Feb 152010

It’s time for the Cat-O-Lympics!!

 (pretend you’re hearing the Olympic theme song playing)

Our furiend Fin thought it would be great if us kitties had our own Cat-O-Lympics in honor of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada!  Fin is holding the Opening Ceremonies at her blog…click HERE to join in those festivities!!!

   Welcome to to the “Synchronized Snoozing” Competition!!

Here’s how to enter the competition:

You hafta have a blog in order to compete.  This competition can be entered by a single-cat or a two-cat team or a larger cat team if you can get more than two of you to synchronize snooze at the same time.  We hafta say, if you get more than two of you to synchronize snooze at the same time, you’ll get extra points!!  If you’re a single cat competing, you’ll hafta use your creativity to come up with something to show your synchronization (maybe use a stuffed animal or your beans or something??).  Oh yeah…woofies can compete too!!

Sometime this week, post a picture on your blog showing your best effort at snoozing together in unison.  (See??  Like us!!)  Leave us a comment when you post your picture so the judges (that’s us!) can visit and view your entry.  Competitors will be judged on synchronization technique and originality and however the judges feel (heehee)!!  The Gold Medal will be awarded on Monday, February 22.

Good luck!!  And may the best snoozing team win!!!

  75 Responses to “The Cat-O-Lympics!”

  1. Can we enter two different groups napping? This looks like such fun.

  2. What a great idea and contest… Mom will have to check out our stash of pictures to see what she can find. We’ll let you know if we find a good picture.
    You two are experts in the snoozing event.
    Madi and Mom

  3. Great entry! We’ll have to get our human to check through all her photos. You’ll be hard to beat, though!

  4. Hmm….. We’re gonna check to see if we have any pics to enter!

  5. That’s pretty good synchronized snoozing there….we’ll have to get The Mommy to see if we have anything like that, it’s very hard to get any of us to snooze together! MOL

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  6. Bob: Wow Jim, do you see that level of Synch!

    Jim: I sure do Bob! Head and tail placement in perfect alignment and the fact they are not connected but still in perfect unison only adds the the level of difficulty here.

    Bob: It’s an impressive showing! And even single cats and dogs can compete! All I can same is this promises to be a hot competition!

  7. Great contest. I have toi find one of Spot and Fiona to enter.

  8. This is so exciting! We can see from your photo that the competition is fierce 🙂 So we’ll do our best.

  9. We posted our synchronized snoozing picture today! WE like your picture. Thanks for being a host blog!

  10. What fun…..we’ll have to see if we can participate. xxxxxxx

  11. My momma Ellie and I have been working on our entry! We love to snooze! We’ll have to post it in the next day or 2. We have so many events to enter!

    You are surely very tough competition!

  12. You guys are doing a great job=looks like a medal could be in your future!!…Good luck…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. You two are such excellent synchronized sleepers I do not see how Gemini could even compete!

  14. You two look PURRfect together !!!

  15. Wud it count if we did it synchronized in separate places acuz we dun actually like to sleep next to each othfur.

  16. We think we might have some pictures–we are good at napping!

  17. What a fun category. We want to enter it and tried to upload a photo for our entry but nothing happens. Guess Blogger is being temperamental again, but we’re going to try later to get a post ready for tomorrow before we forget.

  18. Oooh, I think Raymond and I will enter this competion and represent our town in the Catolympics. We’ll alert the judges (you guys) when we post our entry.

    Your Synchronized Snoozing photo looks like a gold medal entry to us!

  19. Good luck to all the teams – may the best team win! This is a great photo of the two of you.

  20. What a cool competition!!! can’t wait to see all the entries

  21. Oh cat, this sounds like so much fun. This is something we can do…well if only the “beans” can get us together long enough to snap a picture, that is. Synchronization, though? Now that may be a problem.

  22. WHOA! What teamwork!!!

  23. * woo hoo*

    We’ll have to see if we can compete, since we usually don’t like sleeping anywhere near each other, this one will be tough!

    purry purrs

  24. I can’t do the synchronize sleeping event because there is just one of me.

  25. This may be a tough one for me because Tristan won’t let me near her! Hmmm……I’ll have to think of something:) ~Crikey

  26. Ok, we’ve made an entry. We are going to check out the other events and see how many we can enter.


  27. We don’t have access to any of our old photos, but even if we did, we don’t think we could synchronize nap like you two!!

