Mar 102010

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

Sunshine + Warmer Temps + Open Window = Happy Wally!!

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  1. It looks like Wally is enjoying the beautiful sunshine!!!
    Have a sunny day!

  2. Hey, Wally–the sun spotlights the most handsome-est cat!! And ya know what? You and my Uncle MaxMaxx are doing the SAME thing today–checking out the world out there…birds, cats…etc…wonderful photo! Enjoy your day!

  3. Hello Wally,
    Did you see any bird outside?
    purrs and love

  4. We are enjoying the sun today too. It is very cold and windy out though, but if we lie close to the purrison fence, we get the sun but no wind. Mum said she should join us there because she is freezing!

  5. it was 27 degrees here this morning. ugh

  6. The sweet smell of Spring!!! Enjoy your sunbeams, Wally!

  7. Window whiffies! Yay! We got some of that yesterday too, The Mommy got home from that work thing just a little early and opened the windows with the window perches and we got suns and whiffies. You guys need window perches so you’re not so cramped on the window sill. Talk to the lady with the yellow hair about that, okay? (ummm…we think that’s your mom, right?)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  8. whatever wally is doing my boyz are very jealous given the forecast for rain around our parts for now until the end of time…

  9. Wise Wally is chillin’ in the sun after a very long winter…enjoy the breeze and the Vit. D.
    Madi and Mom

  10. WOOHOO!! Great signs of Spring!

  11. Are we imagining things or is that window a little open?

  12. Wally is window whiffin on Wednesday!

  13. Ooh, Spring scents on the breeze!

  14. Ahhhhh, fresh air and sunbeams!

  15. Yup we are all enjoying this super weather too. You do look happy sitting in the fresh air and the sun rays. Have a wonderful day.

  16. Enjoy your sunbeams and fresh air Wally! We got to do that on Saturday, but then it got colder and ickier….sigh.

  17. Oh we wish…there was frost on the ground this morning!

  18. We’ve been spending a lotta time at the windows, too, Wally. Mama has taken quite a few pictures that she needs to post for us. We’re looking forward to Ernie’s Gotcha Day tomorrow. xxxxxxxxxxx

  19. It’s raining here now, but we got some sun and fresh air a few days ago! You sure do look like you’re in heaven!

  20. I am feeling the happy sun on me right here! Oh yeah.

  21. My Purr Gang love it if I crack our windows just a bit. Not warm enough yet to have them open more but at leas they can hear the birdies.

  22. Wally that open window looks delightful!

  23. That looks so wonderful! we have thunder boomers today!

  24. The perfect place to lay and sniff…wtg Wally!

  25. Oh Wally guess what? WE have all of our windows open too, isn’t life grand?

    purr on

  26. Most definitely! Right now it’s 50 outside and Mom has our sliding door open! HOORAY!!!

  27. That equation would make us happy too!

  28. We did not have the windows open that wide, but all the kids here are getting a touch of that Spring fever too.

  29. Looks like Walley is having a very nice day!
    Is not quite warm enough here today fur da open window, so i watches Walley enjoying his fur awhile. I lives vicariously.

  30. Oh happy days… Enjoy.. HUgs GJ xx

  31. We love sunshine and open windows…What do you see out there, Wally??…Go Spring!!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  32. Happy Walley = Happy Mommy?
    ~Lisa Co9T

  33. Yay spring! In Southern California we get “spring” most of the time, so I’m really happy when it starts coming to my friends in snowier climates.

  34. Wow you are so lucky! We can’t wait for it to get nice enough here to open the windows! Enjoy it!!

  35. We have sunshine back too weeee! 🙂 It’s been a great day today!

  36. There’s nothing like a fresh breeze is there, Wally?

  37. we were doing the same thing here monday.
    by the way, what service do you use to moderate your comments? our bean is thinking of changing things up again. drop us an email if you don’t mind. thanks!
    and don’t forget about the contest!

  38. We love the deaded bugs and stuff to munch on when the windows get opened for the first time after winter!

  39. Wally happy, we happy. We do have lots of sunshine these days, but it still isn’t very warm. Behind the glass is still the toastiest spot.

  40. We had our windows open today! Enjoy the good smells – we did.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  41. That looks like a fine way to spend the day!

  42. Yup, it doesn’t get much better than that, does it, Wally?

  43. Fresh air is so pawsome! We love open window days!

  44. A good sniff of the outdoors!!

  45. GOT to be lookin at birdies outside and smelling the outside werld!

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