Mar 222010

So Ernie…it’s spring…but it sure doesn’t look like it…

 Yeah, Wally…the grass is still kinda brown,
there’s no leaves on the trees and there’s no flowers blooming.

But I did see one good thing…

Our nip is coming back in!!!

Yay!!  It won’t be long now before we get fresh nip!!!


  49 Responses to “ManCats – This is Spring?”

  1. Fresh nip? Can yoo let us know when it’s ready and we’ll come visit?

  2. Yay for hardy nip plants! I think we may need to buy a new one this year, but mine came back up for several years in a row.

  3. At least there is no snow!:)

  4. Well, at least you’ve got the nip!

  5. Us cats loves fresh nip. Fenris is weird he doesn’t care about it at all. Scylla tagged Ernie for a game.

  6. Ahhhhhh yes life is good!!!
    We have lots of blooming here in Raleigh…and I fear in the very near future there will be lots of pollen!!!
    Madi and Mom

  7. Our grass is brown and nothing is blooming yet either, boys. Spring is confused.

  8. Our trees are starting to bloom which is fun. We are so excited to see that your Nip comes back every year. Mom is going to plant some for us this year. She needs to get the seeds planted maybe in the house. Still too cold outside. Have a great week.

  9. It was nice here too until yesterday when we got a bit of snow (gasp!)!!

  10. It was pretty cold here this weekend, with snow on Sunday, and it’ll be a while before we get leaves on the trees. But some crocuses and snowdrops are up and in bloom, as are tulips and daffodils, though not in bloom. Nice that your nip is coming up, though! Yay!

  11. Our first nip plant is coming in too!!! Woo hoo!

  12. The nip plant is probably the most impawtant plant of all!

  13. Yum yum! Mom doesn’t grow nip because the cats that live around here trash it, but she has a friend at work that is going to bring her some :)! We didn’t know it could live through the winter in a pot outside.

    We hope you get some spring weather soon – we’re getting a rain/snow mix tonight…not very much fun – but back to 60’s on Wednesday. This winter has been so long!

  14. fresh nip… the boyz are jealous.

  15. I smell a nip-fest coming on!!!

  16. The nip coming up is a sure sign of Spring!

  17. I’ll bet you mancats can smell that nip growing right through that door! Even though it’s still brown and there’s no leaves on the trees yet, it’s all still part of Spring. It’ll be green before you know it.

  18. Aren’t you lucky. Our nip died. I think Georgia ate it before she died and then that long winter and it didn’t come back… sigh.

  19. Wow–fresh nip! That’s the best stuff!

  20. Those signs of spring can fool you. We have new leaves, flowers, green grass and 8 inches of snow! Enjoy your fresh nip!

  21. Fresh nip and an awesome spot to look out at the grass a bloomin.

  22. At least the nip is growing!

  23. YAY!!!!!!!! The important stuff is growing!!!!!! xxxxx

  24. We are jealous! Your nip is way bigger than ours. Here’s a photo of ours:

  25. Our nip has taken off too…can’t wait to take some in to the boys to smell, chew, eat, whatever they want to do with it 🙂 Spring is in the air!

  26. We are waiting for spring to be here too – we had it then it left! But the nip coming in is very good news for you all!

  27. We’ve never had fresh nip only mouses smelling of nip.

  28. Yeah nip! All is well!

  29. You are so lucky to have fresh nip acoming! Sniff, sniff, weeeeee!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  30. Yay for fresh nip=we’ll be right over!!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  31. Yes, spring is having a hard time this year that is for sure!
    At least you will have nip!

  32. I LOVE this shot

    they really do look like they’re discussing the weather

  33. OH my goodness — real live fresh NIP!

    *woo hoo*
    YOU are so lucky!

  34. Awesome, dudes! You grow your own nip!

    It’s pretty bare still here too and actually raining today but we’ve had a lot of warm sunshine, so I know flowers will be here really soon!


  35. The snow has melted already thank goodness….and Gaia is actually one of 4 in the first pic sniffing at the window. We are having more trouble lately with CocoBean being mean! Go figure.

  36. Wow!!! That is cool home grown nip. Can I come over and visit sometime soon?

  37. Adorable !!!

  38. Your nip is looking good. Mum thought ours had died, but she saw two tiny shoots coming through the ground today.

  39. That sure is growing well!! I bet you get some of that soon!

  40. Fresh nip beats green grass any day in our book! Hope you get some soon!

  41. No matter what else is happening, if the ‘nip is growing, then spring is here!

  42. Whoo hoo! At least the important stuff is in order!

  43. Hey, the main thing is the nip is growing. With the rain we got the grass is green here now. Only flowers I have seen is in the pictures Mom has taken of the flowering trees. The others haven’t started yet. Wally and Ernie you look so absorb looking out that door. Shhh, don’t tell anyone but I would like to also pass the bootiful award to you also because we really like your bloggersite. We like the colors and the way it is set up. That is if you want to participate.


  44. Cool! I got to get my mom to look out in our back yard we have’s some nip too. I came back last year!!

  45. Well that’s one adorable photo of the two of you.

    Mmmmmm. Catnip. I wonder if our lady bean might plant some this year.

  46. Oh that looks very tasty!

  47. Lucky felines!!! We had more snow over the weekend. 🙁

  48. Spring sure is taking it’s time this year. But your nip is looking good 🙂

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