Apr 192010

Hey, Ernie…you see what I see??

Yeah, Wally…someone’s (mom!) been slackin’ around here!!

The bird feeders are almost empty!  She needs to fill them!!

Yeah, Ernie…how’re we supposed to watch the Feather Channel
when she doesn’t keep the set properly maintained??

Hey, Wally!  Look!  She musta heard us!
She’s out there now!!

Okay!!  Now that’s better!!
Let the show begin!!!

  52 Responses to “Mancats – Slacker!”

  1. I just love the feather channel!

  2. The feather channel is pawsome!

  3. Wally & Ernie that is a great perch to watch them birdies from, I bet you see some real yummy looking ones.

  4. wow your garden is very interesting indeed, so modern bird feeder!And I loved the reflection of you both in that first shot, fabulous!
    purrs and love

  5. That is a super cool feeder. We think you will have some very happy birds visiting you soon:)

  6. LOL, Wally and Ernie, our mom thinks you are very funny. She always laughs when she gets to this blog. Glad that the feather channel is back on for you. That is a neat looking bird feeder. Our mom is afraid to fill up the bird feeders here because we might catch those birdies.
    Have a great week.

  7. Ernie and Wally
    Good job on keeping the MOM in line. It is a hard job but it appears you two are up for the challenge. Your yard is lovely,
    Madi and Mom

  8. What a lovely garden you have there – we would like to have a garden like that to play in. Glady the Bird Channel has come back onto the screen.

  9. Dang…you just reminded me of my serious neglect of the birdfeeders. Slackers are everywhere!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  10. We’re glad you have new episodes to watch now on the Feather Channel!

    You have a lovely back yard, very well manicured–not everyone is slacking off. 😉

  11. a birdfeeder is essential for any kitty’s bird watching/chattering – glad your mom refilled it for you!

  12. Okay, so did you tell the birds the show is starting now?

  13. So true …
    I keep our Bird TV going.
    Even in the rain
    I’m out there filling it

  14. We agree–what a lovely garden! Let the Feather Channel start!

  15. We love your birdie channel….you are so lucky to have it.

  16. Man I’m just thinking how the world could have come to an end if she hadn’t gotten out there. That’s just wrong!

  17. Your mom came to the rescue just in time!! Our feeders are dangerously low and the PM has the food by the door but hasn’t done it. Something about “pouring rain”. Too bad PM!!!

  18. Yikes! Thanks for the reminder. Our Mom is on her way outside right now to refill ours!

  19. enjoy the feather channel, boys!

  20. We love the fev-ver channel!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  21. Feather channel is awesome! We have one “TV” where the birdies come almost *right* up to the screen. Boy, do we chitter like crazy! eh eh eh eh, like mini machine guns.
    xx Lounge Kats

  22. You guys keep her in line well 😉

  23. good work guys. my boyz love watching the feather channel as well.

  24. That is our favourite channel.

  25. Turn up the volume guys so we can hear the fev-ver channel!


  26. Wow! Your mom is really good at channel maintenance! She’s also goot at meeting your demands. We have that same channel, only on a smaller scale.

    Wally, mama has an extra soft-spot for you. You always remind her a bit of Bucky.


  27. We love Bird TV too…Happy week handsome boys!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  28. ‘Bout time she filled those things! Humans – you gotta keep an eye on ’em!

  29. Bird are so much fun to watch. Too bad Photoguy won’t feed the birds in our garden, because of our tree climbing.

  30. Wow, your mom is really on the ball! Just as soon as you noticed the feeders were getting low, she was there is a jiff to refill them. It makes both you and the birdies very happy. I’d say that’s a win/win situation.

  31. We’re so glad your mom renewed your subscription to the Feather Channel by filling those feeders!

  32. Tell her to come over here too!

  33. Maybe your Mom would like to come over here and hang some of those feeders from our 48th floor balcony!

  34. We’ll bring the popcorn!

  35. Banjo enjoys the Feather Channel as well! But indeed ~ one must keep paying the fee of the bird seed to keep subscribing to it! 🙂

    {How beautiful is your yard with all that wonderful lush green grass!!! So lovely!}

    Have a lovely evening!

  36. Your Mom is good to keep the feather channel all set up!

  37. Even if your feather channel is on the blink….your home & garden channel is very very nice!!!!!!=^Y^=

  38. I love to watch the pigeons — they’re so . . . s-l-o-w!

  39. You got some weerd trees in yer yard… MOL!

  40. You think your mum is slack, ours ‘didn’t have time’ for mancat Monday!

  41. Good thing your fevver channel is ready to go now. And we’re sure you’ll see other introoders too.

  42. We can not believe “someone” let them get so low! =0)

  43. So glad your mom put the Feather Channel back on!

  44. we love that particular show too! Love Darcy and Bingley (we have been away but are back again now and visiting!)

  45. Wow!!!! What a gorgeous landscape in your feather channel!!! We are starting to think we live in the wrong place!

  46. Thank goodness! We had to tell our mom to fill ours up this morning too!

  47. Round here, it is hard to keep up with the birdies and how fast they eat the seed from the feeder. Dad is in charge of recharging here.

  48. You haz your mom furry well-trained!

    We luvs da fevver channel. Ours is a bit notty, cuz it is birdies takin’ baffs in da fowntain! MOL

  49. Great entertainment you have there. Very few birdies visit my garden. They fly over and don’t stay. Maybe having me chasing them is one deterent.

  50. We like the feather channel, but lately we’ve really been favoring the squirrel channel!

  51. Wow, that’s some mighty fine back yard you’ve got there. And what a great view, looking out that door window.

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