Easy E Sunday

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May 022010

Oh, hi there!
This is what I’m gonna be doing today…
napping on the windowseat.

Maybe I’ll look out the window a little too…
gotta keep an eye on those birdies and evil squirrels, y’know.

 And y’know what else I’ll be doing??
Purring for our furiend, Herman.


Herman hasn’t been feeling too good lately…
but he’s got a great mom, Karen Jo,
who takes real good care of him.

 Maybe you could purr for Herman, too!

  41 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. Oh, hai there too, Ernie. Enjoy your Sunday. May I borrow your graphic for Herman? I’s purring hard for him here.

  2. You’re looking quite cozy today! Thanks for the Purrs4Herman today!

  3. Happy sunday 🙂

    * We had visited Herman and sent him lots of healing purrs *

  4. We have been over and left a message for Herman and Karen Jo. You have got a lovely cushion and a pillow to recline on while you look out the window. I’m going to show Mum cos I’ve only got a cushion.

  5. Ernie, we are purring up a storm for dear Herman and Karen Jo.

    You look so comfy on your window seat. One should always be comfy when on squirrel sentinel duty!

    Whicky Wuudler

  6. We are purring and purring for Herman and his loving mother. We are also purring for God to take away all of Herman’s pain and suffering.

  7. Ernie, you are very well situated there, for a restful and sun-filled Sunday! Enjoy your nap.

    Yes, we have visited Herman and was happy to hear that he was at least eating a lot better. That’s a good sign.

  8. We’ll be doing the same, Ernie. And we’ve been purring hard for Herman for a while now, have added the graphic to our blog.

  9. Ernie you sure are looking good. We have sent lots of purrs, woofs, heehaws and a baa to Herman.
    Have a wonderful Sunday

  10. Looks like you will be having a busy day today! We are purring for Herman also.

  11. all our love for Herman, he will be okay soon!
    And you are adorable in this picture, you look so comfortable there!
    Enjoy your Sunday,
    purrs and love

  12. Ernie, enjoy your weekend! Skyler, Frosty, And Jeffrey are sending many purrs, prayers, and get well wishes to Herman. Herman- We hope you feel better soon.

  13. That window seat is great. We are keeping an eye on the squirrels too! xoxo

  14. That sounds like a full day to me.

  15. Hi Ernie, I’m so envious of your window seat. It sounds like you have a great plan for today. I hope to do the same. I don’t know Herman but I’m seeing lots of posts about him today. I’m going to go over and visit him. I sure hope feels better very soon!

  16. Ernie, you look super-duper comfy in your window seat!
    We went over to visit and are purring our 12 purrs for Herman.

  17. We just love your window seat Ernie…I think there is room for us to teleport over and join you. We too are purring for sweet Herman.

  18. Sounds like a great way to spend your Sunday! We’re purring hard for Herman too!

  19. We are all purring loudly for sweet, handsome Herman and hoping his health improves soon…We hope you guys have a fun Sunday together…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  20. Looks like a purrfect way to spend a Sunday to us Ernie! We’re sending purrs to Herman too!

  21. You’re doing just what I likes to do. Me and mom are gonna go see Herman and love on him.

  22. What an excellent place to settle in and purr for Herman!

  23. Ernie, you and Wally always make our Mom smile. We are starting to get jealous!

  24. That is a great idea Ernie! We’re relaxing on the deck this weekend.

  25. That sounds like a perfect plan. What a comfy-looking location!

  26. You got such the RIGHT idea! Carry on!!

  27. We’re purring for Herman! It looks like you’ve got chillaxin’ down to an art, Ernie!

  28. You have found the perfect place to purr for Herman. We will join you in the purrs.

  29. We’re purrin for Herman too….


  30. Lovely window seat. Will purr, too.

  31. Oh you look so nice on your windowseat, Ernie! Keep those evil squirrels in check, now.

    Purring for Herman also!

  32. That windowseat looks good to us.

    We’re purring for Herman too.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  33. Looks like a fine Sunday. Poor Herman.

  34. I’m purring for Herman, too.

  35. That is a SWEET window seat! I want one.

  36. We’ve been purring for Herman.
    WE LOVE your expression on your face!!

  37. Herman is well loved, that is furr sure. We want him to feel better, too.

    That is quite the extravagant window perch you have there!

  38. We are purrring for Herman and Karen Jo today, too!!
    Your TX furiends,

  39. I wish I had a nice window seat like that!

  40. We are purring for Herman too. We are so sad he is poorly.

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