Feb 172010

 Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

All over the Cat Blogosphere, cathletes are competing in the 2010 Cat-O-Lympics!  My furiend, Huffle Mawson, is hosting the “Competitive Napping” Competition.  I’ve been checking out all the competitors and I gotta say, the competition is fierce!!  But I can’t pass up a napping competition!!

This competition’s simple — just post a picture of yourself napping…preferrably in a strange place.  But Huffle said there’re no rules and that’s good ‘cuz I don’t usually nap in strange places, but I do nap in strange positions!!  Here’re my entries:


Yep, these are oldies…but they’re worth seeing again!!  Whadaya think??  Am I a contender??

Don’t forget the ”Synchronized Snoozing” competition we’re hosting.  Click HERE for details on how you can compete!

  57 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Wow, what fabulous entries! Definitely a gold-medal contender!

  2. Oh those are super napping pictures. That looks like a gold to us. Good job of napping. That took lots of practice.

  3. Absolutely.
    These are medal worthy!!

  4. Wally, you are definitely worth both a gold and a silver medal – one for each pose!

  5. How interesting are your poses! You’ll definitely win.

  6. Excellent entries and definite contenders for the GOLD!!! I love the one on the bed.
    Madi and Mom

  7. You’re definitely a contender, Wally! We love that last one especially. Good luck!!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  8. Looks like you are going for gold there Wally.

  9. It’s going to be tough to beat you Wally! That belly is just too much!

  10. Wally, you’re gonna be tough to beat! Pawsome!

  11. that’s some serious power napping.

  12. Gold fur sure!

  13. Love it! You will be hard to beat for sure! Today I am in the Competitive Synchronized Snoozing! Stop over to judge. Hey, does it mind if I am a day behind on things????? The mom here is slow.

  14. Wally, we LOVE your entries=really great photos!!…You’re a winner to us!!…Good luck!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  15. The mom wants to scritch yer belleh, beware she’ll do it too!

    We fink yoo gots some good poses fer da competition!

  16. Excellent entries…definite gold medal winners!

  17. Those are interesting poses–you’re a contender for sure!

  18. That looks like a gold medal winning purrformance to us.

  19. Ah ha! Show us the old belly up and we are gonners! Definitely a 10!!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  20. We forgot to mention–we have our Synchronized Snoozing picture up!

  21. Wally, these look like gold medal winning snoozes to us!

  22. Wally we definitely think this is a contender…

    purry purrs

  23. The competition is heating up! The judges are going to have to be tough!

  24. Now THAT’S gonna be hard to beat! GRRR-8 Job!

  25. I think you take napping to a new art form!

  26. Oh yes, you are definitely a contender. Awesome, we say!

  27. Man competitive napping is gonna be a hard one to judge!

  28. You could post those every couple of months – or even more frequently. We love the poses.

  29. O mai goodness, Wally! You iz definitely a contenda!

  30. Purr Ha Ha ^,,^

  31. Wow, a full court stretch! You may have the gold in sight!

  32. You’re most definitely a contender. And the tail angles adds extra interest!

  33. That’s absolutely graceful. I heart it!!!! You are definitely going for gold!!!

  34. Wally, we think you are a great competitor – and those are some pretty unusual positions!!

  35. Wally, those are great! You sure are limber.

  36. Wow Wally. That is an impressive entry! You’re definitely a contender.

  37. That’s competitive napping alright. In fact, we don’t see how anybody could compete with that. Perfect, especially the strech’n’sleep.

  38. You’re a winner Wally, paws down! You have napping mastered!=^Y^=

  39. Oh my goodness, Wally, you’re a definite contender! Love these napping positions! You’re quite trim too. You’re such a cute, fun clown!


  40. Wally, you are certainly a gold medal contender! We were going to enter but now we’re not so sure since we can’t compete with you!

    We are trying to get mommy to enter the synchronized snoozing though if she has time tonight. We need a new pawsistant.

  41. Looks to us like Wally’s got this competition sewed up! You’ve got a really good style there, Wally.

  42. Excellent poses! I think you definitely gots my upside-down-head beat. Nice performance.

  43. Yes, you’re definitely a contender. We sent our photos to Huffle today as well. We have found some synchronised nap photos and now we have to decide which ones to send to you.

  44. That’s a real contender! Leaving it all on the couch!

  45. You’re a winner, paws down!

  46. Oh yes Wally, you definitely are a contender. Great positions.


  47. You are definitely a contender.

  48. oh my gosh!! what a cute photos!!!!

  49. I think you definitely have a shot at the Gold Medal!

  50. Wow! That is an amazing performance, Wally. How could you NOT win gold?

  51. I’d say you’re definitely a contender! Especially with that first one! Bonus points for full extension.

  52. Love the form! There really should be two different categories: one for location and one for position. You are clearly a gold-medal position napper!

  53. Great form wally!!! You are a definite contender!

  54. Hello dear friends!
    Finally my beans returned from the trip and I’m so happy visiting your blog!
    wow cool news, good lucky in this competition, the picture is perfect!
    purrs and love

  55. all the medals for theese cats.

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