Easy E Sunday

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May 162010

I found my purple ball…
but look at it!!
It’s been stepped on and smooshed!!! 

Who would do such a thing??!?

I think somebody with feets bigger than mine!!!


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  1. Oh noes! We bet it’s still good to play with though…just needs and extra push!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. IS there anybody with feets bigger thanyous?

  3. That is such a great picture. We are so glad you found it but the whatever that dented it, needs to be whacked. Now we have a mystery. But at least you have the blue ball back Ernie. It will probably still roll around some, just will be a little drunk looking. Drunk on nip, we might say.
    Have a great day.

  4. We’ve got a pink one that is just the same as that – we think Mum’s put her foot on it but she is in denial!!

  5. Oh no, can you fix it?

  6. Uh oh…well we know who did it, but what I can’t figure out is how Grete got over to your place…

  7. Ernie I bet if that purple ball could talk you would be very surprised at how it got smashed….no telling what is lurking under the piece of furniture.
    Madi and Mom

  8. Ernie, our mom is totally in love with your feets! She wants to kiss them and massage them. That is terrible what happened to your purple ball!

  9. Ohhhh!!
    Hope you can fix it!
    And is there any kitty whose feets are bigger than you?
    But maybe you shouldn’t go find who did it.
    Not knowing who sometimes helps us a lot!
    Just forget about it and have a wonderful day!!!

  10. Nothing worse than a smoosh and run.

  11. I am sure your feets are the very biggest.

  12. Oh no! Who got your ball! We love your little feetsies!

  13. Yep, the evidence proves you did not smash the ball!

  14. Ernie, I forgot you’re a poly just like me!!! Yay! We polys should start our own club – we’ve got to stick together!

    …Sorry about your ball – our Mom destroys our toys on “accident” all the time. Hopefully the culprit will replace your purple ball!

    Nico (& JayJay) 🙂

  15. We can’t imagine who could have smooshed it! (We suspect a human, though, because there aren’t very many kitties with paws bigger than yours!)

    P.S. We think you should get new toys to make up for this unfortunate incident.

  16. Ernie, we suspect a human did that…or Wally?!!hehe…Bet you can still chase it though…Have fun Sunday friends…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  17. Big feet…big feet…. WHO has BIG FEET??????

  18. Ernie, your paws are in a league of their own!

    We’re puzzled about your ball. Who squished it? At least it didn’t disappear into the sucky monster, Mommy destoys a lot of our fuzzy mice that way.

  19. Oh noes! We hope you can uncrunch your ball again so it will roll right! We can’t imagine who has bigger feets that you though!

  20. Yeah, you got big feet, but probably not enough weight behind ’em to put that kind of smooshie on the ball. The poor ball, and poor you! We’re sorry to see that. 🙁

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  21. How rude. Everyone knows purple balls should to be hit, not stepped on.

  22. Oh Ernie, your poor ball! It is so frustrating when certain Big Foots (I’m not saying who) don’t watch where they are stepping!

  23. Hi Ernie… I guess you can still play with the ball… or else ask mummy to get you a new one 😉


  24. That was a very pretty purple ball before some two footed thing stepped on it!

  25. Well, you know in the major leagues, pitchers would give their right arms (okay, well, maybe not) for a ball as dinged up as that! Imagine the spin Tim Lincecum could put on that baby!

  26. Oh Bast, that is tragic! We love our smooth balls (but they are white – Mebbe we can get The Big Thing to color them). We havent had anny stepped on yet though.

    Hey, The Big Thing says that iffen yer Bein puts it in a pot of boilin water fer a minute, it might pop back round! It wont iffen it has a crack, but its worth a try!

  27. You needs to put the bitey on those bad big feet!

  28. Sometimes those toys get underfoot. It probably was very uncomfortable to step on. We’re sure you’ll get a replacement if you look pitiful about it.

  29. I’m sorry your purple ball went to the Bridge, Ernie.

  30. wow this ball is cool, how lucky you are !
    I would love to be there and play with you!
    Have a great week
    purrs and love

  31. i dunno, dude… your feets like PRITTEH BIG.

  32. Ernie, how how it escaped us dat yoo has double paws?? OMC they is impawsive!!

  33. No way, did someone let a dog in the house?

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