May 212010

I’ve seen some kitties in the blogosphere posting about
“In Celebration of the Outstretched Paw.”

 Here’s my version…
I’m doing a double!!


  49 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Outstretched Paw”

  1. Reach for the stars Zoey…you never know what you might find.
    Cute picture…we aren’t familiar with ‘Celebration of outstretched paws’ but it is a great idea
    Madi and Mom

  2. Those paws could almost reach all the way to us!

  3. Your paws are so cute, Zoey!

  4. Hi Zoey,
    That’s pawsome. We did a post in celebration of the owtstretched paw (last week) too.

    Hi Ernie,
    I’m sent Milo straight over to yoo, he should be arriving shortly! Tell Wally that he can lick Milo silly!! That way Milo will know wot it feels like! And then Milo can lick Wally silly too. End of!

    Love Alfie Marshall xx

  5. Your paws are just perfect for the celebration of the of the outstretched paw.

  6. nice. very nice.

  7. “Reach out and touch somebuddy’s paw…” 🙂

  8. Great picture! She looks like she is hugging everyone!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Zoey, you look terrific and that should be double paw outstretched. We don’t understand the celebration but it looks like a great idea. That saying, ‘Reach out and touch somebuddy’s paw’ sounds like a winner to me.
    Have a super day.

  10. Those are very good paws to celebrate!

  11. Fabulous double-outstretched-paw pose, Zoey! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend. 🙂

  12. Excellent outstretched paws!

  13. We stretch our paws out to you, Zoey. xxxxxxxx

  14. those are some very nice outstretches Zoey!
    Have a great weekend.

  15. You look very purry, Zoey. I think while you stretch out your paws, you are also doing “push=push”!

  16. I think that’s an excellent outstretched paw! You go!

  17. Make mine a double, Zoey!

  18. And lovely furry paws they are, too!

  19. I love your pose in this shot!You are charming!

  20. Oh yea, that is purrfect!!!

  21. Zoey, I like those outstretched paws. You look great.

  22. Excellent form, Zoey! We never knew your back toesies were Red! How cute!

  23. Great pose there Zoey!!

  24. Zoey you are a tiny beautiful girl!!…Love the double outstretched paw photo; great job sweetie…Hope you all have a fun Friday friends…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  25. That is a lovely picture.. My paw is stretched out to meet you… Hugs GJ xx

  26. You have bootyful arms and paws. And I know your mama loves to see you do that. Mine does too.

  27. Yay for double-outstretched paws!

  28. Excellent double outstretched paws Zoey!

  29. Ooh, look at your lovely floofy toesies. Mum wants to kiss them.

  30. Zoey
    We were familiar with this…but you are doing a fabulous job!


  31. You sure know how to celebrate!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  32. Zoey, you look sooo cute all sleepy and stretching.

  33. I see you have very floofy paws like our Sweetpea!

  34. You are doing double the celebrating!

  35. Luvs your outstretched paws! Momma says she luvs it when us kitties do dat!

  36. Good one, Zoey! SS never seems to catch me on camera when I do mine.

    The sun is up, gotta go. Don’t get much of it these days. Just wind and rain.

  37. Zoey, have we ever mentioned how much you look like our neighborcat Feather? She used to be Mom’s Office Cat until we moved to the Swamp. Now Feather has to stay at her own house because Mom has all of us to be her Office Cats! The main difference between you and Feather is that she has a Bobtail. Other than that you could be twins!

  38. Zoey, love the floof around your toes. Does your Mom have trouble cutting your toenails?

  39. Happy Caturday, dear friends.

    We have posted an award for you today….please drop by and pick it up. xxxxxxxx

  40. Hello buddies!

    Thanks for popping by with well-wishes!

    Lucky love you guys!
    Glad you can do double! Don’t think Lucky would be able to! 🙁

    Have a gooooooddd weekend!

    Love, Lucky!

  41. FABULOUS!! And we especially love the fur between the toes!! Too cool!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  42. Cool! I need to participate in the outstretched paw!

  43. Lovely paws indeed sweet Zoey!

  44. Twice as good as any we’ve seen!

  45. Join us for Christmas in July!

  46. Stretchin out the paws is allus good. Great job!

  47. That is the perfect paw stretch! You gots lots of furs there between the toesies!

  48. Yay! Fantastic outstretched paw Zoey! You have the cutest furry toesies! Purrrs

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