Feb 122010

Yay!!  It’s finally Friday…and the weekend!

We’re gonna be hanging out…eating, sleeping, playing…
Y’know, the usual.

 What’re you gonna be doing this weekend??


  43 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Finally Friday!”

  1. We’ll be doing the usual right along with you!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Happy Valentine Ernie and Zoey!!!
    We hope you have a great weekend full of love.
    Mom and Dad are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on 2/14…drop by our blog to see a flashback picture.
    Madi and Mom

  3. Mommy is going to make daddy work around the house. Hope he’ll find time to play with us.

  4. The boyz are waiting for their food guy to get back home and resume his duties.

  5. I think we’ll be doing the same as you! Hope you have a great weekend and a fun Valentine’s Day!


  6. Monday is a holiday in Ontario, so we’ll have our human home for an extra day. That means we get to pester her for more treats!

    Have a wonderful weekend and happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. I am going to hope Dad will shovel a walkway on my deck so I can go out and check out the snow. And I will be doing the Bird COunting. Happy Valentine’s Day – snuggle together!

  8. have a great weekend!

  9. Our mom is heading to conference this weekend, but she said she’d be back for Valentine’s day. I hope she brings us something nice!

  10. Yeah ~ We’re gonna be hanging out…eating, sleeping, playing …
    Y’know, the usual, too!

    Have a great Valentine weekend.

  11. We’re thinking of having a pawty cuz our ‘beans are going away for the weekend. But, their furriend is gonna come over a few times a day to load up our woodstove and make sure our foods and waters is full too! We hope you all have fun this weekend!

  12. You guys are getting the weekend off to a great start=what’s Wally doing??…We will be partying for Mardi Gras weekend=at least that’s what Mom says she’s doing…we’ll probably sleep through it…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. We’ll be having a very busy weekend…..eating…..sleeping…..eating…..

  14. You two look Purrfect together ^,,^
    The Purr Gang is going to try to find a ray of that shiny stuff … if we get some … and nap away.
    The Mom is making cupcakes on Saturday to celebrate the V Day Fun.

  15. Well, this is our mama’s weekend to work, so we might have a party while she’s gone!

  16. We plan to do a lot of snoozing this weekend. Maybe our Mom will make a fire in the fireplace for us. We’re going to help with the bird count too.

    Hope you have a fab weekend on the island! xoxo

  17. We are going to do the same and watch our foot of snow melt!

  18. We hopes we can gets picshurs on our blog about the snows. And hopefully we can get our leashes and go out in the snows for some more picshurs- is very tall, the snows. We hopes you has a grate weekend!

  19. Yeah I’m going to do all of that–and annoy the Male!

  20. Hey guys that sounds like exactly what we’re gonna be doing too!

    Happy Friday!
    Purry purrs

  21. Well, according the the weather humans, we’re going to be watching it snow in the south. Y’all have a wonderful weekend!!!

  22. ‘Bout the same!! hehehee

  23. Our Mom says she’s actually gonna leave the house this Saturday…and if she can sell a necklace she’s gonna bring home Chicken!

  24. I’ll be trying to cause some chaos and mayhem! ~Crikey

  25. We are going to be dodging the cold weather as much as possible! Have a great weekend and a HAPPY VALENTINE’S with those you luff!!! *purrs*

  26. Yup, we’ll be doing the usual too.

  27. We’ll be doing that and a lot of running too. We like running up and down the house.

  28. That sounds like a good weekend to me.. Enjoy… HUgs GJ xx

  29. We’ll be doing that too and also watching the Daytona races. Well, maybe we’ll nap through those too!

  30. TGIF! Hopefully we will watch the Olympics and hang out…and enjoy the long weekend!!!!

  31. This weekend is Ronny’s 5th Month day, so we will have a big party!:)

  32. I love Friday’s with Zoey!

  33. I’ll be watching some winter olympics! Watch out for the cat version next week on my blog.

  34. This picture is so adorable!
    Well,my beans are going to travel for some days, I will be here doing my cat patrol and I will miss you so much!
    Please, don’t forget me okay!
    See you soon!

  35. The beans here have lots of stuff to do around the house, and they will also be doing their regular volunteering at the animal shelter.

    Moosey the Cat has to go to the v-e-t for his checkup this afternoon. 🙁

    Sammy the Cat is just going to be chillaxing, and Maggie the foster cat says she’ll be doing the same…

    Have a great Valentine’s Day weekend. 🙂

  36. We got more snow so Iguess it is more nap time! Happy Valentines Day!

  37. You’ve got the right idea; just hanging out.

    We sent “the parents” off to the store to get us some treats! And boy did they!
    You should see our bellies.

  38. We have been catnapping while Mom works. When she has dinner, we like to snoopervise…a lot. We sure are waiting for all these feets of snow to melt off so we can go explore our yard!

  39. We are snowbound! We aint gonna be nothin outside.

    But we got lotsa toy mousies inside an we gonna be masterin THEM! MOL!

  40. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

    Eating, sleeping, playing are the best of activities! Mom has been being lazy and me? I have been sweetly following her around!

  41. Wishing you a Valentine’s Day filled with cuddles, sun-puddles and the tender touch of those you love.

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