  28. You guys look like tough competition! Well done!

  29. Great category! We can do this.

  30. Adorable! We’re gonna hafta get mom to post some snoozie pics this week!

  31. We didn’t know it was sychronized snoozing…so we already got something up today for that. Norm and SNowball plus a haiku!

  32. That’s quite a difficult CATegory — synchronized snoozing! It’s hard enough to do alone! I hope you win a medal for all your hard work.

  33. Wow! The training you two must have gone through must have been rigorous!

    We’ll try to get an entry in but there may be fur flying!!

  34. Great synchronization boys! We’ll have to see if we have an entry for the contest too.

  35. Are old pics qualified for the competition? Because if they are, mom and the MomBean posted a good one on the bean’s blog!
    Good luck to everyone!

  36. You’re a tough team to beat. We are more single cat treestyle sleepers. So we focus our efforts on Huffle’s competitive napping.

  37. That is a great idea. We are expert snoozers but we will have to check out if we can do synchronised snoozing.

  38. Spectacular performance! We can imagine all of the practice that went into achieving such great form and synchronization.

  39. Lots of snoozing is going on here too!
    We need to compete in the Olympics
    I hope people can be in the picture? 🙂

  40. Synchronized Snoozing looks furry comfy! We thinks that you look great that way!

  41. Hi! I’m new here. Y’all are cute.

  42. Synchronized snoozing looks like a great sport. 🙂

  43. Wowie!! What a great event!! Sam and I don’t sleepthat close, but maybe we can do it for the Cat-O-Lympics!!
    Your TX furiends,

  44. What a great idea!!!

  45. Hey guys – we’ve entered the Synchronized Snoozing event today with 2 entries! 😀 Here’s the link —


    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  46. We have our entry up – we entered as a group with a few different pics – we hope that is ok!


  47. Posting tomorrow with my Olympic Synchronized Snoozing!

  48. Hello! We are posting our Cat O-Lympic Synchronized Snoozing event Wednesday, February 17th on Cat of Nine Tales blog. Please check out Owen and Snafu. We think they have style and a unique technique.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  49. […] forget the ”Synchronized Snoozing” competition we’re hosting.  Click HERE for details on how you can […]

  50. We’ve got two unofficial entries in the Synchronized Snoozing contest. Thanks for hosting this event – it’s a great idea!


  51. Sorry it won’t post my comment when I put my link in, I’ve tried several times. But you can just click on the ‘Sistertex at Spacial Peepol’ to see our entry.

  52. We’ve just posted our entry. We hope it’s ok that one of our people was in the photo too.


  53. We forgot to give you the link when we posted it. Sorry!

  54. We’d like to enter the competition and have posted our entry here:

  55. We decided to enter anyway, just for the heck of it:


    It’s the final entry of the post!

  56. […] Entries can be made through Saturday!  The medals will be handed out this Monday!!  Click HERE to see how you can […]

  57. Hello friends! We are not allowed to compete in the competition because Opus turned pro. However, we still wanted to celelbrate the games, so we are having a synchrionized snoozing exhibition! Please stop on by and check it out! Happy Cat-O-Lympics everyone!
    Opus and Olive (Team O and O)

  58. We iz trying to puts up our entry and nuffin is happening….

    Mai Kittens is doin da synchronized snuggling….

  59. We cants get our linkie to show in da comments… but u kin clik on mai name and see da events… purrz, Daisy May n da Katie Katz

  60. Hi Island Cats, nice to meet you. We saw your contest on the Bumpass Hounds blog, and just had to enter. You can see our entry at http://tuckerdaisy.blogspot.com/2010/02/we-have-posted-this-picture-before-but.html

    Tucker, Daisy and Leo

  61. Hi there! We are Lautrec and Tiny and we wanted sooo much to be in your contest that we really quickly made a blog just so we could compete in your Olympics…ohh! We are so excited!! Here we are: http://weezdabadcats.blogspot.com/ Did we win? We have more…we are really good at this!!

    Oh, yeah, sorry! We just read about your contest on another cat’s blog so we raced over here and read all about it. Nice to meet you!! Now that we know you are here, we’ll be coming to visit you all the time!! Have a great day!

    WeezDaBadCats (but not really bad…just sometimes! haha!)

  62. Hi there! We just posted our adorable photos of Love Cats Meerkat and Padre in their best Synchronized Snoozing poses! Cookie and Panda Bear also placed a photo for our Cat-O-Lympics post.

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

  63. And the winners are….???


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