Mar 192010

This is one of my favorite spots to hang out…
on my cat tree.
Yep, that’s right…MY cat tree!!

 Ernie and that orange-stripey cat think this cat tree is theirs, too…
but we know better…don’t we?!??


  44 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Hanging Out”

  1. Zoey you are top lady cat and the mancats will live a longer and happier life if they remember that…tell them ‘if mama ain’t happy, ain’t no body(man) happy’.
    Stand firm girlfriend

  2. Of course it’s your cat tree, Zoey, and yours alone. You are the ladycat, so it goes without saying that everything is yours. We understand that IF you are in a gracious mood, you MIGHT let the mancats on it too…MIGHT being the operative word!

  3. That is a pawsome cat tree!

  4. I dont think they will dare mess with you.. So yes I guess it is your tree.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. You tell them, sister!:)

  6. Your cat tree looks interesting to me 😛 but why i don’t like to play with mine?

  7. Zoey, stand your ground…as the old saying goes..

    What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine 🙂

  8. Zoey – just looking at that cat tree we can see it’s got your name all over it.
    The feathers are difinitely yours as well.
    Luv Hannah & Lucy

  9. The battle of the cat tree continues!

  10. It’s OK to let them THINK it’s theirs too! Your secret is safe with me!
    Have a nice weekend!

  11. That’s a great cat tree! Us ladycats need to keep the boys in their place!


  12. step away from the tree…

  13. Oh Zoey, you silly! You’re “supposed” to share ya know! MOL, we don’t either!

  14. We like YOUR cat tree, Zoey: you look like you might have to pounce on something from your perch!!…Have a fun weekend=Happy Spring!…xo…Calle,Halle,Sukki

  15. You rule, beautiful Zoey!!!!!!!!xxxxxx

  16. Zoey…you have a beautiful little face!!

  17. That’s right, Zoey! Girls rule!

    Thank you so much for wishing me a Happy Gotcha Day! Have a wonderful weekend!
    ♥ Rambler

  18. No doubt about it, Zoey, it is definitely your tree as you sit on it! And look lovely on it!

  19. I would say it’s yours now! Have a great weekend everyone!!!

  20. Great cat tree, I would love to get one for Spider and Smudge.

  21. Happy Friday! Nice cat tree!

  22. Zoey
    We all know that lady cat are definitely the tip top cats!


  23. Yes, absolutely, Zoey. That is YOUR tree! You look like very happy sittin’ there and very cute!


  24. Now that cat tree is a thing of beauty. Hold your ground there, Zoey.

  25. Yes! Oh Yes! That most certainly is your cat tree! Don’t lets Ernie and that orange-stripey cat forget that!

  26. Yuop, looks like you have made that cat tree your own.

  27. Zoey, the boys know it’s yours. They may try to pretend otherwise, but they know…

  28. Possession rules Zoey………make sure they are sleeping when you have to go for a potty break!LOL=^Y^=

  29. We can tell the cat tree is yours Zoey! We’re pretty sure that Ernie and the orange stripey cat know that too!

  30. That is a pawsome cat tree!

  31. Hi Island kitties! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am just getting around to say hello to my new friends. Wally looks like he could be my brother!!!

    Your new pal, Jackpot

  32. :))
    you are so serious

  33. Can you sometimes let them on the other perches for just a little while? or is it one cat at a time territory?

  34. Iz that wot they call “Gerl Power”?

  35. That cat tree just looks like it was made for you….in fact, I think I see your name alllll over it!!! Yep, I do…I have special glasses that I wear so I can see invisible letters, and I can see Z’s all over it..which clearly stands for ‘Zoey’…so just tell everyone else that wants to get up there to get glasses and read that it is yours and/or to ‘just back off’!! Enjoy your perch!! We are jealous!! purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  36. The boys think my condo is theirs, Zoey… just because they got here before me. Ha!

  37. You are very sweet to let Ernie and Wally borrow your stuff sometimes.

  38. Yup that is your tree Zoey. Don’t let those boys back up there. Us girls have to stick together. So enjoy it while you can before those boys discover you. Have a great week end.

  39. wow this cat tree is a fabulous spot to climb and play!Also so peaceful to stay there and take a good nap!
    Beautiful pictures,
    purrs and love

  40. Of course Zoey. The tree is definitely YOURS. 🙂 Meow!

  41. Zooey, you look like that cat tree is ALL YOURS! Keep it that way, girl. Don’t let those brothers of yours take it away, not matter how hard they try. Even though I’m a boy, I know what territory means.

  42. Sittin on it is mostly owning it!

  43. That tree is clearly yours, Zoey, but perhaps you can share it once in a while. 😉


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