Feb 082010

Check out our new mancat cave!
Oh sure…it’s just a box…but it’s been jazzed up!
It’s got some hanging soccer balls to play with,
and a soft blankie with nip on it!!!

Mmmmm….nip…is good!!!

Lemme check this cave out, Ernie!!

 Wally…good job showing off your best side!  Heehee!!

Hey!!  It’s pretty comfy in here!!

 Only problem with this cave is that
there’s only room for one inside!!

 C’mon, Wally!!!  It’s my turn now!!!

Hey!!  I’m the Cat of the Day today!!
Click HERE to see me!!

  57 Responses to “Our New Mancat Cave”

  1. Wally and Ernie that is one fine man cave!!! Looks like your Mom is very creative.
    Hey Guys thanks for the tip about biting mom’s shoes. One thing for sure 2 heads are better than one. I would never have thought of that. I seem to be guided by my nose most times. HA!!
    Madi and and Mom

  2. That looks like a great cave. Our Mom needs to make us one like that. And Ernie, we went and checked out your ‘cat of the day’ page. Great picture. Have a great day.

  3. looks so comfy!

  4. That is a very excellent Mancat cave!

  5. Hey now that is a great cave. I love boxes and a box with extra’s sound brilliant to me.. Enjoy.. HUgs GJ xx

  6. Boxes are so much fun and make great mancat caves, Wally and Ernie!!! We have about a million boxes left from our move so we need to get Momma to let us play in one! And concatulations on being the Cat of the Day Ernie, that is just pawsome!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  7. That cave is awesome. But I think I would bite the string and free the soccer balls, because that’s how I play. But Maggie would love that box (even if she’s not a mancat).

  8. That is a very cool cave. We loves boxes, they make such great toys. Enjoy your mancat cave. Congrats on being cat of the day Ernie! ~AFSS

  9. I like your man cave Ernie and Wally. Did you know I have a lady cave too? But it isn’t manly like yours..it is only a foot by a foot square and a couple inches deep with the lid mashed flat on the floor, BUT I lay on it..and it is now lined on the edges with my fur making it more comfortable. Of course mom thinks that is all the less fur for her to vacuum. What a pill she can be! She can’t appreciate my beautiful (if shallow) cave!

  10. That is the coolest cave AND it’s got my momma Ellie’s favorite soccer balls dangling in it!!

  11. That’s a really awesome cave, you two!

    Congratulations on your Cat of the Day, Ernie! You look adorable.

  12. Mama and me came to see you in Cat of the Day. Mom goes there every day to admire all of my feline friends. Ernie, you are one gorgeous kitty. I think I may be falling in love..I am a pretty Tortie if you’re interested.

  13. i betcha the two of you could squeeze in there…

  14. Oh, a box is never “just” a box! What a fabulous cave. We want a turn in it!

    -Annie, Nicki and Derry

  15. You guys have all the cool stuff! Mama needs to set something like that up for us!

    Congrats, Ernie, on Cat of the Day! That’s awesome! I loved reading more about you. 🙂 Your mom had some great pics of you.


  16. That’s a great looking mancave…love the toys and the blanket for warmth. Where’s the fridge stocked with yummy stinky party foods?

    Ernie, concats on being the cat of the day…you’re write up was terrific!!

  17. Oh, I love the new cave!!! Hey Ernie, your cat of the day pic is pawsome!

  18. Concats, Ernie!
    We gave you a shout out over on House Panthers too!

  19. That is a pawsome mancave! All the bestest Dens are home-made! We think yoo will have hours of fun in it.

  20. Ernie, that is so super cool.

  21. That is a cool Man cave. You are very lucky!

  22. Now that is one cool mancat cave!

  23. Wow that is a great mancat cave! Boxes are awesome!!

    And congrats on being the cat of the day – that is very exciting!!

  24. Holy Cats! A MANCAVE BOX?!? You dudes are super lucky! The furst picture, looks like you’re totally ‘nipped out!

  25. Concatulashuns on COD Ernie. You’re looking manly in your mancave!

  26. That is a great mancat cave! You are two lucky dudes.

  27. What a great cave! Hopefully you will be able to share.

  28. Hey, Ernie concats on being COD!!!!!!!!!!!

    Really cool mancave….looks like you have all the comforts in there. xxxxxxxxx

  29. Congratulations, cat of the day,Ernie! Great photos of you too.

    those look like fun boxes. We like them too. Well, we kitties like them. Buddy tends to eat them.

  30. Great mancat cave! I don’t have one!


  31. Awesome cave! i say share one one day one the next day or one one day and one one night.

  32. Looks like you’re going to need a second one!

  33. congats ernie! your famous now! too cool that you are cat of the day!

    yuki, kintaro, & tt

  34. a box is never JUST a box. It’s an adventure portal! Looks like you got that one set up very nicely!

  35. Wow! That box is jazzed up! You are lucky kitties so share nicely!
    Congratulations on being Cat of the Day! I loved those pictures of you, Ernie and didn’t know you were polydactl like Snafu.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  36. Nice mancat cave.

  37. Your mancat cave is awesome! And we’re pretty impressed by the way you’ve decorated it 😉

    Congrats on being the cat of the day, Ernie!

  38. …and we want to add, congratulations to Ernie for being Cat of the Day!

  39. That sure looks like a great mancat cave. I have one of those too, somewhere. Oh that’s right, Mom put it under the piano bench cuz I used to like to sleep there but I keep forgetting where it is. I think she needs to move it back out to the main part of the room so I can see it. You know you guys, just a warning, when you get old the old brain doesn’t remember stuff as good as it used to.

  40. Well, since Ernie is cat of the day I guess he should get the box! And we LOVE the picture of him hanging on the cat tower!! Tee hee!

  41. A box
    You are spoiled ^,,^

  42. That is a great mancat cave.
    Concats on being COTD. Those are great photos of you.

  43. That is a great mancat cave!…Ernie, you are a star!!…We checked out your feature and LOVE the second picture=very cute and funny!!…You and Wally are very handsome mancats!…How’s Zoey??…purrs…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  44. Concats on Cat of the Day! So exciting!!

  45. A cool ManCatCave and Cat of the Day – it doesn’t get much better than that!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  46. Now that is one seriously tricked out mancat cave, Ernie an Wally!

  47. That’s some great mancat cave — like you say, though, only room for one. I guess you either need a bigger box or another one fixed up the same. Fancy digs after it’s all set up. What more could a kitty want?

  48. Nice mancave! Kinda reminds us of Milo & Alfie’s den, just smaller. Looks like fun, enjoy it!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  49. That is one cool Mancave! It’s got efurrything you could need!

  50. Your new ManCat cave is neato! Us ManCats need our own space, don’t we?
    Concats to Ernie! We checked you out over on that other site:)

  51. We love that cave! We have some here sometimes when mom doesn’t throw them aways!

  52. Dear Ernie, Wally and Zoey … I met you today on petoftheday.com. I love your Kitty Cave! Complete with catnip, and a soft place to rest – a purrfect hidey spot!

  53. That is some cool digs you have there!:)

  54. Wow, that’s an awesome cave and Congratulations on being “Cat of the Day” Ernie!…what an honor!
    your pal,

  55. Dudes! What a cool mancave!!!

  56. Now that’s what we cal a “Mancat Cave!” You ought to see what we get–nothing as plush as that. You even get decorations!

  57. Congrats on the Cat of the Day! That was fun to read about you on that site.

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

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