Apr 302010

Y’know…one thing us kitties don’t like doing?  Yakking up a hairball!  That’s no fun at all!!  And long-furred kitties like me are more likely to have hairballs.  Not that short-furred kitties can’t get them, too.  I’ve seen Ernie and that orange-stripey cat yak up a good one!

Hairballs are not good for us kitties.  That’s why today, we’re teaming up with Romeo the Cat and the FURminator people to  celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day and share information on how to prevent getting hairballs.

Here’s five tips from the FURminator people on how to prevent hairballs:

  1.  Regular Grooming:  Ask your human to groom you regularly by using a grooming tool like the FURminator deLuxe deShedding Tool, which reduces shedding by nearly 90%.

  2.  Home Remedies:  Ask for a little canned pumpkin mixed in with your stinky goodness once or twice a week.  The fiber in the pumpkin can help move any hair clogs through your system.

 3.  Stay Hydrated:  Make sure you drink lots of water.  Tell your human to put several water bowls throughout the house.  Water helps flush out the hair before it has time to clump in your stomach.

4.  A New Menu:  There are several specially formulated cat foods that aid in the fight against hairballs.  You might want to ask your human to get you some.  But of course, make sure your human asks your v-e-t before changing your diet drastically.

5.  Ask Your V-e-t:  If you have chronic hairball problems, have your human ask your v-e-t to recommend a laxative supplement to help prevent ingested hairs from forming hairballs.  The lady with the yellow hair gives me some yummy tasting stuff in a tube a few times a week so I don’t get clogged up with hairballs.

I hope these tips help you in your fight against hairballs.

Now, to celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day, we’re having another giveaway!  (We really like giving stuff away!!)  The nice FURminator people gave us a FURminator deShedding Tool.  But since we already have one, we’re gonna give it to one of our furiends.  All you gotta do is leave us a comment telling us you want the FURminator and you’ll be entered into our random drawing.  One entry per household or family…and everybuddy is eligible, even our furiends outside the U.S.  We’ll announce the winner next week.

Okay…I gotta go get FURminated now!!

  42 Responses to “National Hairball Awareness Day”

  1. Oh, Zoey, the Furminator must be really good, because your coat looks so lovely in the photographs.

    I would LOVE to win a Furminator. As you know, I am kinda floofy, and I do have problems with hairballs and yakking them up. But Mom has never gotten me a furminator. It sound like it works really well.

    Happy National Hairball Awareness Day!

  2. I think there should be a “feed lots of tuna” step.

    But we sure love the tips, thanks!

  3. wow this post is very interesting!Mommy liked a lot these important clues!
    Have a nice weekend dear friends,
    purrs and love

  4. Hi Zoey…great post full of lots of good info. Hairballs are scary. Thank goodness Mom started getting me use to being brushed early in my life. I get a good combing several times a week.
    Love pumpkin too!!
    Madi and Mom

  5. Furminators rock! Tamir sheds more than all 3 of us girlz, so we know how impawtent good grooming is.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkid

  6. Really great advice!

  7. We both get brushed twice a day – especially Hannah who is much furrier than me. Fur balls is no fun at all.

  8. We’ve heard great things about the Furminator! Only Derry loves to be brushed, though, and he actually is the one who sheds the most. But it’s Annie who gets the yucky hair balls all summer.

  9. We have a Furminator and we love it…well some of us love it! We are always in amazement that our little short haired Bennette sisFur sheds more than any of us floofy kitties.

  10. We would love a Furminator as we both love being brushed and combed! Mom has only seen about 3 hairballs from us so she is lucky in that way…us too!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Hi Zoey!! Mom thinks I need a Furminator cause i have so much fur, too!! Clemmie has short hair so she gets a pass!! Happy National Hairball Awareness day!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  12. Lot’s of cats are talking about the furminator today! Have a great weekend!

  13. Great post. We should get one, because of Rosie being a Persian and all. Great tips.

  14. Sigh.. our vet recommended against any hairball meds as they aren’t good for us–which means even I get furminated! As if!!!

  15. We would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be entered to win THE FURminator! ‘Specially with Cricket’s long furs. When she coughs up a hairball, it makes mom nervous,

  16. We would love a Furminator, too! We have one but it keeps getting borrowed, so a second one would be great!

  17. Good tips! We’ll have to try some of those for Maggie (especially the pumpkin!) … she’s our little hairball queen.

  18. I get furminated all the time now! But the pumpkin thing is interesting…maybe my human will try that one!

  19. We have a furminator. We’re half-n-half on it…some of us would rather put the bitey on it and let mommy use a comb, instead. Those of us who get furminated–well, there’s enough fur for about 3 new cats! It really works well.
    xx Lounge Kats

  20. Thank you, Zoey for all that useful information. I’ve been wanting a furminator for awhile now. Think maybe it’s time to get one!

