Mar 152010

Hey, Ernie!  This is a great program on the Squirrel Channel!

Yeah, Wally… there’s 3…count ’em…
3 evil squirrels putting on a show!
It’s called Squirrel Circus!!

Check out this acrobatic squirrel
hanging from the suet feeder!!

He’s quite the daredevil!!

Y’know Ernie…if that woodpecker who’s been coming around
sees that squirrel eating all the birdie food…
it’s gonna be a quick end to his circus career!!

 Yeah…and the end of this show!!

  53 Responses to “ManCats Watching Cat TV”

  1. Wow! They are really putting a show on for you today!

  2. What a COOL show–you guys are so lucky to have such a big screen! 🙂 ! We got that squirrel’s cousin munching from our suet feeder too!!

  3. 3 evil squirrels!!! OH MY!

  4. Great channel!!! We lost reception on that one out here in the woods. We just have the BRD-TV but soon the FOX-Channel will start up.

    Good times!

  5. Yup those darn squirrels do like bird feed. But those squirrels should be in the circus. Too bad you can’t go outside and chase those bad boys Wally. Hope all of you have a great week.

  6. You must really enjoying the great show! :p

  7. Great action shots!!! You two are on ‘my window seat’ again and what a perfect seat it is for watching mancat TV programs.
    Madi and Mom

  8. wow that squirrel is a great sportiest!
    Great show dear friends, glad to know the TV there is so nice!

  9. That’s a great channel. We had one like that until 60 big green parrots showed up!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. Wow, you have GREAT TV there!!!

  11. That is a great show and we don’t get that channel! You guys are the luckiest!

  12. You have great reception there! Thanks for coming to Jonesie’s party…she is thrilled that all her friends are coming to help her celebrate.

  13. 3 evil, talented squirrels! I wish we got that channel.

  14. Squirells are very fun to watch. We have some that raided our bird feeder too but we moved the pole and now it is fun to watch them try and get the birdie seeds!

  15. Y’all have great reception too, that is one of my favorite programs!

  16. diego-san watches the squirrels climb up and down the tree in front yard and then he looks at me with a look that implies, ‘why don’t you let me do that?’

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  18. […] The Island Cats…Every Cat wants to be an Island Cat! » Blog Archive » ManCats Watc… […]

  19. That is a great show. We hope you got to watch it a long time!

  20. We love the squirrel channel too…we only have one squirrel that visits us though. His name is Buddy.

  21. WOW! 3 squirrels?!? Now that most of the ferals are gone (the neighbor trapped them and relocated them and kept some, our other neighbor took little Niblet) the squirrels are slowly returning to our house. We’ve only seen 1 at a time. Hope the channel didn’t change to Woodpecker TV.

  22. Great show. Those squirrels are almost as skillful as cats up in the tree.

  23. We’re gonna have to call our cable company and complain cuz we don’t get that channel!!!!!!!!!

  24. We love the Squirrel Channel, too, but no feeders for them so our reception is kind of fuzzy! MOL!

  25. That squirrel is really talented! He’s working without a net too!

  26. We wish we had that channel ~ it looks very entertaining.

  27. How cute! Looks like spring has arrived at the island!

  28. Whoa! You get a much better picture on your Squirrel Channel! Ours is too far away!

  29. Fascinating! We can’t get the Squirrel Channel at our house because of canine interferance.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  30. that is so much fun :). I thought the bird channel is lots of fun, but the squirrel channel is even cooler :).

  31. We would be so full of huffs and hisses watching those squirrels. They get us so aggravated. But they are fun to watch.

  32. Cool squirrel TV; they are putting on quite the show for you guys today!…We “chirp” at the birds and squirrels instead of meowing!… xo…Calle,Halle,Sukki

  33. Oh, wow! That show looks like it was PAWSOME! 😀 And that’s what I call a wiiiiiiiide-screen tv! (=^_^=)

  34. Oh wowie, lookit all the squirrelies! What a great show.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from the Ballicai!

  35. Very cool! Cirque de Squirrel, right in your very own front yard — and on your Front Window Large Screen TV! Can’t ask for any better than that (except to be out there with them, perhaps). Talk about reality TV!!!

  36. Oh what fun for you to watch!!!

  37. Great show you have there! SS misses the squirrels. There is none in Oz. They used to come right into her living room when she was living in the UK.

  38. Oh guys there’s nothing like Squirrel TV!

    purr on

  39. Mom made the Squirrel Channel even more interesting when she bought a Droll Yankee feeder that hurls and whirls the squirrels off the feeder. It makes me meow and her laugh.

  40. MOL! What a great show! I wish we got that channel! You two look very intent watching those squirrels. I can’t wait until it gets warmer and I can go out on the patio and watch the birdies and bugs.


  41. Wish we got the Squirrel Channel on our tv. Those dudes are very talented!

  42. Now that’s some agile squirrel you got there. None of the squirrels around here do that.

    Wally and Ernie, you’ve got a really neat tv channel there.

  43. That looks like a very good channel that you are watching.

  44. That looks like a good show. I wonder if it’s on here in Jersey?

  45. That’s some great live TV

  46. That looks like a great channel! We don’t get that channel here – we only have the Birdie Network!

  47. Pimp and Moo would love to watch that channel every day!

  48. That is our favorite channel!

  49. Evil, evil squireels! May they all fall off the feeders into our paws…

  50. We dont’ get that channel! We do get a bird channel and once in awhile a possum passes through our yard. I think we would like watching squirrels. Crows are pretty exciting though!

    From Boo-Bahs Little Sunshines

  51. Wow! Those squirrels really put on a show for you.

  52. That was fun! What time is the sequel going to be on?
    your pal,

  53. Your squirrels are so cool – and a bit naughty too 😀

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