Jun 112010

There’s been some strange worker guys in my house the last couple of days!!  The lady with the yellow hair says they’re working in the room down below fixing some stuff.  Well, I don’t like strangers in my house…’specially worker guys!!  They make too much noise and it scares me!

I’m staying under here until they’re gone!  Let me know when the coast is clear, okay??

  53 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Hiding”

  1. Worker guys walk with heavy steps, and that scares me a lot and makes me hide. So I know how you feel exactly.

  2. I’ll come join you Zoey!

  3. I wouldn’t like all that noise, either Zoey! Maybe the lady with the blond hair will come on with the treats to help you thru the trauma…! 🙂


    PS. How do you fit under there??

  4. Oh Zoey, we know just how you feel. We hide from all strangers. It is just so darn scary, those strange people.
    We could come join you too if it would help.
    Have a great week end. Hope you can come out of there.

  5. Good plan, Zoey! It’s best to hide until they’re gone!

  6. We always hide from clompy boot workers too – and have you noticed how lots of them have fat tummies hanging over their jeans?? Zoey – you stay where you are until they go and you will be safe.

  7. We hide when worker guys come to our house too. Sometimes Sniffie will come out and try to “help” the worker guys.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. Zoey we agree and Madi says to add the worker guys smell funny!!!
    It takes her forever to get her home smelling just right again. We hope they finish soon!!!
    Madi and Mom

  9. We don’t like the worker guys either. They come here sometimes and it’s always awful.

  10. We are laughing at all the comments – too funny! Our dad IS a worker guy, so Tasha loves most other worker guys (There is one guy in particular that she won’t leave alone – we have to put her in a different room so he can get his work done!) But the boys agree with you, Zoey.

  11. We don’t like worker guys either–we’ll come hide with you so won’t have to be alone, Zoey!

  12. that looks like a very safe spot.

  13. Zoey, if you’re trying to hide, you better tuck your tail under there, too, or somebody will find you, for sure! I don’t blame you, not wanting to be invaded like that.

  14. I don’t blame you. I’d stay under that check also. Take care of yourself….. And have a great weekend after the worker guys leave.

  15. Oh my goodness, I don’t blame you at all! I hope they are not being too noisy for you, Zoey.

  16. I hide too 🙂

  17. Ah, Zoey, you needs to tuck that beautiful floofy tail of yours in so they don’t see you. Stay safe!

  18. We don’t like it when worker guys come either!

  19. Sammy says it sounds like a purrfect plan, Zoey……..He always hides when the workers come……Andy??? Well, Andy is always right there snoopervising them!!!!! xxxxxxxx

  20. Poor Sweet Zoey~!!! We hope the evil worker guy leaves soon!

  21. I think that is a good hiding place. It looks like some place Gemini would find.

  22. wow your tale is magnificent!Cute pose and cool place for a nap!
    Happy weekend,

  23. I don’t like strangers in my house, either.

  24. hmmmm. They are called “Strangers” for a reason! We recommend hiding for a while longer.

  25. Zoey, I can empathize! I hate strange men, especially loud, working men. I’m glad you got a good hiding place!

  26. That’s a great hiding place Zoey…hopefully they will be done quickly and life will be back to normal, have a great weekend!=^Y^=

  27. We don’t like loud noises either. They don’t mean you any harm, have a great weekend.

  28. I think you are quite wise to hide under there…don’t come out until the noise stops!

  29. I hate workers too! At our last house, it seems like they were there all the time! I’m so glad we moved – less workers come here.

  30. We don’t like the workers in our house either, Zoey; we usually hide under the bed!…You look safe hiding under the dresser, sweetie, they’ll never find you!!!…Happy Friday beautiful friends…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  31. Great hidy place Zoey but we hope nobody steps on your floofy tail!

  32. i knows ezzackly how you feel. can i come hides wif you?

  33. Zoey, that is a good place to hide. WE do not like strangers in our house, either!

  34. We aren’t too nervous with worker guys – probably because we have to protect the mom when they come. If we didn’t have to do that, we think we would probably hide out too. And we aren’t sure what the little kittens will do yet – they may follow your lead Zoey!

  35. Poor Zoey!! You look like you have a great hidey hole though until the coast is clear!!!

  36. Looks like a good place to keep out of harm’s way. Fixing stuff sounds like lots of noisy and sharp tools will be used.

  37. They’ll NEVER see you there!!

  38. Zoey we hope the worker guy is gone now…


  39. We don’t like strangers in the house either.

  40. I don’t like worker guys in our house either Zoey but my sisfur Isabella doesn’t care who’s in the house. She’s one of those mellow, whatever will be will be, never get scairt types – she’s weird.


  41. Sorry about the mistake on the LOLSpot. I have corrected it. I get mixed up with all these Zoeys!

  42. Thats a good place ta hide. Pull yer tail in though… It might get stepped on.

  43. That looks like a good hiding spot ~ stay safe! 🙂

  44. You stay where you feel safe sweetie!!

  45. Jack is nonplussed about guys who come to fix stuff, and all their noise and tools. But Baby hides under the bed.

  46. I don’t blame you Zoey, I don’t like strangers either! Hope they’re gone now so you can enjoy your weekend.
    your pal,

  47. But sometimes worker guys leave their sandwiches unattended!!

  48. Oh Zoey, the same thing happens for “The Boys,” too. Mikey will venture out a bit to see what’s going on…but then he doesn’t stay out in the open for very long. After the workers leave and “the coast is clear,” then they’ll all look around to see what happened while they were in hiding. You’ve got a really good hiding place there, too.

  49. I think they can still see you, Zoey 😉 That’s a pretty big fluffy tail!

  50. Zoey, we don’t blame you for hiding. A cat never knows when someone is there to do good things or to do bad things.

  51. Poor Zoey! We know how you feel … we hate when workers and strangers come to our house, too!

  52. I don’t blame you for hiding! I hates it whenever strange humans come into our house!

  53. Hi Love your floofy hiding place. Purrs, Tankene Ice Mist

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