May 032010

It’s a good thing Ernie’s sleeping all curled up…
it lets me stretch out and get real comfortable on this chair.
And air everything out like a mancat likes to do!!!
(Ernie, don’t wake up!!)

We’ll be announcing the winner of the FURminator later this week!

  41 Responses to “ManCats – Airing It Out”

  1. You boys sure look comfy.

  2. Happy Mancat Monday, fellas!

  3. A good stretch is a great way to relax, Ernie’s given you lots of room too.

  4. Yeah, Ernie if you wake up now you’ll get an eyeful! MOL!

  5. A good airing out once in a while is very important!

  6. Wally and Ernie you two are handsome boys on that red blankie….and so nice and kind to share your bed with each other.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Here’s to a comfy cozy Monday!

  8. Wally you look so relaxed laying there – you are making us fall asleep with you!!.

  9. MOL! Happy Mancat Monday, guys! Enjoy your snooze!

  10. Cute picture, it’s hard to be a mancat, you need to work so hard, aren’t you? LOL
    purrs and love

  11. Wishing you boys happy snoozes!

  12. Wally we are glad you are getting to air everything out, lady cats like to do that too, especially Scylla. We will be very quiet so we don’t wake Ernie up.

  13. ah, we like to “air things out” too! Happy Monday!

  14. Ah boys, you make my female Admiral heart flutter!

  15. Hey, Ernie and Wally… are looking mighty handsome!!!!!

  16. Looking pretty comfy there!

  17. Your blanket is so cute and looks really comfy. You two pals are always hangin’ together (I know not always but it sure is cute when you do). Wally, I’m glad you get to stretch out. Hopefully, Ernie continues to snooze.

  18. Very comfy…. can we join you 😉 😛

  19. You guys look adorable hanging out together…Sweet dreams Ernie!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  20. You guys complement each other very nicely.

  21. Ernie, that is such a good kitty to let Wally have all that room. Wally glad you are all stretched out and so comfortable. Great picture.

  22. Two times the mancats!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  23. Glad you stretch out properly and air all your bits….

  24. YEAHHHHH!! Mancat power!!!

  25. We have that EXACT same blankie! And we love it as much as you guys appear to. You ManCats are looking good today! Enjoy that nap.
    xx lounge kats

  26. What spoiled mancats you two are! You have your very own blankie, on your very own chair, and lots of room to spare!
    And lots of room to air those special parts. LOL!

  27. ernie is being rather considerate…

  28. That looks like the purrfect spot for airing of the mancat manparts!

  29. Wow! Wot a nice big chair yoo haz–room to share! You look furry comfy, & furry ‘aired-out’ MOL

  30. Since we are ladycats, we aren’t sure what mancats need to air out!

  31. Wally, I sleep like you do!

  32. I think if he waked up he could your parts for a pillow! MOL!

  33. I like to air out belly up.

  34. Maybe that’s what Nigel needs to do…air everything out!

  35. But what if Ernie feels like airing out?

  36. MOL hehehe Wally you sure do needs a good amount of room don’t you?


  37. Aaahhh….such relaxation. Mancats do know how to do it.

  38. Enjoy … bruvfurs never sleep for long, then they pester.

  39. As long as you’re both comfortable…

  40. I am a firm believer that ManCats need to air out!

  41. Ah, I remember good old Skeeter stretching out to “air out”…


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