Feb 162010

It’s my Gotcha Day today!!

Two years ago on this day, the guy and the lady with the yellow hair rescued me from a life outside in the cold and snow!  Now I don’t worry about where my next meal will come from or whether I’ll have a warm, safe place to sleep!!  Life on the inside sure is good!!

I’m gonna spend the day doing one of the things I like best…sitting on the window seat watching the birdies!!  Y’know, I still get the urge to put the bitey on them!!  I guess some old habits from life on the outside never die!!

Don’t forget the Cat-O-Lympics and the “Synchronized Snoozing” competition we’re hosting.  Click HERE for details on how you can compete!

  67 Responses to “It’s My Gotcha Day!!”

  1. Hi please visit my blog tommorow as snoozing pics will be there.

  2. Awww, happy gotcha day!!

  3. you iz bootiful!! Happy Gotcha Day!!! I’ll see if we kin find sum snoozing pics…

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  4. What a wonderful day for a celebration, Zoey! I am so glad your people “gotchaed” you!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day Zoey ~ enjoy.

    We’re posting our synchronised snoozing pic tomorrow!

  6. Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Zoey! We hope you have the happiest day, and the birdies don’t tease you too much through the windows.

  7. What a great day to celebrate, Zoey! Being inside is so much better 🙂

  8. Happy Gotcha Day, Zoey!! We are so happy you were gotcha’d by such a nice family! Life on the inside is good!

  9. Happy Gotcha Day sweet Zoey! Two year? Wow, time sure flies when you’re having fun!!!

  10. Hi Zoey,

    Happy, happy Gotcha Day! What a pretty lady you are. You’ve certainly got a really neat birdie watching seat there, too.

    And “The Boys” have followed your “bean’s” suggestion and are trying for the “Synchronized Sleeping” event. Pictures are up now.

  11. Happy happy happy gotcha day!!!!!!!

  12. Two years? TWO YEARS? The ZH remembers when you were stilled “banned to the basement”!
    OMC, what a happy day for all the “Zoeys” of the world…
    Happy, happy day to you!
    (another) ZOEY (and Maggy ‘n Mom, too)

  13. Zoey a very happy gotcha day to you. It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful day.
    Also, we have put up our entry in the synchronized napping competition on our blog. Thanks.

  14. Happy Gotcha Day Zoey!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  15. Happy Gotcha! Day, Zoey. Isn’t it terrific, being inside and having food, warmth and cuddles when you want them? It’s a wonderful life, all right. 🙂

  16. Happy Gotcha Day 🙂

  17. Zoey indeed today is one lucky day for you and your family!!!! We are so glad you weren’t to shy or frightened to let the lady with the yellow hair bring you inside.
    Mom is looking high and low for pictures of me snoozing with one of my sis’s kitties. Every picture she has of us were together but awake….seems I’m not too comfortable sleeping when there is another kitty around…always on the alert for a tail attack I guess. Mom did find a very nice picture of the first family cat doing a high jump…sigh but not sleeping. Enjoy your gottcha day in the beautiful window seat.
    Madi and Mom

  18. Happy gotcha day, Zoey!!…You’re a lucky girl to have been rescued and we’re very glad you are an island cat now…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  19. I thought we all felt the need to put the bitey on the birds…..I mean we are cats. Happy Gotcha Day!!

  20. Happy happy Gotcha Day, Zoey!!! You’re so lucky to have been gotted by the guy and the lady with the yellow hair. Even if the orange stripey cat and you still don’t get along, it’s still a great place to be – much better than being an outside feral kitty!

    Purrrrrrrrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

    PS – we posted our Synchronized Snoozing today, and let you know in yesterday’s comments too…

  21. My mommy says she would have gotcha too if she had been to one to find you first. Enjoy your family and happy Gotcha Day, Sweetheart.

  22. Happy Gotcha Day!! I’ll bet your humans are so glad they got you.

  23. Happy Gotcha Day Zoey! Maybe you’ll get a toy birdie today so you can put the bitey on it!

    We have our entry up for the synchronized snoozing competition!

  24. Happiest of Gotcha Days Zoey! I’m so happy you found such a pawsome home.

  25. Happy Gotch Day Zoey! We’re glad you got gotted too 🙂

  26. Happy Gotcha Day Zoey! Indoor living sure does agree with you!


  27. Happy Gotcha Day, Zoey! I’m so glad you were Gotcha’d! You could have found a better home, even if you do have two pesky brofurs.

    I hope you enjoy your special day to the max and that you are appropriate spoiled. You are such a beautiful girlie!

  28. Happy Gotchya Day, Zoey! You sure ended up with a fabulous family to live with in your FURever home!!! Hope you have a PURRific day with LOTS of toys and treats! Maybe some steak and cake too! We wanted to let you know that our posst today is our entry for the Synchronized Snoozing event! Have fun sweetie!