  21. Zoey, that is great info about the hairballs. We are hoping to win one for those FUR things but if not,Mom might have to spring for one. We have heard that pumpkin is good for fiber too. Hope you have a wonderful week end.

  22. We already have a furminator which mainly is needed for Setzer. Teak doesn’t have too much trouble because he doesn’t have an under coat and Cherokee is just getting his furz back since we have been switched to Wellness canned food. We used to eat Merrick but Mom was finding the can amounts were not consistant and some were even empty! The liquid with the food became oily smelling and we started getting sick. Mommy felt Cherokee was losing his furz due to his old age but apparently it wasn’t!! She took many cases of our food back and went to Wellness. Mom’s past kitties were fed Wellness but she changed after the pet food scare since Wellness is not family owned anymore. Guess that doesn’t make a difference since Merrick is also Family owned!!! Anyway, all of us are doing great on grain free Wellness…even Tinker with his past urine problems. Mommy is happy with how nice our teeth are looking from this food too. Thanks for reminding Mom about the pumpkin….have a great weekend!!=^Y^=

  23. We got one of those too. In honor of National Furball Awareness I asked my floofy sisters to come up with something special. Yuck, gotta be careful what you ask for these days! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  24. You lool like you really like your furminator. Mom said she would like to try one on us. We are short haired kitties but shed a lot!

  25. I don’t have that problem. Maybe all kitties should be hairless , then no more hairballs! Have a great weekend.

  26. Yep, I am with Harry Spotter on this one!
    No hairballs here either.
    That furminator looks kinda sharp and scary for my furs.
    I am so happy to read that all of you hairy kitties love it though
    That makes me quite happy


  27. I have lots of floof and shed a lot during this time of the year. Mom keeps debating on whether to get a FURminator to try on me. Maybe I’ll win one!

  28. We would like to enter the contest! Thats a serious brush.

  29. We don’t have hairball problems but we do have shedding problems so would love to be entered in your drawing for the Furminator Zoey! Especially if it makes our furs look as purrty as yours!

  30. Thanks for the great tips! Happy National Hairball Awareness Day!

  31. We really need one of those=we shed so much we get brushed everyday…Happy weekend friends…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  32. You have some good tips. I also get brushed twice a day and furminated once in a while. It works, because I never get hairballs. Well, I think it’s mostly because I groom so little and Mom brushes me mainly to prevent matting, but no hairballs is good.


  33. My baby boy, Chip would LOVE to enter the drawing for the FURminator. When he heard me reading this blog , he just had to come on over and check out the pictures and see what all the excitement was. That is huge considering he was sound asleep on HIS couch.
    Thanks so much.

    Tammy & Chip

  34. WOW! That was a lot of information abowt fur balls ~ we had no idea how important it is to prevent them. We’d like to be counted in for the furminator ~ ‘cos hairballs are’t fun.

  35. Great post thanks for sharing 🙂

  36. Mum says we’d like the Furminator. Me, I’m not so sure.

  37. Wow! We didn’t know about pumpkin! Thanks ever so much!
    QM is sure there are already a tin or two in the pantry, as She enjoys pumpkin in savoury ways as well as sweet all year ’round. Now She can introduce The Royals to a new taste sensation and share the epicurean delight!

    You are such good friends. We feel Honoured to know you all!

    Happy Weekend!!

  38. Hello!!
    Thank you so much fo visiting our blog!
    We are so happy to meet you!!
    And this is an interesting post! We’ve never tried a pumpkin!!
    Thank you for sharing all those important ideas!!

  39. Well, I’m a little late with this…went out of town yesterday…on the National Hairball Day. If the contest is still on, we’d like to be entered into the drawing for the Furminator.

    Thank you for the hint about pumpkin, I love it…and I’ll see about introducing The Boys to it, too.

    “The Boys” love that hairball remedy stuff, too.

  40. My mom brushes and brushes me..hoping to keep me from ingesting my furs and yaking it up.

  41. Great tips! Our mummy brushes and combs Pricilla, and she’s so far been ok. She also gets showered! Mummy just loves to shower us… is that normal?!!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  42. Thanks for the great tips on avoiding hairballs. On the very first day I lived with my mom, I yaakked up a hairball on our sofa, so I got my point across from the very beginning that I expected to be brushed often even though I have short fur.

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