Mar 232010

Hi!  Wally here!  Last week, our furiends, Sammy and Andy, tagged everybuddy to play this fun photo meme!!  Here’s how you play — open your first photo folder, post the 10th photo in the folder and tell everybuddy the story about it.

Our first folder only had 9 photos in it, so this is the 9th photo.  This was taken back in October 2006.

I sure wish Ernie wouldn’t sleep with his butt in my face!!

I sure wish Wally wouldn’t sleep with his face in my butt!!

Most of you have already played this meme, but if you haven’t yet…c’mon and play!  It’s lots of fun!!

  41 Responses to “Tagged on Tuesday”

  1. MOL!!! That’s a furry funny photo!! You guys do look cozy!

  2. Hi… It’s funny :p

    *Happy Tuesday*

  3. Hahahahahahaha, that’s great!

  4. You two boys sure are close! We hope Ernie respects your space, Wally! tee hee!

  5. it’s a close call but i think i’d rather be in wally’s position.

  6. haha! Love it!

  7. That is a prize winning picture fur sure!

  8. Good photo, We’re sleeping like that right now!

  9. BWA HA HA HA HA. We wanted to let you know, we have an award for you today!

  10. We sooooooooooo agree….that was a really fun game!!!!!!! MOL at the pic……we can definitely relate!!!!!!! We love y’all. xxxxxx

  11. Hehehe, that’s a funny picture.

    Purrs from Gotchi

  12. That’s so funny! We’d rather be Ernie!

  13. Wally – I know how you feel – Hannah does that to me sometimes and she is so furry it makes me sneeze (whispers and sometimes there is a gust of wind) and I have to move away.
    Luv Lucy

  14. We agree! I sure hope neither of you has the stinkies!

  15. Whatever keeps ya warm at night…

  16. Oh, fun to see an older pic of the two of you. As usual, you guys are too funny. Love the shot!

  17. Great photo, Ernie and Wally=you two crack us up, you silly boys!!MOL…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. That is a cute picture!

  19. Ha! That’s a good one! :-p Sort of a sleeping-with-your-butt-in-my-face ying-yang! :-p


  20. heheheheehehehe
    That was really cute!


  21. That is a funny picture! Our cats do that sometimes too – I totally don’t understand it!

  22. Ernie and Wally, you guys are too funny!

  23. Now that’s what we call togetherness, Ernie and Wally.

  24. That’s a wonderful photo (even with butt in face!) These two remind me so much of Franklin and Dobby.

    And thanks so much for your good wishes for Jenny – I am so proud of her! She was born with a physical disability which caused many issues early on (especially in school) but has worked through it to the point where no one can tell she is disabled. I think her experience will make her a great counselor.

  25. It looks so funny, I liked a lot this picture!
    Lucky you!

  26. Really funny picture but the caption makes it perfect. You two are very funny.

  27. You two boys are very funny! We like your cute photo!

  28. Call it the kitty Yin-Yang sign.

  29. We do that a lot, too. Mom calls it the Purrfect Circle.

  30. Is Wally sleeping or has he been knocked out by a stinkie?

  31. Sunshine Award:

    Greetings, Furriends!

    We haz been furry honored to have reeceeved da Sunshine Award, an we would likes to pass it along to you. To accept da award, all you haz to do is bisit our bloggie, where you kin pick up your award and find da instruckshuns for what to do next.

    We haz selected you as one of da reecipeeents becuze reading your bloggie fills us wif sunshine.

    We hopes you haz a furry wunnerful day wif lots of treats and nip and cheeses an fishies, and treats an nip, and.. did we say nip??

    Your furriends, Tigger, Munchkin, Jigsaw and Patches of the “Talk With The Paws” crew.

    OMC–MOL–we got tagged in dat photo game, too. Wot funs! Dat is a furry funny pickchur you haz for da game.

  32. Ying & yang…in color!!!!LOL =^Y^=

  33. LOL! That is a funny picture!!

  34. You guys look so comfabull!!!

  35. MOL. You guys are so funny!

  36. unfortunately sometimes there is just nothing one can do about butt-in-face.

  37. That’s a great pic – we’re playing on Thursday.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  38. Only a brother could get away with that!

  39. Now that is a close family!

  40. That picture gives us a good laugh!

  41. That’s cute. I played this game last week I think!

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