. Did you hiss and rowl and act all crazy? The introoder was pretty cute.

  5. How lucky you were to be nice and safe in the house. Hopefully the intruder has a nice place like you to live!

    Take care kitties,

  6. Who was that kitty???

  7. Hmmmm….. wonder who this introoder could be? We have black introoder kitty here. We are trying to figure out if it’s owned, but can’t get close enough to put a collar with our phone number on it.

  8. Bad introoder! How could he invade your space? Keep an eye out for it.

  9. If I was the intruder I’d be very very afraid.

  10. Well they were impressive laser eyes and it was a cute cat ~ but we agree it shudn’t introod wiv owt an invitashun.

  11. That is a cute introooder. It looks a little hungry. Maybe it needs some help of some sort. Maybe it is a neighbor or something. Or it just wants to be friends. But it should have and invitashun.
    Have a wonderful day.

  12. I think he was just curious about you friends!

  13. Sigh…I just start thinking of introoders as family members I haven’t met yet….

  14. Good job Wally and Ernie….that introoder was trying to get your dander up but you two handled it like professionals…you called the ghost buster!!
    Madi and Mom

  15. We also think the introoder is kinda cute! But we are sorry that he got on your nerves. We have an introoder too, but mom read his collar so we know who he is. Plus Franklin likes him, so the rest of us don’t get too upset.

  16. Introoder Watch is the most impawtant duty of any kitteh.

  17. We hope you got extra treats for your excellent early warning system for introoders.

  18. Good guarding job, Ernie and Wally!!!!!! xxxxxxxx

  19. That’s a brave and pretty introoder!

  20. We don’t like introoders either, but our people say that sometimes introoders need help.

  21. I dont know guys…that a pretty adorable introoder…maybe you could be friends and use him for further surveillance of your property

  22. That was a cute intruder–maybe the kitty needs help?

  23. Maybe he is new in the area and wants to make friends or maybe he is lost and needs hlep to find his way home or maybe he is hungry and looking for food. Maybe if he comes back you can ask him what he needs.

  24. How dare he! We hope he was just out for an evening stroll and has a nice house to live in.

  25. It’s not right that that intruder should make you mad! I hope he has a nice home he can go to and not anger you again!

  26. We had a couple of those while Mom was recovering.
    I think they moved next door, because Malachi has no sense of humor when it comes to introoders.
    We also hope s/he has a nice home.

  27. We hope that introoder has a good home to go to as well, otherwise it will be too sad to think of him/her alone and unwanted. 🙁

  28. He was an adorable intruder, but you guys are being great watch cats!…Happy week sweet boys…kisses x3…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  29. I agree, cute looking introoder…

  30. Wally! Happy belated birthday! Sorry we missed it last week while Mom was in Indiana.

    Intruders bother us too, but yours is sort of cute. Maybe he needs a home?

  31. Mom is feeding the introoder in our back yard! Can you imaging that!

  32. I had a black introoder the past few days. I was laying there watching the bird feeder and he trotted up the steps across my viewing area as though he owned the place.

    YOUR introoder is awfully pretty. But you man cats guarded the house just the way you’re supposed to.

  33. We have an introoder that actually knocks on the window by the door to get us to come hiss at him. The Woman thinks it’s funny, though, and doesn’t chase him away, just tells us to deal with it.

  34. Ahh maybe the introoder was just wanting to say hello.. You are two very good watch cats.. Hugs GJ xx

  35. Well, it looks like you and your mom fixed that introoder! And you were very brave to stare it down like that.

  36. We are not surprised. Such glorious cats as you are bound to attract the attention of other cats for miles around.

  37. We bet that introoder was just checking out you two handsome mancats!

  38. What a nerve that introoder had, looking in your window.

  39. Ohhhh, introoders are a frightening/annoying lot. I chase them all but SS seems to be kindly disposed to them. There are two of you, so there shouldn’t be any problems getting rid of a single uninvited guest.

  40. Wow, that introoder has big lasers! We hope the introoder has a home and isn’t looking at yours!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  41. oh noooooo not an introoder!
    hope he made it back to his home safe.


  42. While we understand why your intruder would like to hang around your territory, this IS your territory and you are absolutely correct to defend it.

  43. Well, I have to confess that the dog here is good for one thing – she tends to keep the intruders away.

  44. You guys need a moat to keep the introoders out!!

  45. He knows you guys have got it good & he just wants to take a peek at what that would be like. Next time just smile & wave!
    your pal,

  46. OMC! We have some neighbourhood kitties coming up to our window in the night too! It’s very bad because they break Mummy’s garden!

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