Feb 222010

BREAKING NEWS from the 2010 Cat-O-Lympics!!

Due to fighting among the judges
as to who should win the medals,



 the Medal Ceremony for the
Cat-O-Lympics’ Synchronized Snoozing event
has been delayed!!

There were so many excellent entries, the judges have been unable to reach an agreement on the medalists!  However, the judges have agreed to narrow the field of competitors down from 39 to 12!  Congratulations to the finalists!!  Here they are (in no particular order):

Eric & Flynn
from the country of Our Life by Eric & Flynn!

Cory & Ellie
from the country of Cory Cat Blog!

Angel & Kirby
from the country of A Wizard and an Angel!

Callie & Roxie
from the country of The Kitty Krew!


Niko & Cloud
from the country of Cats In Maryland!

Socks & Scylla
from the country of Alasandra, The Cats and a Dog!

Laila & Minchie
from the country of Cat-a-holic!

The woofies, Buddy & Sam,
from the country of Jan’s Funny Farm!

Manny & Spunky
from the country of Karen & Gerard Zemek!


Cliff & Olivia
from the country of Cliff & Olivia!

Devon & Smokey
from the country of Four Crazy Cats!

And last minute competitors,
Tiny & Lautrecfrom the country of WeezDaBadCats
(they created a blog just to compete)!

Never in the history of the Cat-O-Lympics has there been such a deadlock between the judges!  (What’s that??  Oh, this is the first year of the Cat-O-Lympics so there is no history??  Well, we are making history!!)  A special judge (the Island Cat guy) is being brought in to help break the deadlock.  The judges promise to have a decision by tomorrow so the Medal Ceremony can take place!!  Stay tuned!!!

  53 Responses to “Cat-O-Lympics Breaking News!”

  1. No wonder there is disagreement among the judges. This is a hard one!

  2. We can see how choosing a winner would be so difficult. The finalists are awesome!

  3. Oh my gosh I’m glad I was not a judge…the finalist are amazing. Good luck
    you may need a referee to keep the judges in line. HA!!!
    Madi and Mom

  4. Those finalists are all amazing. It’s going to be very tough to choose from those. Maybe there should be an additional rule: no scratching or biting during the judging.

  5. We are sorry to see the judging brought such discontent among the judges…though they were probably having fun! MOL

    Roxy and angel Callie are honored to be among the finalists, and we understand the Island Cat guy will have a tough time choosing who to award the medals too, all the entries are fabulous! We’re just happy to be here and in contention. 🙂

    Purrs and hugs,
    Roxy and the rest of The Kitty Krew

  6. They are totally adorable!!!!!
    It’s hard to choose!
    I think all deserve a medal!
    They are really good in it!

  7. We are glad we’re not judges in this event! There were so many cute competitors! We couldn’t even judge our own event, so we put it to a vote!

  8. First of all: We’re so happy to be chosen as finalists. Thank you! And congrats to our fellow finalists 🙂

    The pictures are all amazing! The competition is fierce. Good luck to all – including the judges.

  9. Ooh, tough choices among the finalists! Good luck to all!

  10. We are honored to just be among the finalists the competition was stiff. And we things Island Cat Guy is going to have a real challenge picking a winner. Good luck everyone. ~Socks & Scylla

  11. My momma and I are thrilled to be among the talented finalists. Uhm…but it kind of looks like Ernie was licking Zoey! Hopefully the judges didn’t fight too hard.

  12. Such talent across the board! How will the poor judges ever decide who takes home the gold?!

  13. We are very honoured to be in the final twelve. We hope the fighting has stopped now.

  14. awwww look at all these entries! They are all soooooooooooooo GOOD! I am glad I don’t need to judge in this competition coz I might end up giving everyone a gold medal :).

  15. yeah i can see why the judges are having so a difficult time making a decision. those are all pretty qualified entries.

  16. OMC! No wonder the judges were fighting! How in the world can you pick! Better thee than me!

    P.S. We like Angel and Kirby the bestest. We give them a 13!

