Feb 192010

We’ve been checking out all the different Cat-O-Lympic competitions.  We’ve seen some great cathletes giving amazing performances!!  We don’t know if we can compete with them, but we’re gonna give it our best!  Here’s some more of our entries:

The House of Cats is hosting the Extreme Indoor Climbing Competition!

Hey!  I can touch the ceiling!!

Wally’s not the only one around here who can climb up high!
Check me out way up here!!

 The Furry Bambinos are hosting the Bird and Squirrel Watching event!


Those evil squirrels are always taunting us!
One of these days, I’m gonna get me one!!

 The Hiding Competition is being hosted by Jennifer Lorton.

I’m really good at this event!!


No one will see me under my boogie mat!!

 Our last entry’s for the Balance Beam competition being hosted by Fin!


It’s not easy sitting my big butt on this narrow beam!


It’s all about foot placement in this competition!

We don’t know if we’ll win any medals with these performances, but we’re sure enjoying our Cat-O-Lympic experience!!

There’s still time to enter the “Synchronized Snoozing” competition that we’re hosting!  Entries can be made through Saturday!  The medals will be handed out this Monday!!  Click HERE to see how you can compete!!

  47 Responses to “Going for the Gold!”

  1. Now that is some very fierce competition! Good luck!

  2. GREAT entries Wally and Ernie!!! We are certain there is a medal in your future!!!
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  3. Those are all great entries! Ernie looks like Ziggy’s twin hiding under the boogie mat (per Ziggy’s entry yesterday)…MOL And we like Wally’s easygoing attitude on top of the cabinet! Good luck guys and Zoey, you’ll do great we’re sure!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  4. Jim: What talent from the Host nation of Island Cats Bob!

    Bob: I know Jim the cathletes of this house are giving a very impressive showing!

  5. Such talent! Wally, we especially enjoyed your performance in the Extreme Indoor Climbing Competition. 🙂

  6. Great entries…..we see some medals there!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  7. Hey Wally 7 Gang,
    We have posted our syncronized snoozing entries on our blog today –
    We sure enjoy the competition. There sure are a lot of feline cathletes out there. Thanks for host this event.
    – TBH&K

  8. wow those are pawsome photos. Your kitties are going for the gold. I didn’t know there are so many competitions :). the Cat-Olympics is loads of fun :). Good luck!

  9. You guys are amazing catthletes!

    We tried to find some syncronized snoozing pics but every time Deli and I try to snooze we end up smooching! Sycronized smooching we could have won!

  10. Wally you reminded my mom of that old song “oh what a feeling…when we’re dancing on the ceiling”. Ok, I know she’s a bit strange, but now she’s singing it…sigh.

  11. You all did a fabulous job! We think you’re bound to get a medal or two!!! Good luck, furriends!!!

  12. All I can say is you do an awful good job in all your competitions. I couldn’t count you out.

  13. They are all Grate entries! (That picshur of Walley up-side-down-way-up-there is a gold fur shur!)
    Ernie under hims mat is very sweet.
    I’d like to thank Cory (#10 comment) for the annoying EARWORM!

  14. That was totally pawsome y’all, such great entries!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Those were too funny! We hope you win something!

  16. We think all your entries are fabulous! Good luck, it’s certainly been fun. 🙂

  17. What great performances from all of you. The extreme climbing is very impressive, and you have such good balance on the beam.

  18. Really enjoyable photos. Surely you’ll win in many categories.

  19. why do you have a picture of the boogie mat all by itself? I don’t see you anywhere…

  20. great entries! I smell medalage coming your way!

  21. You are a VERY athletic group! Good luck Island Cats! We predict a lot of medals coming your way! Have a great weekend.

  22. Well your a shoe in with Paws on the ceiling!!!

  23. You all look pawsome! Hope you all win!

  24. Those are great entries! I love the hiding under the boogie mat. 🙂 We, too are enjoying the Cat O-Lymics experience. Good Luck!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  25. You guys should get a medal just for entering so many competitions! It’s wearing us out just to watch you!

  26. I think you’re definitely a contender in the hiding competition!! Great entry there under the Boogie Mat!

  27. Grate Stuffoms for da Catolympics!! Bootsie luvs ur hidey Technique
    while Me n Max is admirin dat Extreme Climbing (I can Touch da Ceiling!)

    Katie luvs ur purrfect form on da balance beem…. hur used ta gets onda railing and grab hur tail! Mom didnt get dat fotohed…

    Goods Luck in All Cattygoriez!
    Daisy May

  28. Great entries! WE hope you win medals!

  29. Great entries. We have been having fun participating in some of the events too.

  30. Great entries guys! The first one with Wally should be entered in the dancing on the ceiling dance competition. MOL!

  31. You are all so multi-talented.

  32. Great entries. All winners I think. Good luck!

  33. We’re impressed by all the talent in your house!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  34. I’d say you both are very steady contenders for some medals!

    purry purrs

  35. We certainly think there’s some medals in your future!

  36. Those are all extraordinary entries=you guys are very talented athletes!…Good luck and have a great weekend…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  37. Wonderful entry from all of you dear friends, it’s really amazing!
    Good lucky in these competitions,I loved your pictures!
    purrs and love

  38. What great entries. Real medal contenders!

  39. Lol…we love the first photo……looks entirely comfy 😉

  40. Wow, you guys are giving it your all! Ernie, that boogie mat shot made Mom LOL!

  41. You sure are giving your all Ernie and Wally. There must be some medals in your future.

  42. Love the one with Wally touching the ceiling. And that squirrel watching has got to be an easy shoe-in for you. Fun stuff! Good luck!

  43. Those are great entries! We especially like that first one…. and Ernie under the boogie mat!

  44. Great entries boys!

  45. Some great entries. And then: The evil squirrels. Shudder…

  46. Wow! Those are some very impressive performances! We LOVE that picture of Wally touching the ceiling with his feets.

  47. Thank you for purrticipating in the Cat-O-Lympics Bird and Squirrel Watching event! That is definitely a Gold Medal Performance!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

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