Jun 092010

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

I like living on the edge…
with a little bit of a hangover!



  50 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Wally, you are living dangerously. Watch out!!!! But we know you have everything under control.
    Have a great day just hanging around.

  2. Are you looking to see if there are any treats laying about begging to be nommed.

  3. MOL! Don’t fall!

  4. Wally you certainly are living on the edge great hangover!!!
    When I do that Mom always says Madi be careful you are going to fall and bust your chin wide open. Ewwww that is just a horrid thought but I remind her I’m a CAT I land on my feet no matter what.

  5. Is your middle name danger?

  6. I couldn’t do that, because I’d end up with Lishy hanging off my tail.

  7. That’s definitely life on the edge! How daring! :-))

  8. You’re funny, Wally – there looks like there is a whole clear counter available to you.

  9. MOL! Great picture and caption

  10. Looks like Wally is waiting for some foodables!

  11. Living on the edge, and hoping for something to take the edge off your hunger, eh Ernie?

  12. Are you even allowed up there, Wally? We aren’t, but if mama caught us up there like that mama would probably just take a picture, too!

  13. MOL~!!! Mom says she WISHES hangovers were like that! MOL!!!

  14. You really do like to live on the edge. Be careful up there!

  15. Hey, kittehs gotta take risks! Only way to live. 🙂

  16. Perfect picture –” on the edge … with a little bit of a hangover” — !!! And of course, Grace always loves to see other all-orange kitties. Here’s where we go when she needs her “fix”! http://gingergang.blogspot.com/

    Enjoy! ♥

  17. We love it! Some of us try to do that too, but we are often not as successful as you!

  18. MOL!!!!!! You are a hoot, Wally!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx

  19. Ha – that is so funny Wally!!

  20. MOL! Love the clever play on words with your picture! You always crack us up, Wally!

  21. Wally, you look like you are ready to pounce on something!

  22. Sometimes a hang over is a good way to stretch you know…

  23. Hey Wally!

    Our Mom was going for a walk and saw a kitty in a backyard that looked exactly like you! She kept saying ‘Hi Wally’ and then a grouchy old lady sitting on the balcony said, ‘HER name is Rose!’ Personally we think Rose/Wally liked the attention and didn’t mind being called Wally!

  24. watch your movement, Wally! Anyway, that’s what life is all about, right? Gotta be brave to explore and try new things! 🙂

  25. Hey, Wally, can we come over and “hang out” with you? MOL!

  26. You are a real cutie Wally=living on the edge is kinda fun sometimes!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  27. Wally, you are so funny, I was laffin and laffin about your “hangover”!
    I love to lay on the breakfast bar too, in spite of Momma telling me not to 😉
    Purrs and headbutts,

  28. That’s called being counter productive…I think?

  29. just hangin around, eh?

  30. You’re such a daredevil!

  31. I want to know what you’re looking at – it’s so interesting that you aren’t even aware of your hang-over!

  32. Way To Go Wally, live life to the fullest!

  33. You must have had quite a bit of nip. You are one cool cat living on that edge!

  34. Looks like we had the same idea today. Living life on the edge is more fun.

  35. Wally, you rock!!!

  36. Whew – you’re brave!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  37. Toy has some advice…..don’t fall asleep, and look down to see what you might fall on or into just in case you nod off…I can tell you, ’cause you might wake up in a trash can with your sibs laughing at you! I have fallen off a few places so Mom had moldings or railing put up on higher places. Don’t laugh…it wasn’t funny….whenever a thump is heard you hear….”was that Toy?”=^Y^=

  38. Wally, you are so funny!

  39. First it was Flynn and now you, Wally. This hangover practice is gaining momentum.

  40. Go ahead and let that footie hang down…we wants to see some toesies!

  41. We like that hangover!

  42. Good for you Wally~

  43. What a wonderful manly tail! Very handsome!

  44. You show em my friend!

  45. Hey Wally, look at me, I’m here!
    You are very elegant posing there!

  46. What a very whappable tail!

  47. Hillarious, cute, and beautiful, picture!

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