Jun 102010

Yay!  It’s Garden Day!!

 This is Angel Kitty who watches over our garden.

But Angel Kitty isn’t doing such a good job.
The vishus deer are eating the hostas…
Some leaves are nothing but stems now!

I think I’d make a better garden watch cat!
Look out, vishus deer!!

  46 Responses to “Thursday in Our Garden”

  1. We’re sure the vishus deer will stay away with you guarding the garden!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Those naughty vishus deer! Though I guess they need dinner too.

  3. We love you angel garden cat. Wally is does look like you need to get after those vishus deers and get them out of that garden. Great pictures.
    Have a great day.

  4. Wally looks like you might need to call in back up for the job of Garden Guard…
    Deer seem to be winning. We used to have 5 beautiful hostas. No deer around us but we suspect bunnies and squirrels. We now have one hosta right under the hummingbird feeder which is good since hummers like them.
    Madi and Mom

  5. Yikes, vishus deer, oh no! Poor hostas! We’re sure you’ll make a great hosta-protector, Wally!

  6. You have a lovely garden . You look like a master gardener there and protector. Becareful of those deer they can be tricky.

  7. The garden angel kitty is great!

    And we had to plant our hostas right next to the house to keep them away from the vishus deer. We are sure that a good watch cat like you would be even more helpful.

  8. Wally – you be careful of those vishus deer they can be very devious and might catch you unawares.

  9. Those vishus deer better watch it! MOL!

    Our mom is going to *attempt* to make a memorial garden this weekend where Cal, Sylvester, Caddy, Buzz the iguana and an unnamed stray are buried in the backyard. She would love to get an angel kitty to use as grave markers. Where did your mom get them?

  10. You go, Wally!!! We know you can chase them away….or turn Ernie loose as The Whappinator to help you. xxxxxxxxx

  11. We have vishus bugs eating all our plants. You make a great watch cat, Wally!

  12. Wow, your dad has a garden center! That’s totally pawsome! These statues would go great in our garden! Thanks for the info!

  13. We’re sure that those vishus deer would be terrified of a big orange Mancat like you, Wally!

    Btw, Samson agrees that there are too many girlcats at our house, so he’s taking you up on your offer and on his way over to help keep your garden vishus deer-free!

  14. Watch out…. Wally is on duty now. No more free snacks for the deer.

    Good job Wally!

  15. Your Garden Angel Kitty is lovely. Sorry ’bout the vishus deers that eat your Hostas. We have LOTS of Hostas that just grow wildly. Too bad you’re not closer, we;d give you some!

  16. We can just picture the vishus deer saying “Hosta la vista, baby!” MOL!

  17. Angel Kitty is lovely! You look very serious protecting your garden!

  18. Wally, i am sure you will make the verreh best guardcat. until you falls asleep.

  19. I bet you would scare away the vishus deer. Our Kwan Yin is not much help either…

  20. Oh Deer! We have alot of vicious deer around, but they don’t usually eat our gardens. Go get them deer, Wally!

  21. wow Wally you have a cute angel just in your garden!It’s adorable and your pictures are so beautiful!

  22. The bugs are getting our plants (sigh) they are even worse then deer as they are harder to see.

  23. Ooohhh those deer… sneaky AND vicious!

  24. Wally that is crazy that the deer are eating your hostas – we know you will do a great job of scaring them away!!

  25. i’ve asked my boyz to help me from their window view, keep bunnies and other cats out of our garden. they don’t seem to take that responsibility very seriously.

  26. Wally…I’ll bet you could chase off some deer if you had too. Hosta are pretty tolerant though, I bet they’ll come back 🙂

  27. Wally, we’re sure you’ll do a great job as a garden watch cat; that deer won’t know what to do but run when he sees you!…Happy day sweet friends…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  28. I don’t think angel kitty looks threatening enough! But it’s obvious that you’re a finely-honed killing machine, Wally! I would not want to be a deer that came anywhere near you!

  29. I know you can handle whatever comes your way!!!

  30. UH oh…those deer can be scary…watch out when you are outside Wally!!

  31. We have lots of hosta, too. Mom goes out and shouts bad words when she sees how the deers eat the leafs.

  32. We know you could defend teh garden from those deer!

  33. The vishus deers thinks you are an excellent gardener Wally. Your flowers are mighty tastee!

  34. We know the vishus deer would stay away from the hostas if you were on guard duty Wally!

  35. Get them deer and give them a NOM!!

  36. Be careful Wally. You know how evil those vishus deer can be.

  37. Wally, Good luck on convincing your Mom into letting you stay Outside. Let us know if you discover what works! We totally believe you would deter the vishus deer.

    Angel cat is lovely.

  38. Your plants are safe as long as Wally is out there protecting them!

  39. i’ve never seen a real live deer – i hope they left you alone!

  40. Be careful, wally, those vishus deer are big! We love your angel kitty even though he is not doing a good job.

  41. The Angel Kitty is very gorgeous. Even if he can’t keep the deer away.
    Wally, be careful of the deer. I think they are pretty tall.
    Purrs, Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla

  42. Be very careful Wally!

  43. Wally, you’d make a great watch cat for the garden….but please be careful of vishus deer…I’ve even seen pictures of them nuzzling and pretending to be friends with kitties….then when your kitty back is turned…they even eat the ::gasp:: nip!


    xoxo Cory

  44. You need more cats.

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