May 242010

Hi everybuddy!  Wally here.
The weather was really nice yesterday
and mom got to plant flowers!!


Look at all those flowers, Ernie!
Mom’s gonna be busy!!

 Yeah, Wally!!  She should let us help her!

We could dig in the dirt…
Just like we dig in our litter boxes!!


Hey, Wally!  Look!!  It’s Mr. Toad!!
Does he think he’s gonna help mom plant flowers??

 Nah…it looks like he’s trying to plant himself!!!


  53 Responses to “Mancats – Planting Flowers”

  1. Those are beautiful flowers. That does look like a lot of work and Wally and Ernie, you do need to help her. Glad Mom got to plant those pretty flowers. Looks like Mr. Toad found a good home too.
    Have a great week you Island cats and Mr. Toad

  2. What a silly Mr. Toad!!
    The flowers are beautiful!!!

  3. Wow look at all those colours! They are all so pretty! Your photos make my mummy happy!
    Except for the toad. She said she hates them because they are ugly! Besides we have these awful cane toads in Australia where she grew up and she just came to hate all toads…
    I’m sure your mum would love it if you could dig up all the spots for her!

  4. Wally and Ernie!!! Your mom has very good taste flowers!! You are going to have one gorgeous garden to look out onto this spring and summer. And there will probably be lots of bees and birds to watch. Good Cat TV!!!
    We are glad you had good weather ours was very very wet. 7″ of rain in NC since Friday night and more today!!! Lots of thunder and lightning!!!
    Madi and Mom

  5. i hear toads are tasty. they taste like chicken.

  6. Lovely batch of flowering plants. My Dad bought some impatiens now that they are home, and will put them in the flower boxes tonight. It takes a while for them to fill out, but then they look nice all summer. I hope he lets me help him dig in th e dirt!

    Happy Monday

  7. You will have some lovely flowers to look at during the summer months. It’s a shame your offers of help with the digging fell on deaf ears!!

  8. What a cute little Toad. We have a B~I~G toad at our house (he’s not here yet) but his name is Bubba Gump! BTW…we have an award for all of you today!

  9. Wow, Mr. Toad is funny looking! We think you two are better snoopervisors than gardeners!

  10. Very nice flowers…love the toad too! We have one that hangs out next to our door in the evenings. I’ve never seen him in the dirt though, so I don’t know where he lives 🙂

  11. I think you both could dig up a good garden and even the toad would be happy!

  12. Those are wonderful colorful flowers! Is your mom going to let Mr. Toad in to play with you guys?

  13. What a glorious selection of flowers! Mr. Toad is cute in his own toad-way. LOL.

  14. Those are some great flowers for you to admire!

  15. What a totally fantabulous garden!!!!!!


  16. Mr Toad looks very happy! We love the flowers! Especially the blue, is that lobelia? We like that a lot. Your Mom is going to be very busy. (but a good kind of busy!)

  17. What pretty flowers we loves the purple ones. Have fun planting them.

  18. Those flowers are so beautiful with all the pretty colors! You yard is gonna be great! Mr. Toad looks like he appreciates the flowers too!

  19. WOW! That Mr Toad is awesome. Did yoo play wiv him?

    The plants are really nice too!

  20. You have some pretty flowers there Wally and Ernie. We sure can’t wait to sees the gardens. I’m sure there is plenty for you to do to help!

  21. That sure is a shame you were Not Allowed to help. Cuz we Cats are such good helpers.

    Mr. Toad looks, well, toadish. MOL!

  22. Those flowers are beautiful; glad you guys helped Mom out by snoopervising from the window!…Happy week friends…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  23. Beautiful flowers. Did your mom get them all planted. Hope she didn’t jump when she spotted the toad.


  24. I have helped my mommy dig. I did it while she was asleep so it saved her bother! I was glad to help.

  25. Such beautiful flowers! And we love Mr. Toad!

  26. For a moment there, I thought Mr. Toad was a new cat toy!

    …Are you sure he’s not a cat toy?

  27. Those are beautiful! Our mom is envious – she loves those sweet potato vines! We hope you post a photo after your mom is done planting.

    P.S. The toad is very cute! We have never seen one, but our mom has some in her greenhouse at work.

  28. What beautiful flowers!!! Looks like your mom bought out the store!

  29. So many lovely flowers! We wish our mommy would bring home a toad with her flowers too!

  30. Those flowers are so purrty! We have a Mr Toad too!! Sometimes he gets on our window at night and makes us crazy!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  31. We have had tree frogs but no toads yet….Mommy said the flowers are very pretty=^Y^=

  32. Wowie! Look at all those flowers! Mr. Toad looks like he’d be fun to play with too!

  33. Woweeeee! That’s a lot of beautiful flowers. Your mom’s sure gonna to be one busy lady for days to come. Must show us your garden in its full glory later. Mine is grey and wet almost all the time these days. Winter. Brrrrrrr!

  34. What lovely, colourful flowers. did Mr. Toad hitchhike with them? Oh, yer place is going to look fabluous.

  35. Look all of those lovely flowers – they look positively delicious! …& as for Mr. Toad, uh… Same answer!

    What? We kitties need our roughage!

    Have a Happy Week!

    Nico & JayJay 🙂

  36. Oh! Such purrty flowers! We loves flowers! And a funny toad! We know he thinks he is invisible!

  37. Beautiful flowers!

  38. hmm… mr. toad looks like he’d be fun to chase!

  39. Those sure are a lot of great flowers… We bet they look big an lovely real soon!

  40. Cool toad! We think you’d better stay away from those flowers or your mom might get really upset.

  41. They are such pretty flowers!

  42. That is a great assortment of flowers…don’t lick the toad, it might make you silly.

  43. Pretty flowers! We hope you got to help your mom plant them….and then got to nibble on them afterwards! MOL

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  44. wow, that is a serious number of plants – must still be digging them in now! Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  45. Now those are some “bootiful” looking flowers you got there. You guys would really have a good time helping your mom plant those.

  46. I bet your Mom had fun – especially with such a handsome helper like Mr. Toad!

  47. Mr Toad was smart hidin from all dat sun – it looks so warm there!

  48. Those flowers are very nice. I bet that you guys would love to help your mommy.

  49. Wow those are a lot of flowers! They are all very pretty but we hope your mom doesn’t get overworked planting them! We agree that it would be a good idea for you to help her out!

  50. I’ve never seen a toad!!

  51. Very springy (including Mr Toad) photos!

  52. Lovely blog. We love to find it. We´re 3 cats from Portugal and if you like we´d love you to visit our blog. Have a nice weekend. Hugs

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