May 312010

Here in the U.S., today’s Memorial Day…
a day we remember those that gave their lives for our freedom!

That’s right, Ernie!!
So whatever you’re doing today to celebrate —
going to the beach or barbecuing or just chillaxin’ like us —
take some time to remember those
that gave their lives so we can be free!

And Wally…it’s also a good day to remember
those that came before us…
whether human or with fur!


  40 Responses to “Mancats – Happy Memorial Day!”

  1. Happy Memorial Day to you all! We hope you have a lovely holiday Monday.

  2. We hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day! We have our Remembrance Day in the fall, but we are very happy to remember with you, our neighbors to the south.

  3. Happy Memorial Day to you – snoozing seems a brilliant way to spend the day.

  4. Your post says it all!!! xxxxxxxxx

  5. Happy Memorial Day to you Island Cats from us Chi Town kitties!

    Mom is going into the big city for a BBQ while we stay home snoozin’ and keeping cool in the a/c.

  6. You two look so comfy! Happy Memorial Day!

  7. Wonderful post today!
    Happy Memorial Day, furiends!

  8. We are remembering on this special day. Happy holiday!

  9. Happy Memorial Day!

  10. Hi Wally & Ernie,
    I’m chillin’ here too. We are remembering those gave all for us to have our freedom and to live in this great country. Hope you enjoy this special day!


    Hi to Zoey too!

  11. And happy Memorial Day to you too!

  12. Beautifully said!

    Happy Memorial Day


  13. Yes, this is a good day to remember. We are thankful for all those who gave their lives so we can live free purrrrrrrrrrrs

  14. Happy Memorial Day handsome boys! We are taking time to remember those who came before and those who fight to keep us free.


  15. Happy Memorial Day! We are relaxing, enjoying living in a free Country.

  16. Wally and Ernie you two are wise beyond your years….great post.
    Madi and Mom

  17. Looks like you two are enjoying the holiday relaxing and napping. Hope the rest of your household are enjoying a great Memorial day Holiday. Sure did enjoy reading more about you Ernie. No don’t dye your white hairs. That is what makes you, you. Congratulations on that award Ernie.


  18. Beautiful tribute dear friends, well done!

  19. Happy Memorial Day to you too. Good way to spend the day, it’s purring rain here.

  20. Aww, Wally and Ernie, Happy Memorial Day to you, too. Thank you for the remembrances. You two look mighty comfy there.

  21. Happy Memorial Day to all of you Island cats and humans from your Canadian friends.

  22. We remember even though we don’t celebrate Memorial Day today.

  23. Happy Memorial Day to you guys! Looks like you are relaxing real good there!

  24. Happy Memorial Day! You are such good kitties to remember! You are getting to sleep in today?

  25. We’re remembering too. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday:) ~Tristan

  26. Happy Memorial Day! It’s impawtent to always remember.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  27. We’re just chillin today, cuz The Big Thing is being kinna quiet…

  28. Happy Memorial Day. We’ve been spending the weekend chillaxing!

  29. Happy Memorial Day!

  30. Hope you had good memories today of those who came before you.

  31. Happy Memorial Day! We love the photo today!

  32. Have a great snooze on that neat blankie!!!!
    Purrs to those who gave all in the service of their country.
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  33. Happy Memorial Day to you too!

  34. Very nice post. Happy Memorial Day!

  35. That’s some great mancatting my friends!!

  36. We are remembering my Human’s father who was a Marine in WWII.

  37. Happy Memorial Day!

  38. We remember and respect.

  39. We were thinking of all those soldiers out there, far from home, serving our country, and all of those soldiers who came before. We owe them so much. Our Memorial Day was quiet and we enjoyed the warm weather.

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