May 172010

Hey, Wally!!  You wanna play with the nip cigar with me??

No, Ernie…you go ahead…

You sure, Wally??  It’s smells really good!!
And bunny kicking it is a lot of fun!!!

No, Ernie…it’s all yours…

Sometimes it’s more fun just to sit back
and enjoy the show!!!


  43 Responses to “ManCats – Showtime!”

  1. Nip cigars are pawsome and a great way to start the week! Have a fun Monday!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. You two handsome hunks crack us up!!! Happy Monday,
    Madi and Mom

  3. We agree that Ernie is very entertaining with his nip cigar!

  4. It looks as if Ernie is putting on a really good show. Hope you enjoyed it Wally. Happy MM to you both.

  5. I need to get me one of those cigars!

  6. Alfie tends to do that ~ he just likes watching me sumtimes.

    Milo xx

  7. how can you resist a nip cigar?

  8. We are in awe of your restraint, Wally. Nip cigars make all three of us gaga.

  9. Wally, you sure are being nice to Ernie. Good boy to just let Ernie have that nip cigar. Sure looks like you are having a blast Ernie. Good for you
    Hope all of you have a super week.

  10. Wally we think you wouldn’t play with Ernie and the nip cigar because you were scared that he would steal your box.

  11. You boys need 2 nip cigars!

  12. That nip cigar looks very bunny-kickable! have fun.

  13. Well , Ernie, I would love to be there and play with you!I think it’s good! 🙂

  14. Hmm, Wally, we’re wondering if you have an ulterior motive in letting Ernie play with that nip cigar…..

  15. Oh man we LOVE those nip cigars! We have one, we think it’s worked it’s way to the bottom of our toy box. We’ll have to look for it today.

  16. Wally, that must have been so hard for you to sit back and watch Ernie playing with that nip cigar! Those are mighty powerful!

  17. I totally hear you.

  18. Mom beought me back a catnip infused little ball. You should have seen me when she came home (at last!!) and gave that to me to play with. I think I am over my kitty snit!

  19. Yes, Wally, it is fun to watch sometimes but when it comes to nip, I can’t control myself. You have amazing restraint! Those cigars are the best!

  20. Happy Mancat Monday to two of our favorite mancats. xxxxxxxx

  21. i might like to try a nip cigar sometime, looks like fun!

  22. I agree, Wally. You’re either in the mood for a ‘nip ceegar, or you’re not.


  23. I totally agree, Wally. Kicking back not bunny kicking sometimes, is better.

  24. Sometimes you feel like a nip…sometimes you don’t!!!

  25. It’s very generous of you, Wally, to let Ernie enjoy that nip cigar all by himself. Do you get a kick out of watching him kick it?

  26. Sometimes it’s just more dignified to watch. ~ KonaKitty

  27. Yeah… sit back and enjoy the show…. my sentiment exactly…

    Love the pictures.

  28. You do have a great front row seat for watching, Wally! Ernie, you’re having a great time with that cigar it looks like, nip toys are the best.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  29. Priceless just priceless.. Hugs GJ xx

  30. Wally, you are very good at being Mr Cool!!!
    Ernie is quite entertaining 🙂 heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  31. That’s it. When Dushi bounces about the room, we all sit and watch in amazement.

  32. Heehee! We love the nip cigar, and the photo of you bunny-kicking it!
    AND WE LOVE the Scratch Lounge.

  33. Wally, your brofur is pretty entertaining with his nip cigar and you got the purrfect seat to watch!

  34. Now that looks like some fun stuff, guys! Maybe mom will get one of those for us.

  35. I dunno, Wally, I think you’re missing out. Even us girl kitties have been known to tussle with those nip cigars!

  36. Both the scratcher and the nip cigar look like a lot of fun…

  37. Just sitting there while a nip cigar is close by… well, it makes us wonder, What’s that Wally *doing*?!

  38. What a nice kitty you are, Wally! We get too jealous of each other’s toys & end up wrestling! Then Mom brings out her camera…

    Happy Monday to you kitties!

    Nico & JayJay 🙂

  39. Wally, that’s real nice of you to let Ernie have that nip cigar all to himself.

    And I guess your reward is that you get the cat scratch lounge all to yourself! 🙂

  40. I think Pimp and Moo need a nip cigar!

  41. Yeah, sometimes it’s furry entertaining to watch a sibling go nuts…

  42. You play hard, Ernie!

  43. Good job, Ernie; that cigar is deaded!…Now you can just enjoy the nip silly boy!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

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