Apr 142010

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

I like rolling around on the chair…
as long as I don’t roll off onto the floor!

But…of course, I’ve never actually done that!!  😉

  53 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Wally you are too funny!! You are living on the edge sweet friend.
    Madi and Mom

  2. Wally, you’re a silly-billy!

  3. Ha, ha! That’s a funny place to roll!. Our Owen likes to roll wherever he is, but he is very much a reckless clutz and falls off things quite often.
    ~Lisa Co9t

  4. No, we’re sure you’d never roll off the chair, Wally. 😉

  5. um, I haf . – Miles

  6. Ha Ha! Sammy JUST rolled off a box doing the rolly! Be careful, Wally!

  7. Just don’t do that after partaking in catnip.

  8. AND basking in a sunbeam, you lucky thing!

  9. MOL @ Wally! You are a silly boy! We’ve rolled off chairs MANY times.

  10. Suuuuuure, Wally, we believe that you’ve never rolled off the chair!

  11. We don’t believe you’re the only cat who has done that and not fallen off. If you’re fibbing your nose will grow.

  12. What a silly dude you are Wally! You really blend in well with all that wood.

  13. It looks like you have to be mighty careful if you want to roll on that chair, Wally!!!!!

    We want to thank you for your support regarding our Ma. She is home now and doing well. Thanks again. xxxxxxxxxxx

  14. My ‘rents say I am the antithesis of graceful. I would fall off of that chair. What I lack in grace I make up for in beauty : )

  15. I do the rolly everywhere and I have only rolled off a few times (mama always laughs..not fair at ALL!)

  16. Don’t tell anyone, but we’ve fallen off chairs before while rolling!

  17. Um, Wally… sometimes we DO fall off! Gracefully, of course.

  18. Keep up the good work Wally!

  19. Nice roll Wally, I bet that hard chair feels real good on the back!
    I saw that wink…

  20. Wally,
    Us ornj boys have to stick together! I *totally* believe you would NEVER roll off!

    xx Felix

  21. You fill up that chair! But we are sure you never roll out!

  22. Of course you’ve never fallen off the chair Wally!

  23. Yeah–that would be really bad if you rolled off the chair. That officially doesn’t happen here–unless we mean to do it–but well you never know…

  24. Wally, you are a silly boy; do you like living on the edge?!MOL…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  25. Watch out you don’t fall off there, Wally! That might hurt!

  26. careful wally dont fall off

  27. If you DON’T fall off, you must have some special relationship with gravity!

  28. I’m not too proud to admit that I rolled off the back of the couch once while sleeping. Fortunately, I just landed on the cushions and Mom.

  29. Oh Wally I hope you don’t roll off the chair. Or if you do, Mom gets a good picture of the fall. But we sure don’t want you to get hurt. We really enjoy your blog.

  30. Wally, you are the ChairmanCat of the Board fur sure!

  31. Careful Wally, yoo look a bit precarious.

  32. I am sure you will not roll off far too clever for that.. Hugs GJ x

  33. If that was our Swetpea – she would roll off on the floor! Hang in there buddy!

  34. Maybe your mom can put a pillow on the floor for you…just in case!

  35. OH Wally that looks something like Ping would do too!


  36. Yes, Wally — not the best place to practise your rolling! Although, I guess it’s really not that far to fall. Both you and Ernie certainly like to show off your bellies! Just adorable.

  37. You are funny Wally. You look like you are going to roll off head first.

  38. We know you never would roll off…after all, none of us have either. Really. No, we mean it. Never.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  39. it’s not rollin’ around that you gotta look out for–nitro chases his tail an’ falls off, too!

  40. Wally, you are silly! We know you’d never roll off – at least not on purrpose! We love the golden photo!

  41. Wally, you are so cute! We were going to say that you look like Dobby, but you are much slimmer than he is (he and Tasha went crazy with the crunchies this winter!) You look so pretty in the sun.

  42. Ha! Ha! Did you roll off the edge after that picture was taken?

  43. Well, if you roll off, it just means the humans need to get you a bigger chair.

  44. MOL!! No, no, Maizy and Maya have never rolled off the counter either 🙂

    Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing me a Happy Purrthday!
    ♥ Maggie May

  45. Hmmm it looks really comfortable, I think I will try it as well!

  46. you are copyin’ Ernie’s position from yesterday, but doin’ it on a chair instead of a couch! but at least you are not a meatloaf this time. last time my mommeh saw you sittin’ like a meatloaf, it was all i could do to stop her from goin’ through the ‘puter to eat you.

  47. Boys are always up to something!

  48. Wally, you are one smooth dude!

  49. Your a very cute roller 🙂

  50. Mwahaha that is very cute! Our brother Kenji likes doing that as well!!! Looks comfy!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  51. OOOPS, you have to move your chair over to get back in the sun beam=^Y^=

  52. Well, dont fall out of the chair! You do look like yer slidin in that direction.

  53. MOL, Wally! No, *of course* you neffurr effurr rollz offa da chair! Such fings *neffurr* happen to us, either!

    But anyways, fanks you fur stoppin’ by our bloggie to wish us a happy purrthday. We haz got so many nice purrffday wishes today, it wuz a furry nice day. We haz met so many nice kittehs and beans here on da CB.

    Plus we gotted nip, an stinky-goodness fur dinner! AND extry scritches and pets!
    Signed, Tigger and Munchkin

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