Apr 262010

It’s been raining the last couple of days
so there’s not much to do ‘cept snooze.
Right, Ernie??

Wally, you’re such a bedhog!!
You back up anymore,
you’re gonna snooze me right off the bed!!

  50 Responses to “Mancats – Snoozing!”

  1. Rainy days are purrfect for snoozing!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Wally, you remind us of Fui! That is what he does to us both, and to mum too!
    -Suey and Lishy.

  3. It is raining here today, too. Mommeh, you go to work and I will stay home and take care of the napping!

  4. Wally, you do look a little like a bed hog. We have those here too. Just push back Ernie. Hope you have a great nap day. Maybe take a little time out for some snacks

  5. It looks so good, to take a nap together!
    May I join you friends!
    purrs and love

  6. Wally and Ernie!!! Oh do we know how hard it is to sleep with a bed hog…
    don’t folks and other kitties understand that a 10 lb kitty needs at least an entire Queen bed to oneself to be comfy?
    Madi and Mom

  7. Snoozing sounds great to us! Actually, we’re pretty desperate for rain, so we wouldn’t mind a couple of days of it.

  8. SO that’s what Ernie’s up to!

  9. We are laughing at Madi and Mom…talking about 10 pound kitties….our Nigel is a bed hog and he’s 18 pounds! He puts the hog in bedhog….uh…did I say that?

  10. That’s what mommy is doing, too. Wally is taking over the bed isn’t he.

  11. Have a great snooze guys. We had storms here all night, so I’ll be joining you soon.


  12. If you catch up on the zzzzs while its raining you be fresh for window watching when it stops.

  13. MOL! Sweet dreams guys!

  14. Same thing here – the rain, the snooze …….

  15. Total handsomeness!!!!!!!

  16. We love seeing you guys sharing the bed! So sweet!

  17. You two look pretty cozy. Well, Wally looks cozy, Ernie looks like he’s about to fall off the bed!

  18. We finally got sun here after a few days of rain, and now we’re fighting over the sun puddles. Lizzie is the smallest one here and she can snooze all of us off the bed!

  19. Ah that looks like a comfy place to snuggle–can you both move over for me?

  20. You can just grab onto Wally and pull him off with you! Happy snoozing!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  21. Well, if you guys would spoon, then no one will be in danger of falling off the bed! I’ll bet you’re just too mancatly for that, though. Right?

  22. You two look so cute and snoozy!!!

  23. exactly what i plan on doing today with all the gross rain! have a good nap!

  24. Looks like extreme napping to us! Ernie, you are *this* close to the edge!
    xx Loung Kats

  25. We think snoozing when it is raining is a great idea!!

  26. We have been snoozing too. It is pretty and sunny here today, come join us for a romp. ~AFSS

  27. That is a very good idea guys!
    Sorry Ernie, Wally can’t move over- him needs that space for his foots.
    Pretty dreams boys- TK

  28. Y’all share nicely and no knocking off the couch!

  29. I only weigh 10 pounds but I can spread out all over pur bed. Mommy has to adjust to where I am and how I position myself. there are no ifs ands or buts!

  30. Funny how some of us just have this tendency to take up maximum room!

  31. Raining here too and yesterday it was very chilly! It’s a bit warmer today but still…no deck play……we are snoozing too….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz=^Y^=

  32. my big sis-ter is a sleepyhog too!
    ~Baby Audwey

  33. Isn’t it fun to be a bedhog, Wally? The only time I don’t like it is when I’m not the hog. It’s raining here today too.

  34. You guys are too cute napping together!…Happy week handsome boys…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  35. Yep, someone’s taking more than their share of the bedspace, looks like to us…

  36. Thats what we do when it rains and it looks like you do it very well.

  37. Snoozing is purrfect for rainy days!

  38. And so every cloud has a silver lining. It may be raining but you get lots of sleep together.

  39. Snoozing on the grass on sunny days and snoozing in bed on rainy days, that’s the life!

  40. Awww so cute!
    Bed hogging is fun! We ALL do it to our daddy, including our mummy! hehee
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  41. Rainy days were made for snoozing!

  42. I hope your rain goes away ~ we had snow yesterday! Blah!! 🙁

  43. It’s been raining here the last two days too! Hopefully the sun will come out for you tomorrow!

  44. We love how you snuggle up together like that. And we know what you mean about the rain and snoozing!

  45. There’s always got to be a bed hog, Ernie… Next time you get there and beat him to it! 🙂

  46. Must be the perfect sound of all!

  47. Napping is always the best! Ernie, hopefully you won’t get squished.

  48. Wally gives Ernie some rooms MOL hehehe

    You two are so cute curled togethers!


  49. We’re experts at bed hoggin’ and snoozing on rainy days. And sunny days.

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