Apr 042010

I don’t care if these ears are virtual…
there better be lots of treats for me putting up with this!

Happy Easter, everybuddy!!


  48 Responses to “Easy E Easter Sunday!”

  1. Happy Easter!

  2. You look adorable. Happy Easter.

  3. HA! You better get a TRUCKLOAD of treats for puttin up with that! Happy Easter!

  4. Oh, Ernie, you make one very cute Easter Bunny! Treats for everyone!

    Happy Easter!

  5. Those ears are so funny. Happy Easter from me Birks sends his purrs to you all too but I am not very happy with him as he woke me up this morning at 4 am for a game of chase. The humans had to shut us in separate rooms to stop the mayhem.


  6. I agree, ears to lots of treats! Happy Easter y’all!

  7. Ernie…….. You are the treat…… Happy Easter…

  8. Hopp-ity Easter to you. We hope your Easter is eggs-tra special☺

  9. Tee hee. Happy Easter.

  10. Happy Easter! *tosses over a treat*

  11. But you look so cute !!!

  12. Ernie, what is it about Easter that makes our humans want to embarrass us??? We hope you get lots of treats! Happy Easter!

  13. You are quite a unique-looking easter bunny, Ernie! Have a wonderful Easter everyone!

  14. Poor Ernie, what a mancat has to go through to get extra treats…..we hope you got a lot of extra treats. xxxxxxxxx

  15. You do look quite adorable with those ears, Ernie, even though they are virtual. We hope you got lots of treats for the indignity, though. MOL!

  16. LOL, that is the exact expression Ernie that we would have if our bean even attempted to put ears on us. But you do look good as a bunny. Hope you have a wonderful Easter. Wally too and Mom too.

  17. You are a very cute kitty bunny, Ernie, but ope you got some ham!…Happy Easter to all of you…Calle,Halle,Sukki

  18. Pink and white bunny ears look fabulous with your black fur Ernie….uh oh! Mom better not get any ideas about me!

  19. Happy Easter to all of you. You do look cute with bunny ears though Ernie.

  20. Ernie, you are a cute bunny! Happy Easter to all of you!

  21. awwww Ernie you are such a cutie. Happy Easter to you all!

  22. I would demand treats, too!

  23. Virtual ears are much better than having to wear any kind of hat!

  24. Ernie, LOL! I can tell by looking at you that that’s exactly how you feel! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and the three of you get lots of treats!

  25. Happy Easter!

  26. Hippity, hoppity, happy Easter to you!

  27. Ernie you look adorable with pink bun ears!


  28. Happy Easter Friends !!!!
    Ernie, you better get the whole Temptations bag!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  29. Happy Easter! We hope you got those treats and more!

  30. Oh dear, the things we have to put up with virtually. Happy Easter.

  31. Hoppy Easter furriends!!!! Hope you got a mountain of treats!!

  32. First Zoey has to put up with that hat on her head, and now you are being picked on. Does Wally have anything to do with this? Happy Easter!

  33. Hope you all get a lot of treats!

  34. Wishing you a Happy Easter! Hope you got lots of treats for putting on those ears. Which by the way are cute.

  35. hehehe! You look adorable in your ears! Happy Easter.

  36. Happy Easter! We like yur bunny ears. It makes yoo look furry festive.

  37. You look fabulous in your ears.. Hugs GJ xx

  38. You look very cute in your bunny ears. Happy Easter!

  39. LOL
    Happy Easter!

  40. Happy Easter!!!

  41. Love the bunny ears – hope you had a great Easter

  42. I hear ya pal. The humans must pay for such indignities.

  43. MOL. Easter E … Love it! Hope you got lots and lots of treats for that, Ernie…

    Happy Easter! 🙂

  44. We hope you got lots of Eastertreats

  45. Happy Easter to all of you! Willow and I hope that you got some treats after wearing those bunny ears! We were lucky enough to have some Easter ham and we are hoping that everyone else got some too!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  46. Happy Easter to yoo all. We hope yoo got LOTS of treats.

  47. What cute ears, Ernie 🙂 Belated happy Easter!

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