Apr 282010

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing? 

Mmmmmm!!  Cereal milk!!!

Thanks for sharing, mom!!!

  46 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Mmmm cereal milk is great, I like it when there is a bit of cereal left in there.

  2. The pause that refreshes!

  3. Henry LOVES cereal milk. Sometimes he can’t wait until mommy eats all of the cereal in it before he tries to get it.
    Wally, it is good for you.

  4. Wally, you are one lucky Mancat!

  5. Wally you are a man cat after my own heart…nothing better than cereal milk….
    you look very content.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Yeah, how lucky are you! You look like you are really enjoying that!

  7. Mmmmmmm milk!

  8. Great face Wally.

  9. hi Wally… we can see from your face how thankful you are to your mummy 😉

  10. Hahahhaha! That second photo is priceless! Yummy!

  11. Ha, ha! Wally, you are so cute! Wizard is our cereal milk lover and is my constant companion during breakfast.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  12. Ah, I see you are another cereal milk lover, Wally! Dante is crazy for it. He can barely wait until I’ve finished the cereal. He just sits and stares at me the whole time until I’m done.

    I love the second picture — very cute expression on your face.

  13. Oh lucky you! Mom offers us her cereal milk…but it’s soy milk. Yuck!

  14. You’re picture made mom LOL, REALLY loud! And we are H~U~G~E fans of cereal milk!

  15. Now that is what sharing is all about!

  16. It looks like you really enjoyed that milk Wally.

  17. You look like an advertisement for the National Dairy Association Wally!

  18. Andy is soooooooooo envious, Wally….he LOVES cereal milk but it gives him the “puddles” so we have to keep it away from him.

  19. Oh Wally you are so lucky! We never get any milk, cereal or not (because Kirzon loves milk but it makes him barf, so mom wants to be fair and not give it to the rest of us and make him sad – but we say that is not fair to the rest of us!) We bet it was super yummy!!

  20. You sure are enjoying it, Wally.

  21. You are so lucky!

  22. Oh Wally! That look is so priceless. You almost look like you got “drunk” on the milk. Now that’s a “happy face!” What a good deal you got.

  23. Great photos, Wally, you look adorable; how did you manage to get all that milk to yourself?…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  24. My human’s cereal milk smells funny, and it’s not even milk. Your looks far yummier, Wally!

  25. Cereal milk is very yummy but around here you have to be quick to get any before Sadie drinks it all!

  26. Mmm … Cheerio milk! Maggie will get under Dad’s bowl and bump it to hurry him up some mornings (yes, he has to hold it so she doesn’t get her nose in it while he’s trying to eat).

  27. hummm milk, it looks delicious!

  28. We never had ceral milk (TBT doesnt like ceral), but TBT uses cream in cooking sometimes an weve had that. Looks like yer enjoyin the ceral milk though. We’ll haf ta ask him fer some…

  29. We can see you are LOVING that. A bit of a rare treat for us is a blob of CLOTTED CREAM, but this only happens when we are in Cornwall. Love Darcy and Bingley

  30. We get to lick Mom’s cereal bowl every morning. We love it and it looks like you love it too. The second picture is wonderful. Glad to see you having a great meal Wally. We always want to know what Wally is doing.

  31. Oh yum yum.. I love to have mums left over cereal milk.. Hugs GJ xx

  32. Wally, are those lip freckles we see? Felix has those! Johnson loves milk but it doesn’t stay down…he’s a tiny bit envious. The rest of us get a bit of cream now & again.
    xx Lounge kats

  33. hmm Wally, that face shows exactly how much you enjoyed the milk.

  34. Oh that’s the yummiest ever! Mama always gives me her cereal milk! I stand there staring at her till she’s done.

  35. That looks very yummy!

  36. Save some for us Wally!

  37. Mom ALWAYS shares her cereal milk wiv me! But Milo turns his nose up at it!

    Alfie xx

  38. jazz doesn’t drink anykind of milk.

  39. That does look yummy!

  40. mmmmMilk! We love to help Mom eat her cereal, too, Wally!

  41. Cereal milk is always the best isn’t it? My kitty thinks so too! 🙂

  42. MOL hehehe you is sooooooo lucky! I has tried myself to gets da cereal milk but momma has yet to lets me try it, maybe she afraid I will luvs it and I am sure I would!


  43. mmmmm cereal milk… TSB only lets us have regular milk! You’re one lucky cat!

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