Thankful Thursday

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May 202010

I wanna thank Ayla & Iza’s The Big Thing for telling us how to fix my smooshed purple ball.  He said to drop it in some boiling water.

So my mom did…and LOOK!!!!



 Yippee!!  It’s all fixed and whappable again!!!
Thanks, TBT!!
(now don’t step on it again, dad-guy!)

Oh yeah…and we put the button back on the top of our sidebar so you can go vote for P.A.W.S. of Michigan in the Pepsi Refresh Project.  P.A.W.S. is slowly moving up…they’re  in 26th place right now.  The top 10 at the end of May win the $50,000!!  We know P.A.W.S. can win with your help!!  Please vote!!!

  41 Responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. That’s a pawsome trick, the ball is just like new! Yay!
    We’ll go vote!

  2. Wow, we never knew you could that! We’ll remember that. We can’t say our human will remember to drop our smooshed balls in boiling water, though….

  3. We never knew that either!! Thanks for the tip.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Wow. We have two balls that look like that, semi-crushed that is. I’ll just have to try that boiling thing! Usually it’s one of the dogs that crushes them, though.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  5. Who knew you could repair a flat ball? Wow we learn something new every day from our blogging friends. Ernie…BTW purple is a very nice color with your black fur!!!
    Madi and Mom

  6. Wow…. I’m gonna smash one of my balls just so I can try that fix.


  7. We never knew that either…glad that your ball is fixed now!

  8. SS must remember that tip. We are forever getting new balls.

  9. Hey, that is super that you got your ball fixed!

  10. That’s a great trick about the ball…did you have to do anything to it after you dropped it in the water?

  11. Good as new! Yay! That’s a good tip too, we’ll remember that one!
    We’re going to vote now!

  12. We’ve got a pink ball that looks like your before picture – we’ll have to get Mum to put some water on to boil and try it too.

  13. YAY!!!!! Now Ernie can practice his Whappinator skills on his ball again!!!!!!

    We’re off to vote. xxxxxxxxx

  14. WOW! Thanx for the tip! We have a couple “deflated” ballies too.

  15. Yay bonkbonk I am so happy your ball is fixed and ready for more fun and action!

  16. THat is a neat trick. We need Mom to remember this cause Dad is always stepping on toys!

  17. That’s a really cool tip to fix your smooched ball! We’ll have to try it out too!

  18. We didn’t think anything could be done with our whappy balls. We just gave up! Now we know better!

    Your paw looks fabulous! My mom is a paw fanatic!

  19. What smart friends you have!

  20. i guess i could have shared that tip. i learned it to repair the ping pong balls that were smashed when my brother would get mad that i beat him…

  21. WOW, that’s pretty cool, friends are so helpful!

  22. That’s a neat trick! Mommy, can you get us some whappy balls so we can play with ’em and then squish ’em?

  23. Very, very cool! Well, I guess no crime has been committed after all, so all the evidents is useless.

    Have fun whapping, Ernie, but don’t press down too hard with your thumb.

  24. WOW! THAT is AMAZING! Thanks for passing on the tip, ‘cos Gerry is very sad that great, big fat apes keep treading on his fave navy blue ping pong balls and we have a stash of squished ones. He’s gonna be SO HAPPY NOW!

    Whicky Wuudler

  25. Wow! That’s like magic!

  26. That was a great tip. We are glad your purple ball is all fixed and whappable again.

  27. Great tip from TBT; we’re glad you got your toy fixed!…We voted for PAWS; hope they win…kisses sweet friends…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  28. How amazing – it’s just like knew! This tip is a keeper, especially when you live with clumsy humans, like I do.

  29. It’s a miracle! We just voted for PAWS!

  30. Ernie I am so glad that your purple ball is whappable again. So glad that your Mom tried fixing it and it worked. Have fun. We voted for PAWS again.


  31. Wow!! Science is today’s magic~ 😀 Glad your purple ball is all fixed!

    Kenzo & Azreen

  32. We should get our mom to do that…we have a bunch of smooshed balls. Of course she has not thrown them away cause, being Polish, she can’t bear to be wasteful.

  33. Why, it’s a mir-kel!

  34. TBT sure is a smarty daddy!

  35. We are so very glad out TBT knew how ta fix the ball. He says though, that it cant be cracked or punctured in anny way or it won’t werk. Something about heating the air in the ball and it expands. But if there is a crack in the ball the air escapes and wont expand.

  36. That’s great that your purple ball is fixed. We didn’t know that little trick about boiling it. Now you can go do some whapping.

  37. WOW! That was a miracle wiv yoor ball. We’ve often wondered how to get the shape back. Does it werk wiv ping-pong balls? ‘Cos we have a squashed one too!

  38. TBT is a clever guy!

  39. How cool! We didn’t know you could fix a ball either!

  40. Our mewmie can’t remember where she learned of the boiling water/fix ball trick but she steps on our pingpong balls often and of course, then fixes them for us!

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