Jun 022010

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

This is my new favorite napping spot…
on top of the cabinets in the laundry room.

It’s quiet and away from everything…
and I even got a cushion to sleep on!!
I can really get some quality napping time in up here!!

But the best part??!?

When I lay down…
you don’t even know I’m here!!
(Oops…gotta remember to tuck in that back foot next time!!)

  48 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Wally, you are one fun(ny) fella!

  2. Wally, you’re too adorable! We’re sure that Ernie won’t be complaining about you lying on your back and exposing yourself when you’re up there!

  3. Make sure you’re all tucked towards the back of the cupboard so Ernie and Zoey won’t know you’re there and wake you up.

  4. The tail tells the tale every time…great pictures and a fabulous napping spot.

  5. Hahahaha! It’s a great spot, all right, but yes, tuck in your paws. MOL!

  6. Wally, that’s a great place…bet it is warm in there too, with the dryer going 🙂

  7. The stray paw or tail will give you away every time!

  8. A HA HA HA…put that foot away!

  9. just don’t roll over.

  10. We LOVE the foot photo! And we think that looks like the best sleeping spot ever.

    P.S. Tasha says thanks for pointing out that she was doing a “tortie power” pose yesterday. The rest of us didn’t see it until you noticed it and then we couldn’t NOT see it!

  11. Wow Wally what a great hiding spot that is! And a cushion too – you are so lucky to be able to go up on those cabinets. We bet it is a great place to watch what is going on below too!

  12. Wally, thanks for reminding me to tell Mom I need a cushion on top of the kitchen cabinet I sleep on too.

  13. You are so cute !!!

  14. Oh Wally, you are so funny. Get that paw back in there. We can still see you. Have a wonderful nappy day.

  15. THat is a great napping spot! You can hide from the beans all day! Mac use to lay on top of the cabinets at My Mom’s house. We do not have cabinets like that!

  16. What a great place to nap. We wish we had a place like that!

  17. You are a hoot, Wally!!!!!!!!!!! What a great napping place you’ve found. xxxxxxxx

  18. That’s a great spot, with a cushion yet! You’re so spoiled. We like that foot sticking out, though. Just make sure no human comes along and grabs it!

  19. this makes a verreh good hidey spot. i like your little foot sticking out though!

  20. That is a super hiding and napping spot…..and with a cushion on top!!

  21. That is so cool that you can’t even be seen up there! The perfect snoopervisory spot!

  22. Hehe!! The wild and wonderful Wally!! You hide good!!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  23. How you gets up there Wally? You are too cute, I thinks you on your back staring at the ceiling in that last one.

  24. oh gosh, I like this kind of adventure! Wally, good choice!
    purrs and love

  25. LOL, nope, I wouldn’t have guessed for a minute you were up there, Wally. You found a great spot! Your little orange face looks so cute peeking from up there.

  26. Around here with my mommy loving my feets, that little fottie of yours would make her climb up and kiss it!!!

  27. Mommy meant to help me type “footie” not fottie. Poor Mommeh.

  28. That is a pawsome napping spot,, you’re way up there!

  29. Great hiding spot, Wally — and it looks like you’ve got it all to yourself. If you want to keep it that way, it’s best not to disclose those toes. What a guy!

  30. Heehee…yep, having that paw hanging over the counter kind of ruins things, doesn’t it? Great place to nap, Wally!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

    PS – we have an award for you kitties on our bloggie today! 😀

  31. Wally we love the stretched foot picture!


  32. That is a great spot. We wish there was room on our cabinets.

  33. What a pawsome hiding spot!!!

  34. Very nice spot up there. And great job on getting a cushion up there, too. Good thinking!

  35. What a grand hiding place!

  36. What a great spot, I have one in the kitchen so I can see the fridge! Marcy

  37. You have a cushion up there and everything? That’s pretty cool Wally! You made us chuckle though with your back foot hanging out!

  38. Nice spot! You are like the king of the cats!

  39. You have the best Mommy…a cushion JUST where you need it! Wally, you are spoiled rotten! Fun, isn’t it?

  40. The Christmas in July partners list is up.

  41. Great spot, Wally!

    Thanks for stopping by, and for voting for Pepper. 🙂

  42. We have a spot like that too! (we were actually gonna blog about it in a few days too!) ‘cept it’s in the kitchen & we have to be naughty to get up there (drives our Mom CRAZY – it’s awesome!!)

    That’s so great that you have a cushion up there – if we had one up on the cabinets, we’d never get down! Plus you can spy on everything below – bonus!!

    Happy Wednesday!!

    ~Nico & JayJay 🙂

  43. Hahaha, good one, Wally! Perhaps the cupboard just ‘grew’ a leg. Same colour.

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  45. Wally, you are so funny up there, and you even got a cushion! Now you’ve got it made.

  46. What a fantastic spot! I wish I had a spot like that. Then I could hide from my brother. I actually hide in amongst the fresh laundry, but I can still be spotted!

  47. Excellent Wally!!

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