Mar 262010

That’s right…I’m fierce!!
There’s still a little feral in me trying to get out!!

  39 Responses to “Formerly Feral – I’m Fierce!”

  1. But just a little bit of feral, right? : )

  2. You’re a fierce, but very cute girl, Zoey!

  3. Zoey, we all have just a tiny bit of feral left in us but that just makes us more interesting. And that is a huge roar. Have a super week end.

  4. You’re a little lioness, Zoey! Have a wonder-full weekend!

  5. Oh my roaring cat that is some pie hole you have there friend!!! Great shot.
    FYI: Madi and I stepped outside took a great be breath then exhaled all the hot air we had towards Michigan…it should be there in an hour or so.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Zoey, we heard that ROAR all the way over here in the UK – you must have the loudest of roars in a very feminine way. We bet Ernie and Wally were cowering in a corner.

  7. Wow, Zoey, that IS fierce!

  8. MOL!!! That sure is a funny picture! You ARE fierce!

  9. Wow–scary! But mama wants to rub that tummy!

  10. You’re looking like you have a lot to say, Zoey, you fierce, beautiful girl!…Happy weekend…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Very scary! (And very cute too!) Tasha says all torties and torbies have a little feral in them – it makes life fun!

  12. yowza. you are obviously not one to mess with.

  13. That’s one big ROOOAAARRR!!

  14. I am sure everyone heard you too!

  15. I never doubted your fierceness, Zoey! I hope Wally and Ernie trembled, even just a little.


  16. Zoey, that is rather frightening.

  17. Oooh you are very scary looking. That’s good! I need to practice that some more.

  18. A little bit feral and a whole lotta goof ball! hahahaha!

  19. Oh my, that is a fearsome roar Zoey.

  20. Yeah, but it’s not very successful…right??
    You are just way to cute 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  21. Zoey
    Those are some nice floofs you’ve got there girl!
    And wooo I was scared!


  22. That is a big roar!

  23. You do look fierce Zoey but in a very pretty way!

  24. That’s right, let it out! No holding back Zoey!

  25. Oh my, how fierce you are!

  26. Aw you have such cute furry little paws!

    Thanks for letting us know about your vaccination schedule. Still not totally sure what we’re going to do… but I think it might be smart for us to do vaccinations every three years at least for now.

    Thanks again!

  27. WHOAAAAAA! Yoor fierce! MOL!

  28. Myyyyyyy what big fangs you have. You are certainly a real mancat.

  29. OMC! I finks I mights go hide under da bed now

    MOL hehehe

  30. Good-ness! Zoey, you’ve got us shivering in our boots here. That’s some serious face language you’ve got going there.

  31. Wow! You gots a loud roar! It scares me to see all the teethies!

  32. Wow Zoe! Thats a lotta wild!

  33. Now there is ‘attitude’, ha. ha.

    come to our blog to pick up the award we are giving you!

    Mindy, Moe, Bono, Cookie & Mike

  34. You DO look quite feerce there, Zoey! Or yer fur needs groomin, we’re not sure which. Or both.

  35. Please don’t roar at us Zoey, but we think you look like you have black lipstick on and it’s super cute!!! 😀

    Kenzo & Azreen

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