Easy E Sunday

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Apr 182010

I feel like a king sitting here on my pillow throne…
Everyone should do my bidding!!

Hey, mom!  Put down that flashy box and bring me some treats…



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  1. That is a very royal looking pillow, Ernie. I hope all your subjects do your bidding today.

  2. Ha! You tell ’em Ernie!

  3. What a handsome fella you are, Ernie. xxxxxxx

  4. You look very regal, we’re sure your Mom will rush to get those treats!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. You look like a king! Did you get your treats? You’ve found a really good tactic, dude:)

  6. You are very Royal indeed!

  7. That is a very regal looking pillow, Ernie!

  8. Your wish is my command King Ernie!

  9. great spot! i love to do that too, it’s just so much more comfy to take all the fancy pillows.

  10. You do look like royality

  11. and you look like a King…Madi says she loves tall dark and handsome mancats.
    Happy Sunday,
    Madi and Mom

  12. Ernie, you sure are a King in your domain! Make that yellow haired lady get off her butt and bring you those treats pronto! (Heh heh, i just wanted to say that…)

  13. Hope your servants are listening.

  14. Ernie, you look and sound like a King today; it sounds like you’ve got your human servant trained well!…Happy Sunday…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  15. Hail King Ernie! Have a great Sunday.

  16. That’s a very handsome and elegant photo. Black cats do know how to pose 🙂

  17. Now if you can just get that pillow to fly…then you can rule the world!!!

  18. Did it werk? Did she bring yoo some treats? ‘Cos if she did, we’re gonna try it.

  19. Most regal indeed!

  20. What a fabulous place for a cat butt! 😉

  21. Ernie, you are too fabulous. And your Mom is brave to have a kitty sit on a beige pillow, not like she has a choice or anything…just sayin’.
    xx Lounge Kats

  22. Remember Ernie, you da mancat and you da boss.

  23. Hi Ernie,
    I do think you look quite regal there in all your glossiness. I have no doubt your mom did your bidding too!

    Thanks, Ernie, for the eating tips! Mama has always noticed that you and Wally and Zoey always look pretty trim. The treat ball is a good idea. Mama likes your mom’s food measurements but is wondering if the 1/2 of a 3 oz can or 1/4 of a 5 oz can of food twice a day is between all three of you or each.

  24. Did she listen? Mine never does…

  25. Thanks, Ernie, for your quick reply!!!

  26. Ernie you are sooo CATsome, charming pose!

  27. You look very kingly (and handsome too), Ernie! It’s all about cattitude, and you’ve certainly got that in spades!

  28. Ernie
    YOU look fabulous on your pillow!


  29. You do look very regal sitting there Ernie.

  30. WOW!!!!!!!!! Great pic,you handsome Mancat!!!!!!!!
    Pillow throne??? We want one too!!!!!!! heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  31. Did that work, King Ernie?

  32. You do look very regal Ernie! Hope your servants follow your commands!

  33. That’s a super portrait of you, Ernie!

    Yes, mom, jump to it!

  34. You look furry nice on your pillow.

  35. Ah Yes the Kitty King!

  36. You definitley look like royalty!

  37. You are so very handsome and regal!

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