Apr 092010

Nope..uh uh…not gonna do it…
I won’t look at that flashy box!
So stop asking me!!

 You’re just gonna hafta make due with this side view of me!!

  33 Responses to “Formerly Feral – I Won’t Look!”

  1. Zoey that is perfectly ok your profile is beautiful too.
    Madi and Mom

  2. Zoey, our mom laughed when she saw this, as it’s something Annie would do–only Annie would have a sour look on her face and you don’t! You are beautiful from any angle!

  3. And a very lovely side it is, Zoey!

  4. Don’t give in, Zoey! While we like your resistance, we wouldn’t mind seeing your pretty face…

  5. your ignoring skills are most excellent.

  6. Good for you Zoey – stick out until all your demands are met
    No treats – No posing.

  7. You wouldn’t even look for a rustling treat package? That’s their worst trick…

  8. And what a gorgeous side view!

  9. Portrait is so ‘now’ anyways.

  10. Sammy totally applauds you, Zoey…..he either turns his head or shuts his eyes. Have a wonderful weekend….we luvs ya, beautiful Zoey.

  11. A cat has to stand (or lie down) for some principles and sometimes it means not posing when we don’t want to.

  12. That’s ok, Zoey, we can see your gorgeous tail instead!

  13. No matter what angle- you are still floofaliciously gorgious!
    Has a great weekend.

  14. Zoey you are cute in profile or straight on, so we think it is ok you dont feel like looking at the flashy box! Who wants flashies in their face anyway!

  15. Zoey, your profile is gorgeous so we love the photo!…Happy weekend…xo…Calle, Halle Sukki

  16. I think you might be on to something! Have a great weekend everyone!

  17. WTG Zoey, for not lookin and getting blinded by the light!

  18. That’s right Zoey! Fight the power! Our Moms and their silly cameras.

  19. A beautiful side view will do just fine.. Gorgeous.. Hugs GJ xx

  20. We like that side of you!

  21. I wouldn’t either.

  22. Stick to your guns Zoey!


  23. Hi Zoey, Ernie and of course the most handsome cat Wally,

    I tried to whap the Food Lady Bean the other day because she has been ignoring my orders to visit your blog and check in with you. Did you Dad Bean have a birthday? I think so. Please wish him a big purr-day from me all the way from San Francisco! The magnolia looks very pretty. The Food Lady wonders if you have any lilacs. I do not know what that is but she still wants to know! Hope the weather stays warm for you.

    Purrs and paws, your devoted pal, Jackpot

  24. Show them who is boss…

  25. Pretty profile! Only look at the box when you feel like it. We are cats and do what we want.

  26. That’s OK Zoey, we got to see your pretty tail!=^Y^=

  27. Good job not giving into the flashy box Zoey! All sides of you are pretty by the way!

  28. You have amazingly beautiful fur going on there!

  29. With such a lovely side, we’ll take it;)

  30. Great job making your mom work to get a picture of you. You have a beautiful profile, so she got a great picture anyway.

  31. Zoey, we don’t blame you. You look at that box and then you’ll see (yellow) spots! Besides, we get to see your beautiful markings this way.

  32. Thank you for dropping by and nice to meet you!! You are so gorgeous, and we don’t like the camera much either but our mummy insists on taking pictures constantly. We don’t like it especially when she uses hi-burst and it goes click click click click click! You have a beautiful coat!
    Purrs from Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla

  33. That’s right Zoey, make them work for it!!

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