Apr 212010

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

Tomorrow is Earth Day!
And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate
than to go outside and enjoy the Earth!

C’mon with me!!


Ohboy!  Ohboy!  Ohboy!  Ohboy!
This grass sure feels good on my feets!!


And it tastes pretty good too!!


Gotta check out the spruce tree…


Hey!  I think some bunnies may be living under here!!


::sniff sniff::
I gotta get my fill of all these good smells!!


And I gotta get my fill of my catnip plant!
Nom!  Nom!  Nom!  Nom!


Yep…this is the bestest way to celebrate Earth Day!
Go find yourself some Earth and celebrate too!!

  45 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Thanks Wally for taking us on your stroll with you. It looks like you got a littel smell of everything. What a good boy to go on that leash. Happy Earth day to you too. We sure will spend the day outside on the Earth.

  2. Way to go Wally…not much better than gathering lots of wonderful aromas then
    sitting back in the sun to enjoy them. Have you been walking on a lease for a long time? You look very comfy.
    Madi and Mom

  3. Now that’s how you enjoy the earth!

  4. Wally, looks like you are having a fab time out there. That’s what my Mom wishes I would be willing to do – go out with a leash. But I haven’t been cooperative yet about it.

  5. Look at all that wonderful green! Fantastic:)

  6. That sure is a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day! Our mom is re~planting some flowers (well Saturday morning). She has to move some Tiger Lillies. Have fun out there!

  7. oh! ME will be running outside then!!! – Billy

  8. Wally, that’s the purrfect way, the best way, to celebrate Earth Day! 🙂

  9. Your furs looked so lovely and shiny against that grass – we’re glad you enjoyed your walk on the grass.

  10. Wally, we are always glad to see our friends outside who are safe on a leash or a harness (or in a cat run like the Poupounette clan). Looks like you are enjoying the day before Earth day!

  11. What a great walk, Wally! Mama wishes we couold go outside, but we turn our bones off when Mama puts harnesses on us.

  12. Nice documentary of your walk Wally! We hopes we gets to go walking today, if the rain will stop. You looks like you are having great weather.
    Enjoy your day Wally. TK

  13. Wally, thank you for taking us on an earth adventure….we had a wonderful time…….now we need a nap and will dream about mama letting us go outside…….*sigh* afraid in our case it will remain only a dream…..:(

  14. What a great walk Wally. We shall be celebrating earth day in the garden tomorrow!

  15. Have a great Earth Day. It’s pouring here so I do not think I will wander outside…

  16. That looks like a good way to celebrate!

  17. We love seeing you outside having fun…mom is starting to worry about ticks and us.

  18. It’s wonderful how you appreciate the earth and its bounty, Wally! Too many people take it for granted. It seems as if you’re having a fantastic day, and it’s all right outside your door!

  19. Now that is one heck of a celebration!!!

  20. Oh, Wally, what a wonderful way to spend the day! You’re so lucky!

  21. It’s raining at our house today so we can’t go outside. But we did get to roll around in the garden on Saturday!

  22. That was fun going on a stroll with you Wally! We would have got sidetracked by the bunny and catnip though!

  23. ConCATulations! You are using the leash just like me, it’s not comfortable, I know…but it’s the way to get outdoors! 🙂
    Cute shots!

  24. You’re so lucky! We don’t get any earth for Earth Day. Maybe that’s because we misbehave and refuse to wear harnesses and leashes.

  25. OMC Wally! What a pawsome day out, thanks for sharing. I wishes I could goes out likes dat. Momma has recently sold two special kitty harnesses so looks likes more kitties are getting to enjoys da outdoors.


  26. That looks like so much fun! We never go outside. You’re lucky!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  27. Oh Wally, I wish my momma would let me do that but I have to say I am not good at all with a lead. I fight momma every inch of the way. But I love the good smells that I can sniff when momma cracks the door for me.

  28. Wally! What a good idea. I’ll see about escaping ouside tomorrow and rolling in dirt.
    xx The Baby

  29. Wally you did a wonderful job celebrating Earth Day!


  30. Excellent plan. That’s what we’ll do. Let’s hope for a really nice day.

  31. Wow, Wally–you do good on a leash…Tommy thinks she oughta try it with Perry cuz he like to ski-daddle…it looks like YOU enjoyed your time lovin’ on the Earth!!!


  32. We are hoping our mom brings us home some cat grass to celebrate tomorrow. Wally, you are so lucky you get to go outside!

  33. Wally what a pawsome walk. It looks so much fun! 🙂 I want to take my kitties for a walk outside too, but two of them are too scared to go out. they love hanging out on the deck 🙂 and watching birdies.

  34. Wow! The great outdoors! I wish I could go outside! My mom won’t lets me! And I haven’t tried a leash before!

  35. Oh how lucky you are, Wally. You get to spend time investigating your land.

  36. Maybe mom will bring some earth inside for me to enjoy.

  37. Grass!!!!!! I’ll be in some myself in just over a week or so:) ~Crikey

  38. Jonesie can hardly stand it that Earth Day is on Thursday! She has a celebration planned in the garden. We think it’s cool that you got a head start…looking for bunnies and all that! Your nip looks amazing!

  39. Looks good out there

  40. Smellin bunnies and rollin on a catnip plant is about great times great!

  41. Nom some for us too my friend!!

  42. happy erf day! you look really good outside.

  43. Wow Wally, what a great way to celebrate for Earth Day!

  44. Wall what a wonderful trip outdoors! Looks like you had a great time with all the lovely spring smells!


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