May 192010

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

So…let’s see…how’s my favorite baseball team, the Detroit Tigers, doing???  RATS!!  They lost to those darn Chicago White Sox!!  They gotta get some hitting!!  And a mascot!!  I bet they need a mascot!!  Like me!!  I’d be a good mascot for them!!  Where do I send my resume???

  40 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. We thought you might want to place a bet! 🙂

    A “sure” bet is that you would make a great mascot, Wally!

  2. You would be the perfect mascot for the Tigers, Wally! We bet they’d start winning again!

  3. Wally, you would make a fantastic mascot and then the Tigers would start winning again. Our Mom is a big baseball fan too but we route for the Atlanta Braves but they hardly ever win so they need a really good mascot too.
    Have a super day.

  4. If you were the mascot, we could get a t-shirt with your face on it! And a cap! Dude, you should so go for the job!

  5. Wally you’d be a mascot. You could growl at them when they need motivation and possibly teach them how to run like your inner jaguar!!!
    Madi and Mom

  6. Yoo’d be a great mascot Wally! They’d be LUCKY to haff yoo.

  7. wow Wally, it could be fabulous! I’m very impressed here to see you reading that news, you are sooo inteligent and smart!

  8. If you find out, Wally, let us know! We wanna be mascots for the Red Sox!

  9. you and ernie should come to minnesota and be the twins’ mascots.

  10. If you were their mascot, they’d win the World Series! Send it in!!!

  11. You’d be a great mascot! I’m impressed that you follow sports…the only section that I ever read is business and finance. I gotta keep up with my investments!

  12. We think you’ll make a wonderful mascot!

  13. The Detroit Tigers need a mascot like you Wally – we think you could inspire them.

  14. You would be a great Mascot!

  15. Wally, You look so dignified sitting there in front of that newspaper, but then you sort of give it away by the page you’re on. But so what! Go Detroit. And you’d make a terrific mascot!

  16. How could they lose with a mascot like you?

  17. You would make an awesome mascot! You need a Facebook Fan Page! “Like Wally for Tiger’s Mascot!!!”
    ~Lisa Co9T

  18. Oooh, being a Detroit sports fan is not easy.

  19. You would make a most excellent mascot. If they are smart they will hire you!

  20. You’d be the cutest, most handsome mascot EVER, Wally!

  21. You’d be the purrfect mascot and just what they need!

  22. A Wally mascot….sounds like a WINNER!!!=^Y^=

  23. Oh yea, I agree, you would make any team a great mascot…go for it!!!

  24. You would be a great mascot, Wally=we would definitely root for your team!!…Good luck with that handsome!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  25. Cute photo Wally – the only thing missing is if you were chewing on a nip cigar while reading the sports page! And we agree, you would make the purrfect mascot!

  26. Wally, would your mom want you to move away? I bet she might not..she would miss you too much. Think it over.

  27. The Detroit Wally’s! Go team!

  28. You would make an excellent mascot for the Tigers, Wally!

  29. Just send them this picture of your concerned look. That must inspire them to do better.

  30. They would be lucky to have a mascot like you, but we would miss you.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  31. Dude! Hang in there–NFL training camp starts in July–and then you can start rootin’ for a REAL team: The Dallas Cowboys! 🙂


  32. Ha-ha, typical boycat – first thing he does is turn to the sports page. Wally, here’s my advice: just form your own team. It’s bound to be better than the Tigers.

  33. Wally, you would be a great mascot! They would be lucky to have you. You look pretty serious there. It’s obvious that you care a lot about your team!

  34. I think you’re right! Just send it off to everyone, that way you’re sure someone will see it. 🙂

  35. Maybe we could loan you Tim Lincecum for a couple weeks. Yeah, like THAT’s gonna happen, MOL!

  36. Hey Hey Hey! We live near Chicago now, we support our local teams! (which one was it again??) MOL!

    We think you would be a great mascot, Wally! Just have your Mom take a lot of fierce look pictures of you & send them to the coach’s home address – you’ll be a shoe-in! (either that or the coach will think he’s getting harassed by some vicious kitty – MOL!)

    Nico & JayJay 🙂

  37. Wall certainly would make a good Tiger Mascot.

    Wally for Mascot!

  38. Ha! Ha! You will make a great mascot! Do you need helps writing your resume?

  39. Wow, you read newspapers? I only tramp on them and mess them up. I am sure with a mascot like you, any team is a winning team.

  40. Well, you certainly would make a good mascot for them, Wally — after all you are a tiger yourself. Perhaps that would help them to win for a change.

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