Easy E Sunday

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Mar 142010

This is my entry for Brian’s St. Patrick’s Day Contest in the “Best Green Sleeping Area” category!  My mom got me this cool Michigan State pad to sleep on!  That’s her college alma mater whose school colors are green and white!  This pad’s really soft and warm…I love sleeping on it!!

Oh…and I learned one more good thing about being black…I go with everything!!!

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  1. Hi Ernie
    Thank you for visiting yesterday it was nice to meet you all. You are looking very comfortable to your pad the colour suits your fur beautifully.
    Luv Hannah & Lucy

  2. Ernie, you are so right about black going with everything. Black is beautiful!

  3. We love the colour of the sleeping pad too. You look great on it. ZzzzZZzzzzZZZZ…

  4. YAY! Thanks for playing!!!

  5. You look very comfy on that pad!

  6. You look very handsome on your lovely green pad.

  7. That’s a nice blanket and a great entry!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. You *do* go with everything, Ernie! Great entry; good luck!

  9. You definitely go with everything Ernie! We just love you!

  10. You look cozy on that cute green pad and Ernie, black is our Moms favorite color because she loves our black faces…Black is cool!!…Have a great Sunday…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Ernie, you do look good on that MSU pad. Black DOES go with everything! xo, Raymond (ps-Busby doens’t agree)

  12. Yup, handsome black mancats go with everything for sure!!!!!!!

    Check your email, Ernie….there’s a surprise for you in it….:)


  13. Ernie, we think all cats go great with everything, although you certainly are a magnificent Black Panther… and basic black goes great with anything!

  14. Ernie, looking good. Black does go with everything.

  15. Love your entry Ernie :). It is true that black goes with anything. Flip and Shadow can attest that :).

  16. Great entry, Ernie. You’re so right … your beautiful black furs go with everything!

  17. You look great snoozing on your green blanket!

  18. It’s fabulous. And green is such a lucky colour too!

  19. They have special pillows? That sounds like a cool college! Is it run by cats?

  20. A very cosy pad too. Which reminds SS of the college cat at Oxford. He was a gorgeous, shiny black kitty like you.

  21. Thats a lovely sleeping pad and it does indeed suite you.. Hugs GJ xx

  22. HI Ernie!

    You’re absolutely right, you do go with efurryfing!
    Furry comfy sleeping spot too.

    purr on

  23. That’s a sure winner, Ernie! You are really working it:)

  24. That’s a great entry Ernie! You certainly do go with anything and look handsome everywhere!

  25. Ernie, I like your sleeping pad and you look very comfortable there! Mom did good!

  26. Ernie, you would look good on any color or surface!

  27. Lol, you sure do! Black is simply a kind of classic beauty 😀 best of luck for the contest Ernie!

    Btw, Azreen and I (I helped pose :D) made a gift for you for coming to our blog ^_^ It’s not much, but we do hope you’ll like it!!


    Kenzo & Azreen

  28. Lookin’ GOOD my friend!!!

  29. You’re a handsome mancat, that’s for sure:)

  30. Being black is very stylish!

  31. Looks like a purrfect nap spot!!

  32. Good morning, I found this blog once, then lost it. Took me forever to come back and find it. I wanted to see what comments you got. Nice blog by the way.

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