May 042010

We have a favor to ask of all our furiends in the U.S.   The local rescue group we support, P.A.W.S. of Michigan, is planning to open a low cost, high quality, high quantity spay/neuter clinic in our area sometime this year.  In order to raise funds for this clinic, they’ve entered this idea in the Pepsi Refresh Project and hope to win a $50,000 grant.

What’s the Pepsi Refresh Project, you ask?  Pepsi is looking for people, businesses and non-profits with ideas that will make a positive impact in our world.  They’re giving away millions of dollars to fund these great ideas.  Ideas are submitted to the Refresh Project and then everbuddy votes for the idea they think deserves funding.  The highest vote-getting ideas will win a grant, with Pepsi awarding up to 32 grants a month!!

Did you know that every year, 3-4 million cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters across the country because there aren’t enough homes for all of them?  High volume spay/neuter surgery is a proven solution for decreasing euthanasia and controlling pet overpopulation.  If they win a grant, P.A.W.S. of Michigan will use the money towards opening a spay/neuter clinic in our area where, due to high euthanasia rates and the struggling economy, this clinic is needed more than ever.

Now here’s where we’re asking for your help.  Please consider voting for P.A.W.S. of Michigan in their quest for a Pepsi Refresh Project grant.

Click this icon to go vote!

It’s simple and easy to vote.  You can vote up to 10 times a day until the end of May.  But only U.S. residents can vote.

We thank you, P.A.W.S. of Michigan thanks you, but most of all, all the unwanted kitties and woofies thank you!!!

  37 Responses to “Asking a Favor”

  1. What a great cause! Shame we can’t vote from the UK and shame that we don’t have a scheme like that in the UK too. Some of our charities do offer help to people with low incomes for spay/neuter but there’s no joined up action.

    Best of luck to PAWS!

    Whicky Wuudler

  2. I agree, it’s a great cause!Good luck!
    purrs and love

  3. Too bad we Canadians can’t vote! Too bad Pepsi’s not doing this in Canada. Or, if they are, I haven’t heard of it.

    The best of luck to PAWS!!!

  4. Got my vote(s).

  5. I’ve always been a Pepsi girl (it was founded in my home state of NC) now I’m really a Pepsi girl great cause,
    Madi and Mom

  6. This is such a great idea. I sure voted and will vote again. I think the best way to help the homeless animals is to spay and neuter every little dog and cat. I need to get going and have a fundraiser for the spay, neuter clinic here. Those people that volunteer at the clinics are so great.

  7. Great idea! I hope they get it!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  8. We wanted to vote but can’t in the UK

  9. Great cause…we’ll go and vote!!

  10. We are sending Mommy to vote for us right now. We hopes they get it.

  11. Thanks for telling us, we went right over and voted!

  12. We voted! We hope your group wins. We are strong believers in the importance of spaying and neutering.

  13. That IS a wonderful cause! ill will go vote and mom says she’ll put it on her FaceBook page to get her friends to vote too!

  14. Such a great cause! We wish we could help out with the voting, but we’re Catanadians!

  15. What a great cause–we’ll go right over and vote!

  16. And we thank y’all for making us aware of this great cause. xxxxxxxx

  17. That is an excellent idea.

  18. I am sorry that we cant vote for you but hope you can get lots of votes.. Good luck.. Hugs GJ We would have voted ltos.. xx

  19. We will head over to vote right now!!

  20. Heading there right now!

  21. Good idea – we have a low cost apy neuter clinic here and it is great – lots of us went there too! Good luck getting the votes – we will help.

  22. We are on our way!
    xx lounge kats

  23. I had momma votes for you my furriends! We luvs you guys and dis idea is pawsome!


  24. Great idea!! Good luck with it all!! We’ll try to get some of our US relatives to go and vote for us!

  25. Wish I could vote! What a great idea.

  26. This is a great cause! We will go vote!

  27. Wonderful cause and what a great thing for Pepsi to do! We’ll check it out!

  28. What a great cause. WE voted!


  29. That is wonderful. We’ll ask Photoguy to move, so we can vote too.
    The best of luck and we hope the P.A.W.S. of Michigan win.

  30. We voted, best of luck; keep reminding us to do it daily!!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  31. Yep, going to vote right now!!

  32. We voted, voted, voted….etc!

  33. Ok, we’ll go vote!

    Pee Ess…we have a secret surprise coming up later this week…doing our part to help homeless kitties…

  34. Can you vote for more than one idea? We voted for a hospice pet program too…

  35. I would totally vote if I could.

  36. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your support for P.A.W.S.! We are really hoping to win this contest to get this clinic up soon and start lowering the euthanasia rates in our community. Please keep voting every day! Thanks again, you guys are great!!!

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