Mar 312010

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

Oh hi!  I’m hanging out here on my boogie mat waiting for the good weather to get here.  It’s supposed to be sunny and warmer the next couple of days…and not a moment too soon!!  I’m tired of all the cold and I’m ready for some open windows and maybe even a chance to go outside!!

Oh, s’cuse me…is that a bug there??  Hmmm…nope…just a speck of dirt.  Y’know, you always gotta be on the lookout…you never know when something’s gonna come crawling your way.

Well, while I’m waiting for the good weather to get here, guess I’ll give myself a little bath…nothing much else to do…besides, you can never be too clean, can you??

Wait!!  What’s that??!?  I think I just heard a window open!!  The good weather must be here!!  I gotta go!!  See ya!!!

  43 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. enjoy the warms!

  2. Hi Wally we love your boogie mat and you Sir, as always, are looking very dashing!!! Enjoy the nice weather.
    Madi and Mom

  3. Wally, I hope your nice weather is there to stay…nothing better than smelling fresh air!

  4. It has been terrible here, lots of flooding and dark days…but the weekend is a whole different story!

  5. We’re supposed to have summer weather over the long weekend! Yay!

  6. Have fun with all your nice weather. We’ve got rains 🙁

  7. Wally, we LOVE yoor posts. Yoo always do such interestin’ things. Hope yoo get good weather real soon. Our weather is rubbish at the moment, grey sky, rain and windy. :sigh:

  8. You are such a handsome fella, Wally…..we hope you did hear a window opening…..xxxxxxxx

  9. WOO~HOO…open windows!!! That’s the best!

  10. We hope your warm weather finally has arrived! We’re still waiting for ours too!

    We notice your boogie mat is right by a heat vent, for added comfort! 🙂

  11. Was that the sound of a window opening and bird chirrups coming in – we hope you’re going to have a good day watching and sniffing the fresh air.

  12. looks like you are waiting by that little heating vent until all the coldies are gone!

  13. Looks like a very strategic spot y the heater place – these early spring days can be pretty chilly, so you are wise.

  14. Wally, glad you’re getting to enjoy the open windows=it’s in the 80’s this week here in Louisiana…BTW, love your pink pads, too cute!…xo…Calle,Halle,Sukki

  15. One thing for sure, you sure look handsome while you are waiting for the window whiffin to start!

  16. Enjoy your good weather. We are having sun here today but rain tomorrow!

  17. You are in a good spot, cuz we know warm weather comes through those vents sometimes, til the real warm weather gets here!

  18. Not a moment too soon for us either, Wally! It’s been very nice out on our patio!

  19. Hurry up Wally and get over to that open window. Hope you get lots of wiffs of fresh air. We have our door open now too. Have a great day.

  20. Woohoo! Warm weather!!!

    Right next to the heat register is a great place for the Boogie Mat, by the way. Such a clever boy, Wally!

  21. Nice boogie mat. Mom says back in the 70’s she had a friend they called boogie Matt.

  22. That was an incredibly cute post Wally! We hope that it really was the good weather getting there that you heard!

  23. So glad the weather is better and you can hang out in the window!! We heard it might be near 80 here in the next few days! We’ll be hanging out in the window too!

  24. Maybe Spring sprung! Sometimes it takes the weather a few weeks to match the season with the date:)

  25. Enjoy your warm weather. We got snow showers today and 15 miles away they got 6 inches of snow. The weather has gone crazy.

  26. We got our windows open Wally! Hope you get to go out!

  27. Wally enjoy your good weather!


  28. You look handsome on dat boogie mat! We’re still waiting for warm weather – soon tho.

    Mindy, Moe, Bono, Cookie & Mike

  29. You sound way too busy to me. You need a vacation!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  30. Enjoy your fresh air and open windows!

  31. Enjoy it my friend!!

  32. Wally, we are ecited ta say that OUR windows got opened taday and the deck door too. We were outside taday all we wanted. That was SO COOL!

  33. We hope your windows stay open for awhile Wally! Enjoy the fresh air!

  34. Wally, could you send some of your good weather to us? We have another wet and icky storm headed our way. We would love to sit in an open window with you.

  35. Wally, can we come and stay with you for our winter? It was very cold this morning, and we are not fans!

  36. Run!!! Run!!!!! Get to that window before it closes!!!

  37. focus wally. focus.

  38. I goes in gardens in rain and snows! It is fun!! I gets wet paws and leaves paw prints everywheres!!! You should try it!!!

  39. Hey, come over and play…….it’s so warm and no rain for several dayz! I’ll send Mom out for some fish & nip=^Y^=

  40. We thought it was going to start raining here again, but we got fooled, in a good way, ’cause the sun’s been out all day!

  41. It’s purrty here too! We’re glad the cold weather is finally gone.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  42. Oh! An open window! I loves open windows!! Unfortunately it has been raining here… so no open windows!

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