Jun 142010

Whatcha doing, Ernie??

I’m on the lookout for those vishus deer, Wally…

I’m gonna scare them away
so they won’t eat the flowers and plants.

I wanna scare the vishus deer away, too!!

Okay, Wally…you gotta make yourself look real scary!!

Wally, what the heck are you doing?!??
You don’t look scary!!

Ernie, I gotta new plan!  Make ’em laugh!!
If the deer are too busy laughing,
they won’t be able to eat the flowers!!!

  53 Responses to “Mancats – Make ‘Em Laugh!”

  1. MOL we think you accomplished your goal!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Wally that was a great idea of yours – just be careful they don’t step on your tummy if you go outside to show it to them. Anyway if that’s your scary look you can scare us anytime.

  3. Oh Wally you made us laugh out loud. You just might make those vishus deers laugh. What a great idea.
    Hope you have a fantastic week.

  4. The deer will either laugh or nuzzle your tummy, Wally! That’s a great idea!

  5. MOL!! Looks like Wally is holding up the window seat!

  6. If they do end up eating flowers you’ll at least get to see them laughing so hard, flowers will come out of their vishus noses!!! Then you’ll be the kitties doing all the laughing!!!!

  7. very interesting strategy, definitely worth a try…

  8. Wally that is a great idea…if they fall over laughing you can then ambush!!!
    Love that window seat…yes I know I’ve said that 100 times….
    Madi and Mom

  9. Oh my Ceiling Cat! Look at that tummeh!

  10. MOL! MOL! Well we larfed!

  11. What a great view you have! You are all doing a great job of keeping those deers away. Hope you are well compensated.

  12. Wally – that’s a most wonderful idea you have, it’s hard to be vishus when you are laughing!

  13. Great photos and story!…MOL Wally!!…We LOVE your belly shot, sweetie and that is a great idea=laughing deer!!hehe…We hope your day is filled with fun, love and lots of laughter, handsome boys!…xo…Calle,Halle, Sukki

  14. MOL Wally!! You boys are both doing a great job…attack on both fronts…funny and scary. Those deer don’t stand a chance!

  15. I’m not sure Wally’s plan with work, but it made me Laugh. MOL…… You guys are too much! Love it.

  16. Hahahaha! Good plan Wally!

  17. We like your plan, Wally! 😀

  18. It worked on us! We’re sure it’ll work on the vishus deer!

  19. You sure made us laugh!!!

  20. It worked on us too, Wally! Good plan!

  21. LOL, Wally, I think your plan will work! You definitely made us laugh!

  22. Good job watching out for the deer. I sure hope they don’t try to eat those pretty flowers.

  23. MOL! Your plan worked on us Wally!

  24. Now that is sure a creative approach, but whatever works!!!

  25. Wally and Ernie, I just had to report that your Mom made us laugh again today with your comment on our blog about how she talks in her sleep and says the wildest or did you say strangest things. Too funny. Wish we had thought of that.

  26. I think you are on to something there!

  27. creative plan, Wally. let us know how it goes, MOL.

  28. Good plans, guys! They will either be scared to death or die laughing!

  29. Wally! We never imagined you had such a floofy fuzzy tummy! Are there any other secrets we should know?

  30. We thinks you handsome mancats will do a GREAT job protecting the pretty flowers.

  31. Dis a very good plan Wally. Just in case it not work, maybe Ernie should continue to looks scary.

  32. Hee Hee!!! Let us know if it works! I have a purrfect apricot mancat for that job!!

  33. Wally that is what my orange brother Ping does all the time!
    You two must be cousins!




  34. I never thought of that – make the deer laugh so they’re too busy to eat the flowers! Makes perfect sense – Wally, that’s such a great idea!

  35. I hope your great idea works Wally! The vishus deer eat stuff out of our garden too.

  36. Wally has a great idea there! Wally and Ernie are both way too cute to scare anyone, let alone vishus deer.

  37. Now that is an interesting plan. Even if the deer don’t laugh, I will!

  38. Vishus deer are to be reckoned with and you sure know all the right moves! I admire you Wally and Ernie. But then I am a girl cat, so I would.


  39. Wally, My disloyal Human wants to know if she can come and nuzzle that delectable tummy?

  40. Yes, kill em with cuteness!!!

  41. GREAT plan, Wally! We think you look hilarious upside down like that – if that doesn’t get those vishus deer laughin’ & away from the flowers, we don’t know what will!!

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome for Simon!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  42. Wally, you are too funny! But your plan might just work.

  43. I have to admit that this Ernie-cat has come up with a rather ingenius idea… hmm.

  44. Wally you are too funny!

  45. You sure made us laugh! The flowers are very pretty, we love the brightness 🙂

  46. Way too cute to be vicious!!!

  47. You are silly …

  48. Deer, huh? The only “dear” I see are you guys! Love that back stretch.

  49. That should work. There is only one drawback: if you make them laugh they are sure to come back for more fun.

  50. Makes sense for me! Distract them with cuteness!

  51. wow! you have sooo many fans ! You guys are uber famous!!!!
    i like your laffing strategy!
    Good luck in the I HAVE CAT contest!

  52. Wally you sure got a laugh out of me. Good strategy Wally. Keep on the look out Ernie.


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