Feb 032010

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

There’s a whole bunch of my toys under here…

 If I could only make myself flat
I could slide under there and get them!!

  62 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Why does the furniture and the appliances always eat our toys?

  2. Keep trying Wally…you’ll get them!

  3. You need to get yourself a nice little stick!!

  4. I think it’s time to take a nap, don’t forget this important thing!
    purrs and love

  5. Wally how very frustrating to see something almost within reach and not be able to get to it. Mom has a very long yard stick that she uses for such occasions. She always says Madi how/why did you put it under here?
    Madi and Mom

  6. You can do it, Wally! Just a couple more inches.

  7. We hate when we can’t get under something to get at something we want!! Very annoying. Keep trying, Wally, we bet you can do it!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  8. We hate when that happens=make your Mom dig it out for you!..Good luck Wally!!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Well, why isn’t your mom getting them out for you? Honestly, what’s wrong with servants these days?!

    -Annie, Nicki and Derry

  10. We hate it when our toys run off and hide under things! Did Mom help you get them?

  11. I’m thinking it’s time my mom went hunting for all of our lost toys….we must have a dozen or so out of reach under the furniture and our paws are just not long enough!

    So Wally, just turn toward the camera…give her love eyes and your mom will fetch your toys for you. You can do it!

  12. Mikey’s a great one for doing that around here. We’ll send him over to show you a couple tricks!

  13. That happens at our house, too!!!! We hope your mom will get them out again for you, Wally. xxxxxxxx

  14. Wally’s mom, help!!!

  15. Wally, your Mom needs to get the yard stick and knock all your toys out from under there. Or maybe she knows that if you are busy trying to get to your toys, you will stay out of trouble?

  16. Well, tell your person to get them already! Then you can whack them back underneath again!

  17. Keep trying! Just don’t get stuck like Zoey did. She tried a little too hard, I think!

  18. I hate it when toys hide under things to get away from me. Good luck with getting them…

  19. Wally, you are too cute! Hey, when Whimpurr and DaddyCat moved outta our old house, we found lots and lots of our toys under the couch, the stove, and all sorts of places. Why in da world do our hooman beans hide our toys like that???

  20. How many cats does it take to move a cabinet ?

  21. Wally, you are funny and cute. Mom imagines you oozing yourself under there. Maybe you can have Skeezix (http://www.skeezixthecat.com/scratchingpost/) help you to make a “flat Wally”

  22. S-T-R-E-T-C-H just a little more, Wally, and we’re sure you can get to them.

  23. umm… getting that flat might be kinda a challenge wally. just sayin.

  24. Our toys are always getting stuck underneath the furniture, too!

  25. If only you could…I think you need your human to do the job!

  26. You and I need to get together and come up with something that could get all of those stuck toys living underneath that thing to come. I think there is a market for such a thing and we could become rich!

  27. Hope you got them 🙂

  28. They always end up under the most awkward places.. Hope you got them out.. HUgs GJ x

  29. Haven’t yoo got a flat-cat? Get yoor mom to make yoo one, then it can fetch yoor toys!

  30. Yell for your mewmie…they like working for us, really! And we see you are wearing a Beastie Band, cool cat!

  31. What you need is staff. GOOD staff!!!

  32. Oh, Wally, you look so cute. You’re very loyal to your toys. I wish I could get them out for your!

  33. Why can’t our pawrents have furniture that doesn’t eat our toys! (=^Y^=)

  34. It’s so annoying when they are just out of reach.

  35. How frustrating not to be able to get at something because the space underneath is too narrow/small/whatever.

  36. Get the slaves to retrieve your stuff for you.

  37. OH Wally we do that kind of stuff all the time too!

    purry purrs

  38. That’s when we tell Mom to get the stick…is that a new collar?

  39. We get our beans to get our toys out, then we put them right back, then they get them out, then we put them right back, then… well, you get the picture!

  40. The same thing happens at our house! We wish that we could get flat! Why does that kind of stuff always happen.

  41. Oops, you’re giving away your best toy hiding spot!

  42. keep trying you can get them.

  43. Those toys always hide in the most difficult places.

  44. Get the humans to retrieve them for you – that’s what they are there for.

  45. Well, do I have an idea for you, Wally! Milo and Domino made themselves flat — it’s called a Flat Stanley, which is a lifesize picture of you cut out and glued to cardboard. You could make one of yourself and slide that thing under there — I’ll bet then you’d be able to get some of your toys. (Even if you just use the cardboard to get them!).

  46. Sometimes da most fun is trying to get dem little buggers owt from unner dare.

  47. Oh Wally, I totally feel your pain! We have lots of toys we may never see again unless the humans decide to rearrange the furniture or, Bast forbid, move!

  48. That happens to us to. Mom has to go around the hosue and retrieve all our toys from the dressers. It fels like Christmas again with all the lost toys back again!

  49. Just a little further…

  50. We tried that…it doesn’t work!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  51. OOH! That is one of my favrit games! Diggin mousies out from unner furniture! I like trying ta get them better better than HAVIN them!

  52. Get ’em, Wally!!! Get ’em!!!!

  53. hmm
    I must ask for a new toy

  54. Miewmie goes on mousie expeditions every so often to recover all my lost mouses. They get everywhere !

  55. REACHHHHHHH! You can do it!! =D

    XOXOXOXO Puddin

  56. Checking for dust bunnies too, perhaps? Multitasking at its best!

  57. Maybe you should make a Flat Wally, and slide him under there to get the toys!

  58. We have that problem too.

    See you at Gracie’s party.

  59. I know what you mean Wally. It’s so hard trying to get our toys out. I thought Mom’s were suppose to help us with that. I can hear her now, well you put it under there so you can get it out. I do have to admit, she does help me get them now and then.


  60. Wally, you needs some ‘cat toy guards’ for under things…..do they make those yet? If not, they should!!

  61. We have that same problem at our house. If you think of a solution, please let us know!

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