A Tabby Tale

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Apr 062010

Today we’re sharing our blog with mom so she can show you a picture of the magnolia bush in our backyard.

It’s in bloom right now which makes mom happy…mainly because it doesn’t stay in bloom for very long…only for a few days.  It always blooms in early spring and after one good rain, some wind and some cold, all the flowers will be on the ground.  And right now, it’s the only thing in bloom in our yard.  So enjoy the flowers.  Oh yeah, and enjoy my handsome face, too!!

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  1. Mom says Spring is such a pretty season! We don’t get much Spring here in Florida. Those blossoms and purrty and your handsome face makes it even nicer!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Oh how beautiful!!!!

  3. Wally that is a handsome face but that bush is gorgeous. Wonder what the difference is between a Magnolia bush and a Magnolia tree. We have two trees and they bloom but they aren’t as pretty as that bush. That is really nice.

  4. Wally what a beautiful tree!! Thank you so much for graciously letting Mom post this beautiful picture for us to see. I know she must be bursting with glee every time she looks out the window.
    Madi and Mom

  5. Such a pretty bush…too bad it doesn’t hold those flowers longer. At least with the photo you can enjoy it all year!!

  6. The magnolias here have to come into bloom, but they certainly are stunning for the short time they are on display.

    Your tree is lovely, Wally, and you were very generous to let your human share your blog post!

  7. Both the magnolias and your cute face have made our day, Wally!

  8. What a great shot of you, Wally. And we can smell those magnolias!!!!!!!!!

  9. wow. great lookin bush (and you’re pretty good looking too wally).

  10. We shall enjoy both 🙂

  11. Don’t worry Wally you’ll be handsome all year round but the tree will only be lovely for a few days.

  12. Now THAT’S a beautiful tree!

  13. Hi Wally, we always enjoy your handsome, cute face! Your mom’s magnolia bush is beautiful in bloom.

  14. It is quite beautimouse! The face and the flowers.
    Thanks for letting your mommy share with us Wally.

  15. Your magnolia is so beautiful! And you look beautiful too, Wally 🙂

    We’d love to have a magnolia in our garden – unfortunately the one we had didn’t make it 🙁

  16. Wally, you are always so handsome to see. But we know the magnolia is short-lived in its beauty so we are going to say that it is REALLY gorgeous today.

  17. You are very cute. Tell your Mom that I like her tree.

  18. It is lovely. The Woman was disappointed. They have a tree up by her work and she missed the big blooms… Ah well.

  19. We always enjoy your handsomeness, Wally!!…That’s a beautiful tree too!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  20. Wally that is one handsome face and also one beautiful tree!


  21. Beautiful! A kitty pic and a blooming magnolia–what more could you ask for?

  22. Wally, you look extra handsome today! Mom loves anything that blooms in the Spring, but sometimes her sinuses are revolting! hahahaha!

  23. Gorgeous cat and gorgeous tree! We have those star magnolias here too and they are so pretty – but they almost always get caught by frost.

  24. That is so pretty!

  25. Yes, you are very handsome indeed, Wally! And it was very magnanimouse of you to let your mama post a picture of her magnolias, too!

    Yes, the blooms have such a short life, so we have to enjoy them while we can. Simply gorgeous!

  26. The Magnolia is very pretty, and of course you are very handsome.

  27. That is beautiful.. Mum loves magnolia. Grandma had one in her garden and mum misses that.. Hugs GJ x

  28. How delightful! One handsome orange mancat and one beautiful flowering Magnolia tree!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  29. You both look blooming beautiful!!!

  30. Wally something feels off….2 pictures but only one wally?

  31. Hi Wally! That is a great picture of you! And tell your mom that we think her Magnolia is beautiful! Mom said our grandpa had a tree like that.

  32. I wish spring would stay around a lot longer because the flowers are always so pretty.

  33. Wally, you are very handsome and your mom’s flowers are very pretty!

  34. Wally you are so adorable :). the magnolia bush is absolutely beautiful!

  35. That is a gorgeous magnolia bush. Nice of you to share the blog.

  36. Your magnolia is absolutely beautiful.

  37. Wally, yoo and the bush are gorjuss!

  38. Oh the PM is so envious of that!!! We have a couple of magnolias here but they don’t grow and only have about 4 blooms a year. 🙁

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