Sep 192008

Avast ye Mateys!  ‘Tis Meow Like a Pirate Day!  Arrrrrrrr!


I’m Mad Redbeard Wally…and this be Black Neck Snapper Ernie!

And least we not forget Bloody Mistress of Death Zoey…Arrrrrrrr!!

Har’s our buried treasuar that was left for that wench we call mom!


  22 Responses to “Meow Like a Pirate Day!”

  1. Burried Treasure… HarHarHarrrr!!!

  2. Mama went searching for buried treasure this morning too. Hahahahahaha!

  3. Ye be sharin’ some fine treasure wi’ the wench . . . HAR HAR HAR!

  4. HaHaHaHa! Nice treaure for Mommy!

  5. Buried treasure! Har har har!!! We left lots for our mom too. Har har har!

  6. hahahahhahahaha! my niece Tesla leaves treasure like that for my sister ALL the time! HAHAHAHAHAHHA

  7. Me’ Haar haar harr – ’tis a funny joke you wild Island Pirates three!

  8. Ooooooh, how piratey, right down to the names. And the buried treasure will make your mom verrrrry happy!

  9. Ahoy mateys!!
    Happy Pirate Day!!


  10. That be some good burried treasure!!

  11. Some fine treasure, indeed!

  12. Arrrrg! That’s da kinda treasure that best be burried mateys!

  13. Aye yoo make good pirates!

  14. Ahoy! Yer fine pirate kitties there. T’ booty you left for yer servent wench is very fine. Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day

  15. Nice to meet you all! 🙂

    What wonderful treasure you’ve buried for your mom!

  16. Arr, what a fine pirates ye be! Let’s set sail for Temptations and Ham and leave that buried treasure for your wench!

    Purrrs, Calico Bess Rack-ham aka Willow

  17. Avast, what fine pirates ye be on this glorious day! Let’s set sail for Temptations and Ham!

    Purrrs, Mad Charity Bonney aka China Cat

  18. Hi Wally, Ernie and Zoey….will you tell your mom thanks from our mom for such thoughtful words! And we are sorry to hear that Bogart had the same horrible disease….Kidney problems are horrible…but aren’t mom’s the best for doing everything they can???

    Thanks again!!

  19. I be thinkin’ that be th’ kind o’ booty me Treacherous Wench be deservin’! And th’ treasure she’s got HAS gone ta HER booty!

    ~One Eyed Jack (the sulking)

  20. Ship Ahoy! That buried treasure shows that all that glitters is not gold! Lol!

  21. I bet the wench loved the treasure hehehe

  22. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!
    That buried treasure is the best!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

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