  17. P.S. #2. We are honored to be in the final 12!

  18. Man, that decision is gonna be tough, tough, tough!!!

  19. we didn’t take part and wished we did – we have been away and Mrs H has no broadband boo-hoo. We are cheering for you all. Love Darcy and Bingley

  20. WE are so honored and excited to be in the final twelve. Good luck to every one

  21. “Hmmm” I can see why their fighting this is going to be a tough decision 🙂

  22. Good luck deciding! Them’s are some hard choices to pick from!

  23. I guess choosing the winners is hard! Good luck with that! Too many great entries.

  24. Those are tough choices–we’re glad we’re not judging!

  25. I thought you all had a lot of fine entries. I do not envy you having to choose!

  26. Concats to the finalists! Good luck with the judging!

  27. wow that is a tough tough call!

    Good lucks!
    Who knew judging could be so hard.

    purry purrs

  28. They are all wonderful and adorable entries=we could never decide, we’d probably give them all the gold!!…Good luck with those fighting judges!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  29. hi you guys! thank you for coming by to say hello at my brand new bloggie. i love your entries here, and will be keeping up! come back to see me soon.

  30. Such excitement! We’re all on pins and needles here. So many excellent synchronized snoozing contestants. We’re kind of excited since our Buddy and Sam are the only woofies among the finalists. We wish all the contestants good luck.

  31. WOW, but I kind of expected that, all the contestants were just pawsome!!!

  32. Those really are some great entries and we can see why you are having so much trouble. They are all perfect synchronized snoozers. We think they should all win. Have a great day.

  33. The competition was fierce! They all deserve to win!! Now I feel like a nap…

  34. WOW!!! That is some fierce competition! I’m sure glad I don’t have to judge this one! As for participating, I’m really more of a solo cat. I excel at the individual sports. I suppose though I could work on some synchronized napping with Glogirly. She likes naps too.

    Thank you so much for coming by to visit my blog during the CAT-O-LYMPICS! It was a super fun week!

    (Glogirly’s Olympian Cat)

  35. Congrats to all the cats & DOGS!!!! Fights amonst the judges – Happens everytime. Great to see all the fabulous photos … Furry donut looking pics. Very cute.

    Daisy Jiji & Little Bunny – Halfpipe experts!!!

  36. Look at all that synchroncity! What a tough competition!

  37. Woah, there is no way we could pick!

  38. I congratulate you on evne being able to narrow it down to 12 that must have been hard!

  39. oh my Bast. No wonder there was a deadlock. Those are some pawsome choices! I’m really glad I”m not a judge. I’d never make a decision!

  40. Wow, 39 entries from which to choose? No wonder you can’t come to a decision–even after narrowing to 12. Of course, that bit of fighting going (fun-ny)on isn’t exactly helping your images, you judges, you! 🙂

  41. Pretty impressive snoozing!

  42. Well, no wonder there’s a deadlock (and fighting to boot)! These are fabulous!

  43. Those are all amazing! We can’t imagine how you will choose the winners!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  44. We’ve got our paws crossed for our faves! Hurry up Mr. Island Cat Guy!

  45. Congrats to all the finalists.

  46. Those pics are so great, no wonder the judges are fighting it out!

  47. Good Golly!! This is a hard one!! We will be back to see who won!!
    Your TX furiends,

  48. They all look like winners to us!!

  49. There are so many fantastic entries!

  50. I know how you feel. I am having the same trouble with the Competitive Napping. Too many great entries!

  51. We are a bit sad our synchronized snoozing didn’t make the grade but we do wish the fabulous entries above good luck! They are pawesome!

  52. We are excited to be among the 12 finalists and admire you for actually coming up with 3 winners out of 39 competitors! Judging this would be very difficult and other events awarded gold medals to all who participated rather than trying to choose just 3 winners, so you are to be congratulated for your diligence and hard work!

  53. We just loved this post! Made us laugh out loud! Congratulations to all the finalists and winners!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

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