May 272010


It’s been hot here the last few days…mom won’t turn on the cold air blowing thingey yet.  She says the fresh air is good for us…we think she’s just too cheap to turn it on.  So we’ve been doing what we can to stay cool…like laying on the table and countertop.

Mom planted some of those flowers the other day and since today’s Garden Day, we wanna share some pictures of them.

She plants up lots of pots and puts them all over the patio.

These are some of them…

The weigela bush is in full bloom!

And see our sentinels there??

Now these are the kinda bunnies mom likes…
‘cuz they don’t eat all the plants and flowers!!!

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  1. Our Mom plants things in pots too mainly because we have red clay here as soil and that is like digging in cement.
    Those are the cutest bunnies. We would like those too since they don’t eat the plants.
    We really like the weigila bush. We used to have one of those and the staff let it die. That is a really pretty one.
    Have a fantastic day.

  2. You know… you are one bunch of lucky kitties… because where I am- IT’S WINTER! I don’t like winter… NOT AT ALL!

  3. What a fabulous set of flowers pictures, mommy did a great work with her garden, it’s wonderful!Thanks for sharing!
    purrs and love

  4. Your mom has a GREEN thumb!!! Beautiful flowers and I must say the bunnies make great guards…their ears are so big we bet the can hear intruders coming from 200 miles away. As for being hot we only get about 5 days out of the year that we can open our windows.

    I’m glad you liked my antics yesterday…I don’t do that often but it was fun.

  5. I love gardens and flowers. And bunnies! My Mom does too.

  6. Very pretty flowers! Those bunnies are great–we love those long ears!

  7. Those are some pretty special buns to watch over your mom’s flowers!

    Jonesie won’t let mom plant anything in pots because she kills them…we don’t know what we’d do without Jonesie (and dad) to keep our garden alive.

  8. What fabulous flowers–your mom did a great job!

    And hey, at least you HAVE A/C! We don’t and it was 102F out with the humidex yesterday at suppertime. We’re melting!

  9. You have a beautiful garden…love all the bright colors!

  10. Your flower pots are very colourful and pretty. Do your bunnies look out for intruders in your garden and raise the alarm.

  11. You have some lovely flowering things there. We didn’t turn on our a/c last night, because today is supposed to be cooler, but it was pretty sticky!

  12. Very purrty flowers! Has you tasted any of them yet?

  13. Cute bunnies. And we love the flowers in pots ~ just beautiful!

  14. Looks like you have found two very cool places to nap! Beautiful flowers!

  15. We love your container plants! Your sunflowers are all ready so big, ours are tiny. We especially love your bunnies, we’ve never seen bunnies like that before.

  16. Loved the pix of you, Ernie and Wally.

    What a lovely garden you have!!!!!!!!


  17. Such a lovely garden! Everyone has such great gardens!

  18. Wow! What beautiful flowers you have in your garden. We love the bunnies!

  19. i think those bunnehs scare me a little bit!

  20. Our Mom is too cheap too!! We’re melting over here!!

    Your garden is SO nice and we love the stone bunnies!

  21. i finally gave in and turned on the cold air blowy thing for the boyz. and i can confess the reason i use it as infrequently as I can, is because i am very very cheap.

  22. Our AC is on….Dad couldn’t take the heat…yeah DAD!!!! We are expecting a very bad storm later…so what else is new…….and Mom is hurrying with the electric stuff before we loose it! Hopefully it is a bit cooler where you are today=^Y^=

  23. Your mom did such a good job with the containers! Our mom says she can come over here and do that any time – we have pots too, but they never look that nice. And the weigela is beautiful – we would like to have one.

    P.S. Our mom doesn’t like the cold air thing either – we think that is unfair to cats!

  24. Your mom needs to come here and show our mom how to do that correctly. They are beautiful!

  25. Pretty potted flowers and cute garden bunnies!…It’s been mid 90’s here in Louisiana; looks like it will be a scorcher of a summer…kisses…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  26. One question – is they nommy? We loves to eat plants!

  27. Your mama’s flowers are gorgeous! I love how you are in front of the window sill catching the breeze on your furs. It’s hot after all so be sure to lay on the cool counters, in the tub..the sink. on the cooler floors and make a lot of meows in front of the cold air blowing thingy! That will make them reconsider. Mine does.

  28. Very cute bunnies. The weigela is gorgeous.

  29. Y’all just do what you need to in order to stay cool, buy y’all are cool anyways!

  30. If you guys get too hot c’mon over and stretch out on our tile floor!
    Mommy loves your sunflower! She grows them some years and puts the heads out for the birdies in the winter.

  31. Wow what pretty flowers! Such a great garden post! We think you are smart to hang out in cool spots when it is hot! We have our cold air thingy on already – our mom hates the hot and humid weather a LOT. We don’t mind but we wish it were cooler so the windows could be open for whiffin!

    Stay cool!!

  32. We hope you can stay cool until your mom turns on the cold air blowing thingy. It’s been so cold here we still have the hot air blowing thingy going in the mornings.

    Your mom did a great job with her flowers and we like the bunnies too!

  33. It’s been hot here, too!
    Your mom is a lady after our own hearts because we plant in pots, too, and put them all over our front walkway. We have a weigela bush planted in front, too, because it’s so much easier — it just flowers every year and you don’t have to do a thing, except maybe a little pruning.

    We hope it cools down so you boys can get some cooler whiffing air.

  34. Those are beautiful flowers! GUess what?
    My mom has bunnies like your Mom!


  35. Your flowers are very pretty. It has been nice and warm here ever since the Beans came home, but it is cooler today.

  36. Your garden is so pretty! All our houseplants are on the deck to soak up some of this hot weather and sunshine.

  37. With those long ears the rabbits must be good listeners.

  38. Those bunnies are pretty cool!

  39. Now those are some cool spots you’ve got there for laying around on, Wally and Ernie. The flowers are bee-u-tiful! But those bunnies don’t look too fun, in fact they look a bit stiff!

  40. You have such colourful flowers! We sorely miss our blooming garden. The hibiscus and the Christmas cactus are the only one left.

    We love your bunnies too.

    Our SS is cheap with the cold air blower in summer too, but luckily not so much with the heater. We need it – it’s been wet, cold and windy!

  41. Yeah, our Mom is stingy with the cold air, too. It’s been 85-90 the last few days here & so she’s been turning it on here & there. Hmph! She won’t leave it on while she’s at work – doesn’t she know we kitties need to stay cool?? Humans!

    Your Mom planted very pretty flowers!!

    Nico & JayJay 🙂

  42. It’s been very hot here. We do have the blowy air on though. Tonight we’ve had thunderstorms so Jack and I have been hiding under the bed.

  43. You have the right idea about staying cool. Right in front of the open window is the best spot. It doesn’t get hot enough here for a cold air blowing thingy, but we have been getting lots of open windows. I love it. The flowers are beautiful.


  44. i love all of these flowers, especially weigela bush.
    i live in an appartment, i have not a garden but i have flowers too in tha balcony.

  45. We hope the weather cools down a little for you guys! And your garden is beautiful! LOVE your sentries!

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