Jun 072010

A little while ago, our buddy, Brewskie Butt, blogged about how humans greet each other with a fist bump…y’know…kinda like a handshake??   Well, like humans, us cats have a similar greeting…with a paw bump!!    But one thing Brew found is that when you google “paw bump” some really gross, icky images come up.  So Brew put out a challenge to all of us cats to get some better paw bump images out there on the innernets!!  Hey, we’re always up for a challenge!!!

Hey, Ernie!  C’mere!  Let me paw bump your head!!

Wally, your paw bump is more like a smacky paw!!  Ouch!!


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  1. Well done for a contribution to the paw bump challenge. Have fun together!

  2. MOL!! Great job boys!

  3. ::paw bump::
    I just saw that Brewskie’s picture comes up first in Google images for Paw Bumps! All right!

  4. It’s very hard to do a paw bump when you’re an only cat.

  5. You two really know how to greet each other!

  6. In our case it is more likely to be a paw smack than a paw bump but we’ll try and see if we can do one for Mum to capture on the camera.

  7. Hi Wally and Ernie what a cute post and great idea… I only paw bump with Casper the Friendly ghosts so I’ll just enjoying watching all of the other kitties entries. Madi and Mom

  8. Good entry, guys! Ours would be more apt to be smakcy paws too. Heh.

  9. now i’m afraid to google paw bump.

  10. Great job boys!! That picture is definitely better than the gross ones 🙂

  11. Great form, guys. Bump (and smacky paw) away.

  12. That’s a pawsome paw bump guys! Thx fur pawticipatin’! One more day fur anyone else who wants to pawticipate: http://justmeowin.com/2010/05/25/brews-blog-challenge-paw-bumps-and-icky-google-images/

    The Brew

  13. Super photos! You guys are so cute.

    We mostly do smacks around here (and we don’t think our mom is fast enough to get a photo of them!)

  14. Poor Ernie…….sometimes brothers can be soooooooooo goofy……or are they hard of hearing?????? I heard bump and not smack, but seems Wally heard smack not bump!!!!!!!!!!! Another reason for you to come visit us. xxxxxxxxx

  15. We mostly do smacky paws, here, too!

  16. Oh now that is a good paw bump. As usual, our assistant is confused and thought we had to paw bump her. But it is probably too late now to get us paw bumping each other. Sure glad everyone is getting google all trained.
    Good job with your pawbumping.
    Have a great week.

  17. That is a great paw bump picture – we are trying to get one too but haven’t gotten any good ones yet! But we think that the paw bump pics idea is great!!

  18. Nice paw bump!

  19. We thinks you may need more practice.

  20. Our Paw Bumps fall more into the category of Smacky Paw, too. We like to “emphasize” what we say around here…a lot.

  21. You are so funny. It’s the kitty wave .. it’s all the rage over at our house.

  22. haha paw bump does tend to turn into smacky paw, doesn’t it…

  23. Good job! I just don’t seem to have a picture like that…yet!

  24. We will try and get a paw bump photo, but it’s so hard for our people to catch us when we’re cute!

  25. Good paw bump. Mum is still trying and we are still refusing.

  26. Wally we think that is a great paw bump!


  27. That looks more like whap to the head.

  28. Hmmm, is that a friendly paw bump or a not so friendly paw bump?

  29. Smacky paw, paw bump…it’s all good!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  30. Great paw bumps, guys. I’m more of a whapper myself, but maybe I can learn to be a little nicer to Simba.

  31. Pawesome paw bump boys!

  32. Yeah, Binga has smacky paws mixed up with paw bumps too.

  33. Oh! Now the Human says she’s askared to google paw-bump! I’m an only-kitty so it’s hard for me to paw-bump anyone but the Human and usually I have a few claws out when I do that, MOL!

  34. That’s a great paw bump!!

  35. In support of the effort, I will give a “paw bump” to my brofur’s head too.

  36. I think that’s a very sweet paw bump you two have going. It’s obviously not terribly aggressive — just playful. I guess you two must love each other — awwwww!

  37. We think you do that well!

    I thinks that smacky paws are fun! I always smacky paw any one who comes near me …. except my mom!

  38. Paw bumps…….great Idea! Oh Maaaaaaaaa Meeeeeeee……….get your camera=^Y^=

  39. This a very good use of paw-bumping! You two are adorable

  40. Nice paw bump! You two are so adorable.

  41. Mancats know well how to get fun and I love this action shot, fabulous!
    purrs and love

  42. […] The Island Cats have the Smacky Paw thing happenin’. […]

  43. You guys are rocking the paw bump!!…kisses handsome boys…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  44. We do more of a head bump..if we use our paws it is more like a smacky paw rather than a bump!

  45. The smacky paw is sweet!

  46. MOL! We like your paw bump!

  47. You are #1 on Google under paw bump now!

  48. thats just too khute

  49. No fair! He’s lying on his side to get extra umph with his pow! Hey Ernie, you just going to sit there and take it? Is that what they call “brotherly love!?”

  50. Yeah Ernie, sometimes those paw bumps pack a bigger,sharper ‘bump’ !!!!
    Happens most often with siblings :/ Hmmmmmmmmmmm 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  51. Mom will have to look up Cleo’s and my paw bump pictures. They weren’t in greeting though. We were having a disagreement. Oh well. Ernie you should have bumped Wally back. Mom loved looking at the Garden Center’s photos. She loves pretty flowers/


  52. Where did you get this?

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