May 082010

Hi everybuddy!  We were having some problems with our blog yesterday.  Some virus got it sick.  If you visited us recently, you should be okay if you have good anti-virus software. 

We think it is fixed now!!  But if anybuddy gets a weird message when you visit us, please let us know in the comments or send our our mom an email at blkcatgal at aol dot com.  Thanks!!

Now go see our latest post below!!

  17 Responses to “Sick Blog”

  1. Everything is looking fine to us….although yesterday our virus program did advise us that there was an attack that it blocked!!!! Mama says YAY for good virus programs!!!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend dear friends.

  2. It seems like it’s OK now!

  3. Okay on this end too! Thank cod we have a good virus program. A day without The Island Cats is like a day without sunshine!

  4. No weird virus today, guys. I ran the full Symantec virus scan at work yesterday, which took 2+ hours, but I didn’t have a virus. However, if I had saved the file the virus had wanted me to, I’d have been in big trouble. It’s a slick virus, not related to your blog specifically. I had our IT guy come down and look at my browser screen and he said most of the student computers on campus have it now and are in the process of being cleaned. It gave me a very real looking control panel screen, (in a separate browser window) telling me I had 7 viruses in My Documents and to click to start the de-virus process. When you click, it asks you to save an .exe file. Well….That’s not how virus checkers deal with viruses! But I can see how it would be easy to fall into the trap; it looks totally realistic.

  5. Yeah! We are so glad you are back after such a scary day. Our ava/fw blocked it too.

  6. Whenever we were in our google account we kept getting a run this scan now thing–even when we weren’t looking at your blog–I wonder if that was going around. We ran our scans and are okay.

  7. So far nothing showed up here! But we have had lots of virus issues on the puter! Come by to visit Yoko’s party for her 17th!

  8. Yep, our antivirus gave us a block the boogers message yesterday too but all is OK today and everything here looks fine.

  9. Well, we’re sorry you gotted a virus ‘tack! We’ve had those a teeny bit so we know a bit about what you went through. Although not every situation is the same. Glad to know you’re back on track…or at least, we’re posting and can see your posts. So that seems to be a start.

  10. I had a similar experience to Fuzzy Tales. I’m so glad everything is fine today! I did see the cute picture of Zoey protecting her tree right before it happened.

  11. Yup. yesterday mommy and me came to see you and Norton immediately took us far away. But we wanted to say hello and give you some headbonks today.

  12. Aw we’re sorry your computer was sicky!

  13. In fact I tryed to visit you guys some days ago and my Norton ( antivirus) blocked your site, I thought it was so weird,I should send you some advice, please forgive me.Glad to know it is fixed now and everything is okay!
    Happy Sunday!
    purrs and love
    Luna – WE LOVE LUNA

  14. OMC! We had some trouble with it the other day, but we weren’t sure it was your blog or another open tab.

    Happy Mothers Day to your mummy!!

  15. We had a virus attack when we visited yoo too ~ but we have good anti virus control.

  16. Spammers and Hackers – they really suck. Mom says she’s about had it up the here with Windows and problems. Our next computer will be a Mac most likely.

    But what we really came by to say was… Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom!

  17. There are a lot of mean peoples out there getting us all sick. We have had some issues lately too. Hope yours is all fixed!

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