Easy E Sunday

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Jun 132010

Ahhhhh!  Taking a bath in a sunbeam…
Now this is a great way to spend a Sunday!!


Waydaminit…do ya mind??
This is kinda a private moment.
Take that flashy box somewhere else!!!

Now where was I??
Oh yeah…taking a bath in a sunbeam…

  27 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. The flashy box is always there when you’re taking a bath – can you find somewhere to hide it when your mom and dad have gone out.

  2. Sorry Ernie…did you know that we actually encourage your mom to do that?? We pay her in virtual purrs so we can see you bathing in the sunbeams!

  3. Ernie, You need to give that camera the rear end view, maybe that will teach the camera person. But she might think that is cute too.
    Have a great Sunday.

  4. Yup, nothing beats taking a PRIVATE bath in the sun.

  5. Ernie…we spy your most beautiful pink tongue accented by your lovely black coat. Tongue shots are so very hard to get…because we kitties are fast.
    How many pics did mom have to take to get these? HA!!
    Madi and Mom

  6. Honestly I see nothing private about such a cute act!!

  7. Ernie, there is no privacy for the gorgeous kitties with a blog, sweetie…Your silky black furs are looking great, handsome boy…Happy Sunday friends…xo…Calle,Halle, Sukki

  8. Oh well, flashy box happens, with or without our permission!!! Great sun bath!

  9. Sadly things aren’t sacred on Sundays anymore….. 🙁 xxxxxx

  10. Ernie…just how long does it take you to clean all those toes? That dog-gone flashy box is a pain!
    Mommy likes your collar, very snazzy!

  11. Ernie, thanks for the awesome photos of your feets. I love looking at your fabulous toes.

  12. That camera is always around when you least want it…

  13. The flashy box always invades private moments but we hope you enjoyed your bath in the sun!

  14. I guess Ernie would find me very humiliating if he doesn’t even like bath pictures. You know what I do to Dante!

    I love seeing Ernie licking those big mitts of his. He’s such a handsome house panther.

  15. Hi Ernie, sometimes it’s hard to get privacy from the flashy box!

  16. There doesn’t seem to be much–if any!–privacy around the CB, Ernie, sorry to say!

  17. Camera’s or not. You can’t let a good sunbeam go to waste.

  18. Yeah, we never get anny privacy. Of course, WE dont give The Big Thing anny privacy either…

  19. We get no privacy at all with the flashy box.

  20. It LOOKS like a peaceful bath, even though the flashy box was there.

  21. Hopefully, your sunbeam wasn’t as hot as mine was today.

  22. The pawparrazzi never rests…

  23. That was a great Sunday!

  24. Doesn’t the flashy box EVER take a day off?????

  25. When the beam is that good, you just gotta ignore the flashy box!

  26. At least you had your sunbeam still.

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