Apr 072010

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

Hey look!!!  Mom bought me my very own grass to nom on!  And she even put it in this nice pot!!  She thinks this is gonna keep me from munching on the house plants.  Well…I don’t know about that! 

  Oh boy!  This grass is nommilicious!!
Almost as good as the outdoor stuff!!


Y’know…I wish this computer was interactive
so you could all nom on this grass with me!!!

  59 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Hi Wally…..wow that was some delicious sounding grass. I felt like I was right there beside you. Great video.
    Madi and Mom

  2. Great video! That grass looks nomilicious!!

  3. Wally, did you give your grass that flat top? Nice mowin’, buddy!

  4. Wally, Wow, that’s some serious looking grass you’ve got there. And you’ve got that nommin’ thing down good, too.

  5. That looks very yummy! I love grass like that!

  6. That grass has been expertly cut – not a blade out of place – more than can be said for our tray – – – Mum come and look how our grass should look.

  7. Mmm, yummy cat grass! Annie will come and nom on yours, do come over and nom on ours–at least once we get more than a mere few blades of green out in the back space!

    P.S. We’re impressed you get your grass in such a nice pot. When our human gives us cat grass it’s in the container in which she bought it!

  8. We love the way your grass still looks nice and neat when you’re eating, Wally! When Deli eats hers, it’s all over the house!

  9. nom nom nom!!! grass is the BEST

  10. That grass looks and sounds delicous!! nom nom nom…

  11. Awesome looking grass, Wally. My Dad has reseeded a new batch for me, so I can get some new tender shoots, as mine is getting a bit “old and tough”. I got all excited just sniffing the seeds – Dad thinks I would have eaten the seeds all by themselves if he had let me.

  12. Thr grass looks yummy!

    Could I have some 😉

    Hugs ~Mahzuz~

  13. Who needs a lawn mower? Just unleash the cats into the yard!!!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  14. wow you’ve trained your mom well. i tried buying the late great mr. max (who I swore was a vegetarian) some cat grass in hopes it would save my houseplants. instead he used the grass as an appetizer and continued his quest to eat all my houseplants.

  15. NOM NOM NOM…that grass sounds delish!

  16. Oh, it looks sooooooooo yummy, Wally. !!!!!!


  17. Good job at eating that great grass Wally. Wish we could help you too. But we go outside and eat grass. Great video. You have a great day.

  18. Oh that looks like super-nommy grass Wally!

  19. We are noming with you in spirit!!!

  20. Wally you are so cute. Tell your Mom THANKS for letting us see you in action !!!

  21. Enjoy your grass!

  22. I keep forgetting to plant the seeds I bought months ago for the Meadow crew. Thanks for the reminder Wally! Enjoy!

  23. I love having cat grass. I hope this is a reminder for Mom and Dad to get us some. That’s some of the best looking cat grass I’ve ever seen.

  24. Doesn’t your mum know that you need a varied diet that includes all of the four important houseplant groups?

  25. We wish it was interactive too ~ snot fair. We can hear yoo nomming as we type this ‘cos mom set the video to play again. Is she punishing us or sumfin?

  26. Love the movie. It made it so real, I had my face pushed against the puter screen trying to get me a nom or two.

    Enjoy your grass.


  27. That DOES look delicious! And it’s in a nice pot, so it’s also gourmet!

  28. Hi Wally, you know I have never noticed how beautiful your eyes are!
    I not so good about eatting the grass, but my brother, TK, swears by it. I hopes you enjoy your grass!

  29. A taste here, and a taste there……

  30. Wally, you’re like a lawn mower! I love grass too but I don’t get it very often since I eat it and then throw it up on the carpet. Too fun.

  31. That looks delicious, Wally. We get our own grass too. It doesn’t keep Olivia away from the house plants – but maybe it works for you 🙂

  32. We wish we could chew on your grass too, Wally, it looks awesome!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  33. yur mom spoiled yoo gud. enjoy yur grass.

  34. I too, am nomming with you in spirit.

  35. We’re drooling on Mom’s keyboard! We liked hearing your purr!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  36. Wally that looks good!


  37. That grass looks lovely and fresh and tasty.

  38. That does look good – betcha it is good for ya too.

  39. mum hoped that grass would keep me from chewing on her plants, didn’t happen!

  40. Your grass looks really good Wally and we loved watching you nomming on it!

  41. That looks tasty Wally, enjoy=^Y^=

  42. Go, Wally, go! Nom nom nom!!! 🙂

  43. That grass looks very nommy!

  44. Yummm that looks delish!

  45. Better still, you come to my garden and we could nom together.

  46. Wally, you are better than a lawn mower!!!

  47. Could you come help us mow our lawn Wally?

    We could nip out together afterward!

  48. my mommeh says i will probably never try any grass, even though i would like to. apparently her old kitteh used to eat grass and then get barfies everywhere, and she did not appreciate it.

  49. Hey, Happy Birthday to your Dad Guy! Hope he has a great day and you cats get some presents too.

  50. Great nomming, Wally! Does your grass get dew droplets in the morning? Those are wonderful to lick off. Our grass got them even though it was inside…

  51. nom nom nom 🙂 don’t you just love your greens :). You are adorable Wally!

  52. Oh Wally, your little snack video was as sweet as the green grass you are enjoying. Beautiful eyes.

  53. Happy Birthday to your Dad Guy!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  54. Oh, Wally, our mouths are drooling for some of that nomalicious grass!

  55. Happy Birthday to your Dad!!

  56. I love watching you nom your grass. Maybe I will get Herman some when he gets well. Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  57. Nummy, that grass looks so good!

  58. I like the outside stuff better. The PM bought us some a few years ago but I wouldn’t touch it.

    Yours looks pretty tempting though!!

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