  29. Happy gotcha day sweet Zoey! (Squashies and I NEVER synchronize anyfing.)

  30. Happy Gotcha Day, Zoey. WE are so glad the lady with the yellow hair and the guy rescued you and brought you in out of the cold. You are one lucky kitty!

  31. Happy Gotcha Day! We’ll have our snoozing pics up tomorrow.

  32. Happy Gotcha Day Zoey! Wow, it must have been a cold Winter’s day that your humans brought you inside the house to live. That must have been the best day ever! Enjoy your bird watching today. xoxo

  33. Happy Gotcha Day! I have a ham with your name on it!

  34. Happy Gotcha Day

    We have some fresh catnip with your name on it.

  35. YAY, Zoey!!!!!!!! Happy Gotcha Day!!!!!!!!! We brought you some nip. And isn’t it grand to be on the inside looking out….instead of on the outside looking in?????? xxxxxxxxx

  36. Aw, Zoey, we love a happy ending.

  37. Wow! You’re an inside cat and and Island Cat. You are so very lucky! Happy Gotcha Day, Zoey!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  38. Happy Happy Gotcha Day Zoey! We are so glad the guy and the lady with the yellow hair rescued you to bring you into such a warm and loving home! You are one lucky Ladycat!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

    Pee Ess … I am sending you a kissy for your special day … Simon

  39. Happy Gottcha Day Zoey! We are glad you have a wonderful warm inside life now!

  40. Happy Gotcha Day! I’m so glad your beans brought you out of the snow and into the warmth of their loving home.

  41. Happy Gotcha Day, Zoey! I am so glad you were gotted and I wish you the happiest of days!

  42. Happy, Happy Gotcha day, Zoey! We think both you and your Mom and Dad (and even Ernie and Wally) are very lucky to have found each other!

  43. Happy Gotcha Day Zoey, inside is definitly better!

  44. Happy Gotcha Day Zoey! We’re so glad you have a warm, loving home now!

  45. Happy Gotcha Day, Zoey! I’m so glad you’re warm and safe! You have a great window seat!

    Please tell the your mom that we have a Synchronized Snoozing photo up at our blog. Thank you!


  46. Happy Gotcha Day Zoey. We hope you get lots of treats, and lots of fev-vers to watch.

  47. Happy Gottcha Day!!!

  48. We’re so happy for you, Zoey:) Happy Gotcha Day! We’re sure glad that you got gotted:)

  49. Happy Gotcha Day. Hope you see a lot of birdies.

  50. Happy Gotcha Day, Zoey!

  51. A furry happy gotcha day Zoey!!!!

    purry purrs

  52. Happy Gotcha Day Zoey!!!!! We wish you many more happy days with your wonderful, loving family..{{{HUGGS}}} (=^Y^=)

  53. Happy Gotcha Day Zoey!!! It’s great to be inside!

    Luf, Us

  54. The bestest of the best Happy Gotcha Day Zoey! Hope you had a fun filled day!
    Tomorrow I am entering the Cat O Lympics Synchronized Snoozing Competition. Don’t forget to stop by.

  55. Happy gotcha day, Zoey! 🙂

  56. Oh my goodness! Happy Gotcha Day!!! You sure look like there’s something brewing in your mind in that first picture… Must be thinking about putting the bitey on those birdies!

  57. Happy Gotcha Day! ;-D

  58. You’ve certainly got the sweet life, now, Zoey. Happy Gotcha Day!

  59. I’m a little belated, but wanted to send you some happy purrs on your special day!

  60. We’re sorry to be so late but we still wish you a Very Happy Gotcha Day, Zoey!

  61. Zoey,
    Congrats to you on your gotcha day! It’s me, Gaia. My lady that is taking care of me has yellow hair too, but hers is not real.
    Glad you and I both found great homes!

  62. Happy -day! You couldn’t have found a better home.

  63. Happiest of Gotcha Day celebrations to you, Zoey! We bet you’re all still celebrating.

  64. Hey Zoey,
    Happy Gotcha Day. Isn’t rescue a GReat thing. Doesn’t matter if it’s canine or feline or even equinie. R-E-S-C-U-E is all that matters. Don’t worry about your feral instincts; our kitties are all domesticated with no feral history and they love to sit on the window sill and stare at the bird feeders conveniently placed just outside the window.
    – TBH&K

  65. Hey Zoey,
    Happy Gotcha Day. Isn’t rescue a GReat thing. Doesn’t matter if it’s canine or feline or even equine. R-E-S-C-U-E is all that matters. Don’t worry about your feral instincts; our kitties are all domesticated with no feral history and they love to sit on the window sill and stare at the bird feeders conveniently placed just outside the window.
    – TBH&K

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