Feb 072010

It’s Easy E’s Super Bowl Sunday
with Special Guest Star Wally!!

Hey, Wally!  It’s Super Bowl Sunday!!
Who do you think’s gonna win the big game today??

Well, Ernie, I dunno…

You got your horsies


and your holy people playing each other.

 I like horsies…
but I think those holy people might have some divine intervention…

Let’s grab our boogie mats, Wally,
and fly on over to Gracie’s Superbowl Party
to watch the game!!

 Hope to see everybuddy there!!!

  35 Responses to “Easy E’s Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. Hi Wally and Ernie…there you are sitting on my favorite window seat!!!
    Enjoy the party tonight…..it sounds like it will be fun.
    Madi and Mom

  2. Looks like you guys are ready for the game! Have fun!

  3. I’ll be watching. See you at Gracie’s

  4. We’ll see you at the party!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. I think you guys have the right sense of the game—and who’s got the chicken wings???


  6. I’m glad y’all are going to Gracie’s party…we’ll see ya there!!!

  7. We’ll see you guys at Gracie’s party=we’re looking forward to seeing friends and rooting for our home team The Saints!…it will be a fun day!…purrs…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!!! Y’all are looking mighty handsome there on the window seat. xxxxxxx

  9. See you at the party! I’m gonna bring some nip!

  10. Hi Wally!
    Hi Ernie!!
    We’ll see you ofur at da party!!

    purry purrs

  11. Yay! Looking forward to seeing you at Gracie’s!

  12. We may stop by, even though we do not watch sports.

  13. We’re going to stop by too, hope to see you there.

  14. We don’t know about Super Bowl. Unless it’s the bowl from our dreams that’s always filled with ham.

  15. Hello fellas, just chillin’ on your window seat. We are COLTS fans at our house. Well, actually, one of our Moms is rooting for those Saints. Could be an interesting day here. We’ll see y’all later at Gracie’s! xoxo

  16. Great pic of you both.

    I nominated you for the Sweet Things award – come on over to my blog for the details.

  17. Have fun! Afraid we hate football.

  18. Sorry, I mean Sweet Friends award, though you ARE sweet things!

  19. Hi Guys. Don’t you look handsome there chattin’ about the Superbowl. Have fun!


  20. See you at Gracie’s.

  21. Hope you have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

  22. I dunno…those Colts might be minion of the Four Horsemen of the Apokalips, and they might be able to stomp on the holy people. So there might be a lot of blood and guts, and that could be very exciting! might have to stop eating all of Gracie’s food, and actually watch…

  23. Such a cool reportage!
    Wonderful post dear friends, but it’s boy’s stuffs.I know nothing about this game! 🙂

  24. I’ll be the cat with all the ham…

  25. Go Horsies! We’ll see you guys at the party:)

  26. Enjoy the Superbowl and the sunday and especially the party.

  27. Its a great party isn’t it.. Loving it… Hugs GJ xx

  28. Mom plans on watching the puppy bowl, sigh.

  29. I don’t know the result, even though it’s Tomorrow here. Hope it’s a good game, either way!

  30. Hi guys!!! Hope to see you at Gracie’s party!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia Tillie

  31. Hey Guy!
    You’re FA-MOUSE!
    Mommy and I were just on Cat of the Day, and YOU are IT! Ernie, you look super handsome!

    Personally, we never watched the sooper bowl, instead we watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet! It was great!

    Congrats on being fa-mouse!

  32. It was our ferst super bowl ever and we loved it!

  33. Hooray for the Saints!

  34. We hope you boys enjoyed the game! You were right about the divine intervention:)

  35. Island Cats? Michigan? Do you live on Mackinac Island, by chance? We were there a few years ago. Awesome place.

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