Easy E Sunday

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Mar 212010

Oh hi!!
This is my new secret napping spot…here in the closet!
I like to come here and sleep and nobuddy knows I’m here!!

Whazzat??  It’s not so secret now???


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  1. Hi Ernie…we won’t tale your siblings…and I doubt they read the blog so hopefully your hiding place is safe. Happy Sunday,
    Madi and Mom

  2. Black furrs on a red sweater is very stylish!

  3. The evil pupparazzi have let your secret out! We’ll just pretend we didn’t see you in there; your secret is safe with us!

  4. Oh, Ernie, that looks like heaven!

  5. LOL Poor Ernie. They discovered you didn’t they. I am so sorry. But you can still be comfy in that nice basket.

  6. No, Ernie, It’s not so secret now. But even though potentially billions of people and animals now know via the internet, none of us will disturb you. But look out for Wally and Zoey.

  7. Looks like the perfect spot! But secret?

  8. It may not be secret anymore but we can tell it’s just for you cause your black furs looks purrfect with the red blanket. You’re looking mighty handsome today Ernie! Hope you have a great Sunday!

  9. “Darn” they always find our hiding spots 🙂

  10. We love clean laundry too, so we won’t interrupt your nap!

  11. Ernie, you look extra handsome today! The bright red and blue background is really working for you!

  12. it’s a good idea to have multiple hiding spots in your repertoire.

  13. Ooooooooooooo!! That is still a great snoozy spot Ernie 🙂
    Enjoy a nice nap 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  14. We will tell everyone that we haven’t seen you in the secret cupboard in the secret basket so you should be left in peace.

  15. Are you dreming of ratzes?
    I liked this spot, it’s so nice to take a good nap!
    Hugs, purrs and love

  16. That is a pawsome secret napping spot!

  17. Hey, Ernie, that looks like a great place to snooze!

  18. Pimp and Moo love to hang out in the closet, too. It looks like you’ve found a great spot there!

  19. That looks like such a great spot – we are envious! We think you look lovely on the red blanket.

  20. That looks like a prime secret spot! Enjoy your nap!

  21. Your secret is safe with me! ha!

  22. closets + baskets = best nap spot ever! =^_^=

  23. Ernie, you’re looking wonderful against the bright blue/red in the picture; it really accents those handsome black silky furs of yours!…Happy Sunday…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  24. Rats indeed! Now everyone in the blogosphere knows where your new hidey hole is. Have a good Sunday friends!

  25. As long as you get there first, that’s all that counts!

  26. You look nice on the red!

  27. We must say that the choice of a red blankie was excellent. You look so handsome against it!

  28. Of course it’s not secret anymore! Not after your Mom blasted it around the Blogosphere! Oh well, enjoy it anyway Ernie — we’ll all be thinking of you napping away in your cozy basket.

  29. Hi Ernie,

    That looks like a very nice napping spot, really comfy. Too bad the secret’s out.

    Purrs from Gotchi

  30. Yea, but it’s yours, secret or not!!!

  31. That looks like a comfy spot I should hang onto that one.. Hugs GJ xx

  32. We make sure we jump up on the bed when our mom’s sorting her clothes so that they smell like us and we lay on the dirty ones to make sure she can’t wash them either lol.

  33. Well hopefully it won’t give the other cats ideas..

  34. HI Ernie
    Even though it’s not a secret anymore, that is still a good quiet place for a nap.


  35. That looks like a wonderful place to sleep!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao and the Ballicai.

  36. Love you secret napping spot :). OMG you look absolutely content and relaxed :). Looking at you makes me happy and content too. you are so adorable! xoxo

  37. Ernie, you look so cute! Gracie likes clothes baskets and boxes too – she likes our bed as well…

  38. It might not be a secret, but that is a definitely a GREAT spot!

  39. Us House Panthers look especially good on RED! I need a good secret spot like that to sleep! One the Orange Menesis can’t find!

  40. Not so secret, but still so comfy. 😉

  41. We won’t tell!!

  42. Baby likes to hide in the closet too, whenever it’s accidentally left open.

  43. Nice and quiet and warm in there – don’t snore and no-one will guess you’re there!

  44. Well, I won’t tell anycat.

  45. We won’t tell anyone about it Ernie.

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